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440 Refurbishing the Mansion 2

 "We're here," Kanae arrived on the second floor of the mansion. There were several tables, chairs, and beds scattered about in the corridors.

Kevin looked towards the displaced furniture. "It seems that you don't want to use this place for living in."

"We don't," Kanae grinned. "Laura has a different plan for this place."

"I see. It's indeed too big for you two."

"It might be gorgeous, but I'm not too fond of the huge space," Kanae replied honestly. She preferred the mansion she had more than this one because she was used to living in a smaller and cozier environment. Living in a large place like this was clearly not to her taste.

Kevin nodded. When Kanae turned to face him, he placed his hand on top of her shoulder. His sudden movement caused the girl to be startled. Her dark irises stared back at him in confusion.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"You previously asked me if I want to stay in the kitchen or help you out. Why did you ask me that?" Kevin asked as he peered deeply into the eyes of the woman in front of him.

That was actually because she was a little hesitant about staying alone with him. She had heard about his engagement with Alice, but she had been unable to forget about him as all she wanted was to stay with him. After all, he has been showing her a lot of his gentle side that he didn't show to others.

Because of that, she hesitated to ask him to accompany her. She didn't want to make things more difficult for him than what she already had done. If he chose to nurture feelings for Alice, she would back down, but he didn't seem to be more than friends with Alice.

"That's because you're her fiancé," Kanae replied slowly. She tried to avert her eyes from him. His face was simply too close to hers right now.

Kevin's eyes glinted. He secured his hand under her chin, making her look back at him. "What if I tell you that I can nullify the engagement and ask you to stay by my side?"

Kanae's eyes widened in disbelief. She looked towards the man in front of her with her large eyes. All this time, they never spoke to each other about their real feelings as they knew that it would be impossible for them to be together. Rather than ruining what they had, they tacitly chose to not bring up the matter.

However, Kanae's hesitation irked Kevin. He didn't want her to be like that because of her feelings for him. What he wanted was for her to be like usual, which was to be herself in front of him.

There was no one around them, so he didn't worry about people gossiping about this matter.

"You can't do that, Kevin," Kanae uttered and pulled Kevin's hand away from her chin. "If you do that, you'll lose the support of the hidden clans that you have been gathering with Alice's help. When that happens, you won't be able to be the clan head anymore."

She was not stupid. She knew that what he said was possible if he commanded the complete power of his clan. However, right now, he needed the power behind Alice's background. If he let her go, he wouldn't be able to be the clan head anymore.

For her selfish feelings, she didn't want to drag him down.

Kevin's eyes narrowed. "How do you know so much about the matters of a clan?"

Kevin's inquiring gaze made her feel uncomfortable, but she couldn't possibly say to him that she knew from his uncle. Moving her gaze away, she shrugged. "Who knows? It's just common knowledge."

Hearing her not wanting to say the truth made Kevin feel rather annoyed. He didn't understand why, but her every action caused his emotions to fluctuate. His mind drifted back to the time when he saw Jason previously. Could it be that the two of them had a close relationship which was why Jason told her about the matters of a clan?

He had never heard about that kind of relation between the two of them, but if it were Jason, it would be easy for that man to hide that information. After all, this man could easily disappear without anyone knowing where he went. His hacking ability alone was enough to let him get away easily.

The thought of the two of them being close and sharing this kind of information made his mood sour even more.

"Stop looking at me like that," Kanae sighed. She picked up the pillow that was placed near her. "Do you want to help me out?"

"I do," Kevin replied and started moving the items according to Kanae's directions. He would find out more about her relation to Jason later. What was important now was enjoying his time with her. It has been some time since they last spent time together.

"You're really strong," Kanae was stunned to see him lift up a table with one hand like it was nothing.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. "I'm a clan head. This is normal."

No, that was not normal. Kanae has been training her strength too, but that solid wood table weighed more than one hundred kilos. It was extremely heavy because her sister wanted to equip the dining room on the second floor with a long and sturdy table.

"Are you sure that's normal?" Kanae asked suspiciously.

"You can ask Mike or Neo, they will definitely say that this is normal."

Kanae: "..." they will do anything that you tell them.

Seeing the speechless Kanae, Kevin smirked, showing a rare smile on his lips. "Now, where should I bring this table to?"

"The largest room at the end of the corridor," Kanae pointed to the furthest room. She averted his eyes from the man's face. At the moment, she felt rather annoyed. Why did he still look ever so handsome when he was teasing her?

"Over there?" Kevin walked to the room with Kanae following behind him, bringing the chairs that were needed.

Placing the table down carefully, he saw Kanae setting up the chairs at the other end of the room. "I recall from when you still worked in my office that you're also quite strong."

Kanae frowned. "It's normal for a young miss of a large family to be so strong."

"If you say that to the other ladies, I'm sure they will want to beat you up," Kevin was amused as she merely copied his words.

"What about your strength? Should I ask the other clan heads about it too?" Kanae challenged.

Kevin recalled Tamari Clan Head, who was already of old age. That old man would surely disagree that all clan head had insane strength. That man could barely fight well because of his age. As for the Souhon Clan, there was no way that Master Ren, the current Souhon Clan Head, would agree too. Master Ren specialized in speed as strength was never his forte.

"Some people are just born strong," Kevin chose to change his answer.

Kanae smiled. "I guess I'm included among those people then."

"Are you sure?" Kevin looked Kanae up and down. "Shall we compete in strength?"

"....Not against you," she gritted her teeth in annoyance. Just picking up that table alone was enough to prove that his strength was greater than hers. If she tried to compete, there was nothing she could do except give up because of her lack of strength.

Kevin smirked. "Didn't you just say that you're quite strong?"

"Pres- Kevin, is there something wrong with you today?" Kanae glared at the man. He became ten times more annoying today.

"I just want to see your various expressions," Kevin chuckled. For the first time, he finally understood why his uncle loved to tease his girlfriend. Seeing the various expressions on the girl's face was quite an enjoyment.

Because of her, he experienced a myriad of emotions in just a matter of minutes.

Kanae was speechless. This young man seemed to pick up a new habit recently. "Let's move the other things."

"Sure," Kevin nodded. There were still more items they needed to move. He had plenty of time to tease this young woman. Coming here today was very worth it.