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439 Refurbishing the Mansion 1

 Nali Family's Main Family Mansion

"You all came," Kanae greeted them with a grin on her face at the door of the mansion. On this rare occasion, she didn't braid her hair, but tied it up into a ponytail.

Kevin nodded. He stepped forward quickly to reach Kanae's side. "What do you need help with?"

"Do you mind moving things around?" Kanae asked.

"I don't mind."

Behind her, Laura came holding a brush dipped in a peach color. She laughed when she saw the people that came. "Wow, Sis. I thought that you were just kidding when you said that you want to use this chance to host a small reunion with our friends here."

"Kevin said that he could come, so I asked him to bring the others," Kanae grinned.

Laura smiled back. "Thank you all for coming here. I hope you don't mind helping us out a bit."

"No worries," Alice smiled kindly. "We're all happy to be here."

"Who came today?" Jason walked out from behind Laura. He was holding a bucket of paint. His expression showed surprise when he saw the lineup of people who came. "I never thought that I would see you all again."

Neo nodded his head too. "I can say the same to you, Jason."

"I'm helping my two little juniors," Jason replied. He couldn't possibly say that Laura threatened him with 'a gift' of a bucket of sweets if he didn't come, could he? That would be too embarrassing.

"Mike, Neo, you can help out with taking out the items from the truck," Kanae pointed to the nearby truck. "Alice, do you mind making us snacks? You're the best when it comes to making desserts."

Alice smiled. "No problem."

"I already cleaned up the kitchen, so you can use it," Kanae grinned. She noticed Laura's gaze and quickly added. "I didn't use it, so its condition is still very good."

The others laughed when they heard what Kanae said. Considering how Kanae always made a mess in the kitchen, it would be a miracle if the kitchen was still intact after she used it.

Alice nodded. "I'm going to make great sweets for you all."

"Please don't make it too sweet," Jason asked. "I don't really like if they're too sweet."

"I'll make a different one for you," Alice giggled as she promised.

"Shall we start moving?" Laura asked. She pulled Jason's arm. "Let's go back to paint the backhouse."

"Okay, okay, don't pull me."

Kanae pointed inside the mansion. "Shall we start? I'll show you the kitchen first, Alice."


As they walked inside, leaving Mike and Neo outside, Alice felt rather glad. She was thinking about what Kanae's reaction would be upon seeing her and Kevin coming together. Unexpectedly, this girl still kept her calm and acted cheerfully around her. This truly made her feelings grow more complicated.

The kitchen that Kanae showed to her was gorgeous. It was simply too magnificent that Alice was astounded.

"Are you sure that it's fine for me to use this place?" Alice asked in awe.

Kanae nodded. "This kitchen was built to be used. It'll be a great honor for us to have you use it second."

"Who used it first?"

"Laura, she made breakfast this morning," Kanae answered. She looked towards Kevin hesitantly. "Do you want to help Alice out or help me move things?"

"I can't cook," Kevin said flatly.

Kanae could sense displeasure in Kevin's tone, which made her rather startled. As her senses grew sharper due to her improving martial arts, she could sense what Kevin felt rather well.

"Okay then, follow me."

Leaving Alice and Tommy in the kitchen, Kanae headed upstairs with Kevin following from behind. Alice looked towards Tommy who was staring at Kanae weirdly.

"Earth is calling Tommy," she waved. "Are you alright?"

"Yes," Tommy turned back his head. He was just surprised to see that Kanae still kept her calm in front of Alice and Kevin. From what he knew, Kanae emitted a dangerous aura when she saw Alice and Kevin together for the first time. The trace of that aura had disappeared completely.

Alice smiled wryly. "Tommy, do you want to learn how to cook?"

"I'm not sure I can." He had destroyed the kitchen the last time he tried to cook at school. Back then, Alice had tried to teach him too, but it didn't seem to produce much result.

"I'll teach you," Alice replied softly. "Come over here."

Tommy looked towards Alice as he reached her side. She was dressed as usual, but he could never feel bored at all with the sight of her. Looking at her side profile, he raised his hand and moved a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

Her large eyes stared back at him in surprise. Putting on a wry smile, he coughed lightly. "Your long hair will hinder you when you're cooking."

"Oh," Alice nodded her head in understanding. Honestly, she didn't mind at all because she was already used with her hair falling down in the way because it was quite normal when she was cooking. Sometimes, she tied it up while cooking, but normally, she just let it be.

"Tom, is there anyone watching us right now?"

"There shouldn't be anyone," Tommy quirked an eyebrow. At the Ryukalin Clan headquarters, there would always be a lot of people around because it was the biggest clan's most central area. However, no one was around them right now.

There was not even a window nor camera around because Kanae hadn't placed them yet. Besides, the closest guards to them were all outside the mansion because Kanae didn't want anyone to bother their reunion.

Alice smiled. "Tommy, do you mind waiting a bit longer?"

"Wait?" Tommy replied in confusion.

"In just a few more weeks, I'll be free from this position," Alice's eyes glinted with determination, something that the meek her would never have shown in the past. Her position as Kevin's fiancée would only last until the second clan gathering. It was already April, which meant that the gathering would be in around two months.

Tommy stroked Alice's hair tenderly. "What are you talking about?"

Alice glanced towards Tommy. "You'll understand later. I just have one question. Do you love me?"

"I do," Tommy answered without hesitation. After Alice's outburst during the battle, he had come to terms with his feelings. Right now, he was nothing but a mere bodyguard of hers. But if a chance came, he would surely pursue her.

Alice smiled. "I love you too."

"I know," Tommy pulled the girl into his embrace and inhaled her sweet scent. It was extremely alluring.

"There will be a chance in the future, so please wait."

Tommy snuggled his head into her neck. "If you say so."

Right now, he had to be satisfied only with staying by her side. After all, he couldn't possibly stand against Kevin and try to take her by force. Caressing the girl's head, he wished that he could stay like this for as long as possible.