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437 Laura’s Decision

 "I'll give my order now," Laura closed the book as she looked towards the servants coldly.

They were looking towards Laura nervously. Somehow, the sight of this young lady was too similar with that of a judge, ready to send them to their rightful place with mere words.

Laura pointed to the numerous items in the hall. "Sell them all in an appropriate price."

The servants were stunned to hear Laura's decision. For decades, the one who inherited this place would always decorate this place up to their like, but never they tried to sell them all. After all, the prince of all of them would reach hundreds or even thousands of billions.

One of the maids stepped up. "Miss, this is all the property of Nali Family. You can't sell them all just like that."

Laura looked towards the maid coldly. "Are you the one who's the family head or me? If I say sell to them all, then you should do as I say."

"I'm the head of the maid here," the maid frowned.

"Oh?" Laura looked towards the maid up and down. In terms of age, she was not too old, but she had quite an attractive body for men. She could faintly guess the reason her uncle chose this woman to be the head of the maids.

"From now on, you're fired."

The maid's eyes widen in disbelief. "Miss, you can't do this!"

"I don't need people who don't know their place," Laura said coldly. She glanced to the guards behind her, they were people that Kanae had picked personally to guard her. As for their background, Kanae didn't dare to tell Laura in fear that she worried more about her previous job.

"Throw her out."

"Yes, Miss."

Without waiting for the second order, they stepped forward and brought the woman out of the place. The others could hear the woman screamed in defiance, but no one dared to step up. Somehow, they could feel an enormous force coming towards them. It told them that if they tried to fight back, it would be their end.

Laura took out a paper and pen. She borrowed the nearby table as she ignored the blinding gold in front of her and wrote several names.

"I will only let those whose name is written here to stay in this mansion. As for the rest, they can get out," Laura said coldly. She handed the paper to the guard who obediently read it out.

The servants who heard their name felt grateful that they still could work here. As for those whose name didn't appear, they could only gnash their teeth in resignation. Many of them realized that they didn't really work honestly as it was showed in their record, so they could only accept it.

One of the male servants frowned when the name was finished. He didn't hear his name written.

"Miss, why is my name not written there?" the servant asked.

Laura looked back with crossed arms. "Like I say, I only need those whose name I write there. For the others, the door is over there. You have time until noon to pack your things and get out gracefully, or I'll use force."

They were looking towards each other unwillingly. This place was very nice for them to live. Although the sight of gold was blinding, this place provided a good environment for them. They could get enough meal and also prestigious position as the servant of Nali Family.

Getting kicked out meant that he would lose everything that he gained from this place. Trying to find a place as good as this one wouldn't be easy.

The male servant's face flushed red. "I can't accept this! I work here honestly!"

"Please get out."

"NO!" he moved to Laura as he wanted to force her into allowing him to stay here. Before he could get close, Kanae had appeared before him. His outstretched hand was caught easily by the little lady.

Kanae was looking towards the man indifferently. For someone like this man, he didn't worth her emotion. A simple pressure was enough for her to make them felt immense fear.

"The door is over there."

The man's face contorted. "I'm not getting out!"

He tried to use more force, but found his hand stuck. The grip that Kanae gave him made him unable to move at all.

Kanae twisted the man's arm easily, sending him down to the ground in a loud thud. Her hand was holding the man's arm in impossible position, which sent pain due to the muscle strain.

"LET ME GOOoooo!" The pain that Kanae gave him caused beads of sweats to appear on his forehead as he screamed on top of his lung. It was very painful to the point of unbearable.

"If you try to move again, I won't be polite anymore," Kanae answered as she looked towards the others. "If you want to get out dishonorably, you can try me."

Seeing the example in front of them, the servants immediately dispersed obediently. They didn't want to experience pain like what happened to this man, so it would be better for them to get out without causing trouble.

Kanae looked towards the guards.  "Throw him out."


The guards were also become extremely respectful to Kanae because of the show of prowess she gave to them. It was clear to see that taking care of them wouldn't take more than a few minutes for her. Rather than creating trouble, it would be better if they just stayed obedient.

Laura was looking towards the strength that Kanae possessed with a slight smile. She turned her attention back to the servants. "Your task for now is selling them all. I don't want to see anything made of gold in this mansion anymore. You have one week to finish them all."

The servant's face paled as they remembered that most of the items in this mansion were made of gold. It was to the point that they could see it in their dream. To sell them all, they would definitely take a long time.

"For the items that's unable to be sold, change them to gold bar and not these weird items," Laura pointed to the strange statues made of gold by the side. She could guess that they were shaped like animals, but their made was too bad that she didn't even know their exact shape.

It could be cat or tiger, she didn't want to think about it.

"Yes, Miss."

"I'll be selecting more people to work here. Towards these new people, I want you to teach them the rules that I'll set here," Laura instructed.

"Yes, Miss."

It took her a long time to arrange their work. After she had finished, she walked out of the mansion back to the car.

"That's really tiring," Laura leaned back on the chair, letting her head rest on the backrest. She sighed. "I don't know that dealing with servants can be this troublesome."

"This is just the start," Kanae patted her sister's head. "You will have to face much more problem in the future."

"I can guess that too," Laura pouted. Her eyes were looking towards her sister before she leaned in and hugged her sister's arm tightly.

"What is it now?"

"Don't take any of the dangerous jobs anymore," Laura whispered. "There's no need for that anymore. We're already safe here."

Kanae caressed her sister's hair tenderly. A complicated smile appeared on her lips. She knew very well that not all of their problems were over. Dealing with Frank was only the beginning. There was still someone extremely dangerous out there that might take their life.

However, she also didn't really want to live a life like before anymore. It was tiring. A peaceful life was something that she had longed for from a long time ago.

"I'm not going to take any dangerous job," for the time being.

"Promise?" Laura glanced up.

Kanae nodded her head. At least, for now, she wanted to stay by her sister's side and enjoyed the peace she had wanted so much.