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436 Nali Family Reform

 Kanae looked towards the newspaper with a frown. She had heard that the Aida Family suffered a lot of lost because of the debt, but she didn't know that it would be this bad. They managed to pay off all of their debt, but the Aida Family's assets were all gone. Not a single one remained as they had sold their house too.

With the current price for their properties fell down, they were all far cheaper than market price. This resulted in her took advantage of that and bought some of their companies and others.

However, the downfall in Aida Family was simply too quick and thorough. Even if the family experienced attack from the clans, it shouldn't have resulted this bad. It was as if there was something else that pulled the string on the shadow to push this family into its downfall.

"Sis, what are you reading?" Laura asked when she saw her sister stayed silent in the living room.

"I'm reading the news about Aida Family."

"Oh, I hear that they're living poorly now," Laura frowned. She was also busy because of the matter that Frank left behind, so she could only hear part of the news. "It's too bad for them."

"Yeah," Kanae nodded her head. She did feel bad for them, but that was all. After all, each of them has to reap what they had sown, no matter whether it was good or bad.

"I'm going to the Nali Family main mansion. Do you want to come along?"

"Nali Family main mansion? Do you mean the mansion where the core family usually live?"

"Yep," Laura nodded her head and wore her jacket. "As the new successor, they want me to check the place because I might be living there in the near future."

The main mansion of Nali Family was the place where every core member of the Nali Family stayed. This mansion has been built years ago and could be considered as rather ancient. Numerous reparation has been done every few decades to make sure that this place could stay firm.

"Are you sure that I can come there?" Kanae never stepped her foot to that place because they were not allowed to in the past.

"Yes," Laura nodded her head. "You just have to say that I give you the permission, and they'll let you in."

Kanae laughed. "I got it. Let me prepare myself first."

"Don't take too long, Sis."

Not long after that, Kanae finished her preparation and headed to the mansion along with Laura.

The mansion for the main family of the Nali Family was simply enormous. Their size could easily cover several kilometers just from their courtyard. Numerous trees were planted there. There were some small buildings that they could see along the way. It seemed that those were resting house that was built because this place was too big.

In the middle, there was a large mansion. It has four floors with gentle color and atmosphere surrounding it. A large fountain was placed in front of the mansion, near the entrance.

"With such beautiful house, I wonder why Sakura wants to live in our shabby place," Kanae shook her head.

"I'm not sure myself," Laura got out from the car. She had personal driver because of her status, so it was easy for her to travel here and there. "Do you want to come in first, Sis?"

"If you insist," Kanae replied.

"I insist."

Kanae stepped forward and opened the door. In front of her was a large hall, covering dozens of meters. Right now, there were numerous items placed in this place; table, chairs, and many other decorations such as carpets, vases, sofas, and many others that she didn't want to say.

She was basically speechless when she saw this place because there was nothing different of this place with a treasure trove. All the places she saw were covered in gold coating, blinding her eyes because of their appearance.

At the front, gold.

Left side, gold.

Right side, gold.

Everything was sparkling in gold.

"My eyes are going to be blind," Kanae turned her head and looked towards Laura. She had a bitter smile on her lips. After all, seeing everything sparkling to the point of blinding was not a good experience.

Her eyes wouldn't be able to take it if she had to see it continuously.

Laura was equally speechless because the appearance of this hall was more than enough to send her eyes blind. She could understand that someone love gold, but was there any need to place everything coated in gold color?

Who in the world has this damned sense of fashion?

Even Taro bad choice of clothes that hurt one's eyes still looked far better!

Kanae moved towards one of the decorations. Her hand lifted it and shook filled her eyes. From the weight alone, she could guess that it was too heavy for ordinary decoration. She didn't know the exact weight, but she could guess that there was a high possibility that it must be made of metal. A heavy one at that.

Did it mean... all of these were made of gold?

They might not be pure gold, but if it was made mostly of gold, the price could skyrocket because of their worth.

"Laura, I think our uncle is truly greedy," Kanae said wryly.

"I agree," Laura looked towards the surrounding as hatred filled her eyes. If he had this much money, why should he covet their small inheritance? It was nothing but a drop in a sea compared with the expensive items that she could see here.

Even a single item in this room could possibly buy off her mansion back.

"All of this will belong to you once you become the successor," Kanae put the item back on its place. "I think, he can't bear to part with them."

"He can't, but I can," Laura looked around ruthlessly. They were all the property of Nali Family and not only Frank, so there was nothing wrong with her taking care of them.

She looked towards the nearby servant. "Call the all of the servants here. In addition, give me the income and expenditure spent in this place."

"Yes, Miss," the servant nodded her head as she ran to call the others.

Kanae looked towards Laura inquiringly. What was this girl planning to do right now?

"Sis, can you help me?"

"Sure, what do you need help with?"

Laura smiled when she saw how agreeable her sister with her. "I want to teach the word 'authority' to the minds of these servants. I hope that you can help me teach them a lesson."

Kanae's eyes glinted when she heard what Laura was planning. She nodded her head. "Sure. It's not a problem at all."

The servants gathered into the room quickly, and Laura took the book from them. Upon seeing the massive expenditure that her uncle did for the past few years, fury appeared within her eyes.

This was all the money earned from the tax that he implemented to the branch families. They were all the result of hard work from numerous people. To think this man used them all for the sake of his own enjoyment!

Many people, including her, have to count all of the money they earned carefully to make sure that they could eat the next day. She had to make sure that she spent them wisely because she didn't want to starve to death. Yet, this man used the money they all earned to decorate this place until it was all coated in gold.

What was that for?

All the gold that she saw only made her eyes hurt. Even if they worth a lot, being placed in one place like this were simply a waste of money. It would be better to use them for other things.

"I want to see your account too," Laura said coldly.

The servants were stunned to see their new miss acted coldly towards them. Some of them were nervous because they have been taking the items in this place secretly.

The account book that she held clearly told her a lot of things.

"I'll give my order now," Laura closed the book as she looked towards the servants coldly.

They were looking towards Laura nervously. Somehow, the sight of this young lady was too similar with that of a judge, ready to send them to their rightful place with mere words.


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