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435 Aida Family Downfall

 Aida Family Mansion

Vena's father, the current head of Aida Family, was looking towards the report with a solemn expression. He had heard about what happened to the Nali Family before, but he didn't think that his family would be implicated this big. Many important branch family heads died in that one incident, sending him into a larger despair because of that.

After he called Ferdinand to tell about Vena's involvement in the matter of the letter, that woman disappeared. He was saddened by the sudden news, but there was nothing that he could do. The report from the businesses that he got from Vena showed the numerous lost that they had for the last several months.

They were simply enormous.

He handed them all to Jon and Sheila in hope that they could make things better. However, the report he got just now was their family in a large debt to the Nali Family because of Sheila. Right now, the Nali Family wanted them to pay them all in a matter of hours.

"A few billions in a matter of hours," Aida Family Head shook his head lightly. "The Nali Family no longer gives us any face right now."

His secretary by the side was looking towards the family head nervously. "Sir, the result of the company's business for the last month is out."

Aida Family Head looked towards the paper on the man's hand. It was already April, so he knew that time has passed so swiftly. The report on his hand should be from the sales on the previous month.

However, he didn't have the heart to look at it.

"It's a straight line down, right?" Aida Family Head asked bitterly.

The secretary was extremely nervous. He wanted to say that it was not true, but the report on his hand clearly saying otherwise. For the last month, their sales dropped significantly before it experienced freefall. The numerous clashes they had with the clans didn't help either as the public tried to distance themselves from the Aida Family.

"Y...Yes, Sir."

Aida Family Head heaved a sigh. What did he do wrong in conducting his family? He thought that everything was going to be alright after he handed them back to his children. All that he wanted was to have a peaceful life after collaborating for the last time with the Nali Family.

Now, all was lost.

Leaning back on his chair, he closed his eyes. He was already very old as he got married quite late. He no longer took care of the business for the past several years as Vena was already quite capable. Leaving them to do things alone was all he could do.

His eyes glanced on the medicine on the table. It was medicine for his heart because he had a bad heart from several months ago.

"Sell all of our assets," Aida Family Head said slowly. "Give them all to pay off our debts and fire all of our employees."

"Sir!" the secretary was stunned to hear the sudden order. It was a big order that could possibly change the entire structure in the Aida Family. The change was simply too great that he couldn't estimate the after effect anymore. If a large family suddenly disbanded, the entire economy in the city would be affected greatly.

Aida Family Head shook his head. "Aida Family is no more. The old family that once dominate this city is now gone."

To think that he made such a great mistake in choosing his successor. Now, everything was lost. There was nothing he could do anymore as he was already too tired.

His children were simply unsuitable to inherit his fortune. He thought that Vena would be able to do things wisely, but it turned out she was still a young girl at heart. And when Jon stepped up, he thought that his son would change his decision that he made in the past. However, it was nothing but a dream that would never come true.

The two of them were simply unsuitable.

"We can earn more money, Sir," the secretary pleaded. He had stayed by the Aida Family Head's side for a long time. It saddened him so much to see the previously proud person became like this, weak and hopeless.

"I don't have the time anymore," Aida Family Head shook his head. "You should know that I have cancer on top of my bad heart. In a matter of weeks, I'm going to leave this world."

The secretary frowned. "But, it can be healed with therapy and money. We can definitely cure it."

"Even if I have all the money in the world, I can't possibly buy time," Aida Family Head refused calmly. "I'll just use the little time I have to clear up the mess caused by the youngsters. As for my children, I can only leave them to their own devices. They have already grown up."

"I... I understand," the secretary bowed down. He was holding back his emotion as he spoke out. "Please excuse me, Sir."

Aida Family Head looked at his loyal secretary. "Thank you very much for all the time you spend serving this family. I hope you can have a better life in the future."

"It has been my joy to follow after you, Sir," the secretary answered before walking away.

Aida Family Head sighed as he looked at the ceiling. The numerous assets that he had should be enough to cover up for all the debts that piled up in front of the door of their Aida Family. Originally, he wanted to use them for his children, to allow them live a wealthy and comfortable life, but it couldn't happen anymore.

'What have I done wrong in my life?'

He truly wanted to have a normal and enjoyable life with his children. If it was possible, he wanted to see his grandchildren before his death. However, right now, all of them were nothing but mere dream.

His aged hand reached up. He built the Aida Family ever since his young, determined to grow this family to be big enough for his family. Now, all his hard work has gone to waste because of his children.

"I'm tired," he whispered to himself. It was already too hard for him to keep on doing this all these times. What he wanted to do the most was sleeping; sleeping for a long time and never woke up again. That way, he didn't have to face the trouble that occurred on the door of his place anymore.

At this time, his secretary was busy to take care of the debt. His eyes held complicated gaze as he looked towards Aida Family Head's room. For decades, he had been following this man. He had seen for himself the power behind this man, and how he carved his way up during his youth.

The Aida Family was in slump when this man took over, making it trail behind the other three families. It was this man who rejuvenated the companies, pouring all his time and effort to build companies. Slowly, the Aida Family become more powerful and no longer at the very end.

It was amazing.

In his eyes, this man would always be his idol and his best friend. However, the glory didn't last long. Time has caught up with them, forcing them to move behind the screen and pushed the youngster to come to the front.

"If only his children can be as great as him," the secretary lamented.

Vena was amazing, but she was too reckless in her way of doing things. The power she had caused her to be blind towards the small schemes of others, causing her fall. Jon has his own good points, but he never wanted to use them as he spent his time to enjoy himself.

As it was not related to business, there was no need for him to say that the young man would never want to inherit the business even if he could. That young man has backed off from the very start from the competition.

Making a call to Jon, he sighed to himself. "Young Master, all of the assets in Aida Family is gone, including your house. You have to move."

A series of curse was all he got from the young man and his wife, yet his face didn't change in the slightest.

"You have to move within one day, or there will be people who force you to move."

Finishing the call, the secretary sighed. He looked around using gaze filled with sadness.

'After today, Aida Family is no more.'


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