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432 Frank Nali’s Death 2

 "I won't let you off!"

Frank charged to Kanae once again. His hand took the knife he kept inside his clothes. The sound of metal clashing reverberated in the hall.


"You won't be able to defeat me with this little strength," Kanae said coldly.

Changing the trajectory of her knife, she swung it several times at Frank's direction. The blade created numerous slashes on the man's arm, body, and clothes. Blood started to drip down from the numerous wounds that Kanae made on him.

Frank's face contorted as he pulled a small gun from his inner pocket. It was an emergency gun that he always kept for safety measure.

Bang! Bang!

Kanae jumped to the back and evaded the attack. Her eyes watched her uncle with wariness as Frank was glaring at her with hatred. The small gun could only keep two bullets inside, so there would be no more bullets he could use.

The way Kanae fought against him left Frank on the verge of exploding. No matter what, he couldn't accept this kind of end. The little girl who should have died under his hand a long time ago if not for the intervention of the elders and the hearing, was now pushing him back.

She was so weak before.

Very weak that just by adding more force, she would have been died.

Now, it was the opposite. He was the one who was very weak in front of her. No... he couldn't accept it.

"I'll kill you!" Frank roared with hatred, venting his rage at the young woman before him.

Suddenly, he felt deep pain from his inner brain, shocking him so much that he fell down to the ground again.

"What is going on?" He asked with confusion as pain started to permeate deep into his bone.

Kanae shook her head with pity. "The drugs can only enhance your power to the limit of your ability but not without a price. You only have less than a few minutes to live. There's no need for me to handle you personally."

"You! I'll kill you!" Frank yelled as he stretched out his hand, trying to reach Kanae despite sitting on the ground.

Kick! Stomp!

Kanae kicked Frank, pushing him down on the ground and stepped on the man's hand. "You will never understand how much you change my life, Uncle. If not because of you, I'll never have a life like this. Have it ever crossed your mind how many lives were destroyed because of your action?"

"You're all ants that should have just died and obey me!"

"Why? Do you think that because you're the family head, we have to follow you unconditionally?" Kanae kicked the man's arm. Her eyes stared back at him coldly. "You may have the highest position for a long time, but you never have our respect. Someone like you who only know how to use other people and live in luxury will never understand the pain of those who are only part of the branch family."

Frank wanted to refute, but the pain in his head intensified. He felt as if his head was about to burst from the pain and pressure he felt.


"You'll die very soon. The price of awakening one's talent is big and without capabilities, you won't be able to live past today."

From the tone Kanae used, Frank knew that she was telling him the truth. Right now, he understood that he no longer had any chance to fight back. The medicine that Ferdinand gave him granted him power but only for a short time. Afterwards, it would instead give him pain.

"Save me...." Frank muttered as the pain permeated every fiber of his body. It was so painful that he wished to die right away. He couldn't think of anything else as everything he could sense was pain.

Kanae looked at Frank. Her mind still recalled how this man used to trample on her so much and beaten her up in secret just to make her give up on her inheritance. Those days when she couldn't fight back and constantly at their mercy was her dark history. It was a past she wished to bury forever inside her mind.

And that dark past was caused by no one other than this man and his family. His wife pressured her to no end for their daughter's future, this man pushed her to the edge without any path to return, and their daughter bullied her just because she hated her presence.

Sakura believed that she was the one who should have the ability to awaken their ability thanks to her parents' words all these years. With their words pushing Kanae on the bad light, Sakura hated her to the bone. She had no choice but to endure all of their maltreatment because she was nothing in their eyes.

If not for this man and his family, Kanae would never experience so much bitterness in her childhood.

"I couldn't do anything to help you. Even if I could, I would never want to. This is your punishment, so you should just enjoy the last bit of your life in pain, Uncle."

She was not a saint that could forgive everything other people did for her. They already pushed her to the very limit, hoping for her death. She didn't even know how many times she was on the verge of breakdown because of the pressure they gave to her in the past.

Now, neither one of them would stay living anymore.

They had departed to the real underworld faster than her because of their own doings plus a bit of her intervention.

Turning her body, Kanae walked towards the exit. The people in the hall have been evacuated as it was empty right now. The walls were crumbling, slowly falling down from the mess that Shiro and his men did per Kanae's instruction.

Frank was looking towards the lady that walked farther from him with despair. He knew that there was no more help for him. There was no one who would help him from this misery.

Pain started to eat up his body so much that every fiber in his body was aching. It permeated deep into his body, destroying everything inside him.


Frank wailed out as the pain intensified. His mind was unable to think about anything else as he could only feel pain all over his body. Tears started to stream out of the corner of his eyes as everything was engulfed in pain. He didn't know that things would end this way as Ferdinand never told him about this.

When Kanae heard Frank's wail, she stopped her steps for a moment. She had reached the entrance and only needed a little bit more to get out. Looking at her uncle from her shoulder, her eyes glinted with ruthlessness.

'This pain is nothing compared to what you have given to me, Uncle.'

She had already experienced the pain of awakening her talent and endured much more. Compared to that, her uncle's pain seemed so little. However, the despair on his face when she took everything from him looked so satisfying.

At the very least, she had gotten her revenge.

Not wanting to look at him anymore, Kanae walked out of the hall. The ruins on the building collapsed behind her, but her steps were constant. She was not in a hurry as she knew that the building had only started to collapse. There would be enough time for her to get out.

On the other hand, Frank's wail stopped after a while. He lied listlessly on the messy ground as the building started to collapse around him. The fallen blocks near him just made him despaired even more as he hoped that it could crush him immediately, ending his misery.

'Even until the end, I achieve nothing,' after screaming for a long time, the pain subsided but he was left with no strength at all. As life slowly disappeared from his eyes, he finally realized that he never achieved something with his life.

All his life, he used it just to take everything from other people. He accumulated wealth through using many kind of means. Some legal and the others were not. In the process, he destroyed the life of numerous people as he used them to gain what he couldn't.

To gain Ferdinand's favor, he even forced children to enter their early grave because he knew how much Ferdinand hated his wife's family. As Kanae came from that family, he also tried to destroy her and gained approval from Ferdinand.

Everything should be for the better future for him.

Not like this.

Even until the end, he couldn't do anything aside from being toyed and used by other people. He tried to gain favor from Ferdinand, but he ended up creating a monster that brought him to his end.

Frank closed his eyes. If only it was possible, he wished that he had killed that young girl or never have any contact with them. Without that, he would have never experienced this hell.

While he thought about that, Frank breathed his last.

As people often said; regret always came too late.


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