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430 Frank Craziness

 "Your friend seems to be pretty close with your sister, little brat," Kanae nearly choked on her food when she heard the voice of her senior. Why in the world did he come here today?

"Senior Matt," Kanae glanced to the man not far from her. Compared with his usual simple clothes, Matt was wearing a full suit and combed his hair. With this appearance, no one would be able to guess that he was already 30 years old. He didn't seem to be any different with a young businessman.

"Why are you here?"

Matt frowned. "Don't you see that I'm coming as the government's representative?"

Kanae smiled wryly. She knew that Matt came from the government, but she had never seen him in this kind of occasion before. The one who came to represent the government was usually Ferdinand or some other people she didn't even know their name.

"I know."

"You shouldn't ask the obvious," Matt shrugged.

Kanae crossed her arm. "How do you know about my sister?"

"Did you forget that I had the access to all of your data?" Matt raised his eyebrows. He looked towards Kanae's eyes deeply. "Yours is especially interesting young lady. If not because you're my junior, I will never find out about the special past you have."

Kanae raised her eyebrows. She turned around to face her plate and foods again. "There's nothing interesting about them. It's just a normal childhood a young kid usually has."

Matt knew that this young lady didn't want to talk about the matter of the past with him. It didn't really matter too much as he only found it through coincidence, but if the others realized it, she might be in for trouble.

"When we meet for practice again, I have some questions for you."

"I'm not sure I can answer them," Kanae replied slowly. "And I don't have the obligation to answer."

"You're correct," Matt nodded his head in approval. His gaze returned back to the lady in the very center. "You might want to protect that young girl today. Considering Ferdinand's nature, he would never let any event go when there is someone important. There should be something that he wants to miss today."

Kanae's gaze hardened at the warning Matt gave her. "I understand. Thank you, Senior Matt."

"It's my pleasure," Matt walked away calmly.

Seeing how easily Matt moved, Kanae wondered if her senior came to her personally to warn her. Trying to stay calm, she moved her gaze back to the stack of foods. It would be better for her to focus on the food in front of her and filled her belly.

"Your mind is filled with nothing but food?" Taro asked when he saw that Kanae was still eating. It has been more than half an hour since he left and this girl hadn't even finished. Considering her speed in eating, he was sure that she must have filled her plate numerous times.

"I'm hungry," Kanae said as a matter of fact.

"You're correct."

"Have you finished greeting Laura?"

Taro nodded his head. "Jason is accompanying her to greet the others. Considering our reputation, it's better if I don't stay close to her."

Kanae: "..." since when did you realize your bad reputation?

"You should enjoy yourself more," Kanae pointed to the food. "They're pretty good."

"I'm going back home," Taro smiled. "I'm already bored enough. Other people are avoiding me like a plague, so it's better for me to go home and do my work."

"Do you mean sneak out as a woman again?"

Taro coughed. "Well, you know me..."

Kanae watched amusedly as Taro walked away in a hurried step. It was clear that this man was quite flustered with what she said to him before. She was merely telling the truth, but this man seemed like he didn't want her to say them out loud.

Time passed swiftly as Laura greeted more people. Looking at their never-ending number, Laura wondered when she could go home. Her feet were already tired from standing and walking for a few hours. However, a smile never disappeared from her face as she greeted the people who came. It was basic courtesy to smile at the people who showed their support.

"You should have some drink," Jason remarked as he called the servant to bring drinks.

Laura smiled gratefully. Her hand held the glass carefully. "Thank you for your concern, Brother Jason."

"It's nothing."

Jason carefully accompanied this little girl because Kanae had told him that Laura was not used to this kind of event. In addition, Kanae herself was unable to stay close with this girl. He was the only one who could possibly stay close with her without anyone felt suspicious. From their eyes, it was only a young master who tried to help a newbie.

"There's only a few minutes left, can you do it?" Jason asked.

Laura nodded her head. In a few more minutes, the party could be considered to be over as the guests would start to go home. Right now, she knew that a few minutes were nothing compared with the long hours.

Suddenly, the door opened again. Some of the people who took notice frowned to themselves. Who in the world will come this late?

Upon seeing Frank's face, they were speechless. Was this man unable to accept that someone else is taking his daughter's previous position? Seeing the red eyes on Frank's face, they chose to stay silent and back down.

'Something is wrong,' Kanae was alarmed when she saw that red eyes. It was too bright to be normal eye because of crying. Her body tensed up immediately as she silently alarmed the men she had placed in the hall.

This was done secretly by her before the party begun. She selected a lot of her men in the black street, people who chose to follow her after the battle to help out with the guarding session. After that, it was easy for Jason to use his connection to put them inside the hall. They were here as the precaution against plots from the government as she was worried that they didn't want her sister to be the next successor.

"Frank, are you alright?" one of the branch family members who was quite close to the man stepped forward to ask.

Frank was walking to the hall ever so slowly. His gaze was filled with hatred as he looked at Laura in the center of the room.

'Because of this woman's sister, my daughter is gone.'

'She takes what should belong to my family.'

'I hate them all. They should all just die!'

"Frank! Why are you late so badly?" one of the Aida Family's elders who came here just to show his face asked with annoyed tone. As the head of the family, this man came late in this important occasion. Who wouldn't be annoyed?

Frank looked towards the man. He raised his hand, and at the end of it was a gun.



The elder fell to the ground with a loud sound. Followed soon after, the women were screaming loudly.


"Everyone here has to die," Frank said lightly. He pointed his gun towards Laura's direction and pulled the trigger.