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429 Different Reaction

 'The Wells Family approves Laura Nali as the future successor.'

'This is truly big news.'

'The reporters must be happy to stumble into this scene.'

The people around were discussing what they saw in low voice in fear that Jason heard them. As the representative of Wells Family, Jason's action would represent the entire family as a whole. He greeted Laura warmly, which meant that the Wells Family accepted Nali Family's decision.

"I'll be waiting for your growth," Jason retracted his hand.

Laura smiled. "I'll do my best to learn everything that I have to learn."

"Brother Jason, why are you making a head start of me?" Taro remarked as he walked towards them. Among all of the young masters, only Taro dared to act impolite near Jason. The people were already used with Taro's antic, so no one felt strange to see him like that.

Today, they heard that the Doha Family sent Taro as their representative. Because Taro came from the main family, no one said anything and merely nodded their head in understanding. Internally, they were cursing the bad luck of the reporters.

For the reporters, making bad report about Taro was already a daily habit. Now that Taro represented the Doha Family, they couldn't possibly make a bad report unless they wanted to die.

"You're just a bit slow in walking, Taro," Jason replied calmly.

Taro's face darkened. "You know that I'm not that slow." He turned his head towards Laura. "Congratulation to be selected as the future successor, Miss Laura. I'll be waiting for good news in the future."

"Many thanks, Young Master Taro."

"There's no need to be so formal. Everyone call me with my first name, so I expect you to do the same," Taro laughed.

Laura wore a strange expression as she looked towards Taro. Her sister had warned her before that Taro from Doha Family was quite a womanizer. She shouldn't get too close with this man.

"I think I'll just use Young Master to be more polite."

Taro face fell. "Why? I don't like people being polite around me. It's better to just be very open with each other."

Hearing his reply, Laura smiled wryly. She decided to tell him the truth. "My sister warns me to not get too close with you."

"What? I'm a handsome young man, why would she tell that to you?" Taro nearly yelled his question in his indignation.

Jason patted Taro's shoulder. "Do you forget your attempt to take her around before?"

He was pointing to the incident when Taro was tasked to take care of Kanae because Kevin was busy. At that time, Taro was trying his best to make sure that Kanae followed after him, only to have Kanae left him because of his action. Kanae preferred to stay with Jason compared with Taro.

Taro has black lines on his face when he recalled that incident. "Don't bring up that incident again."

"I won't," Jason smiled. "Only if you keep yourself in check."


The reporters around were trying their best to enlarge their ear as if they were afraid to miss any important information. What? What incident? This would surely be a piece of good news. The readers were never bored to hear about Taro's antics, so they always tried to collect them. Of course, they wouldn't publish it too soon, or the Doha Family might chase after them.

Laura giggled when she heard their interaction. She didn't know what happened in the past, but she was sure that her sister already met with Taro before. Her laugh stopped when she noticed a woman standing not far from her, giving a deathly glare towards her.

"I see you're still the same, Laura," Sheila remarked with a cold tone.

Laura smiled kindly. "Nice to meet with you again, Sheila."

The two women were staring at each other as if they hoped to dig a hole from each other's face. Because of the repeated clashes that they had, they couldn't stand each other's presence. This was what caused the spark between them occurred.

"Dressed so prettily when you were only a beggar just a few months ago," Sheila sneered.

Laura's eyebrows shot up. "Dressed up so innocently when you clearly throw yourself to the arm of two men in a matter of seconds, you're truly the image of a perfect lady."

Because of several reasons, Laura has a rather sharp tongue when dealing with her opponent. She would never give Sheila any loopholes as she didn't want to create more troubles for her own self.

The two of them continued to stare at each other with dangerous daggers. The other people merely watched on the sideline. Who didn't know the clash between Laura and Sheila? The two of them fought for the position of the Nali Family future successor, but it was Laura who won in the end.

However, the one who became the Aida Family successor was Sheila.

No one knew the truth of the matter. All they knew was Vena suddenly disappeared from the eyes of people. Not long after that, Aida Family announced that Sheila and her husband would be the one to succeed the family.

"Sheila, why are you taking so long?" Jon walked towards them unsteadily. From his flushed face, it was easy for people to guess that he was drunk.

Sheila wanted to frown, but it was a smile that came out instead. She already knew that approaching this man would result on her taking care of him every single day. It was her decision too to pick this man to help her out. "I'm just greeting the future successor of the Nali Family."

Jon moved his gaze towards Laura. Upon seeing how beautiful Laura was, lust emerged from within his eyes. Although Laura was still very young, she has developed to be a fine lady. Adding with her dress today, she looked exceptionally beautiful.

'He's dangerous.'

Laura shuddered under the gaze that Jon gave her. It felt as if this man was trying to devour her with his gaze.


A body blocked Jon's vision from reaching Laura.

"I don't think it's polite to stare at a woman when you're already married," Jason said with a warm smile, yet the tone of his voice seemed as if he was ready to kill someone on the spot.

Jon retracted his gaze as Jason was blocking his view. He chuckled. "You're correct. I'll be going now."

His view in his life was always taking the easiest way. If Jason didn't want him to stare at Laura, there was no need for him to force that. There were many other numerous beautiful women around, making it easy for him if he wanted to search for a pretty one.

Sheila's gaze flickered when she saw Jon's reaction. A part of her felt deep envy and annoyance for his action. In which area did she lack compared with that young lady?

She shot another glare towards Laura before walking away.

Laura secretly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw them going away. She looked towards Jason gratefully. "Thank you."

"It's nothing," Jason shrugged. "You should greet the others too. There are many other important people."

"I understand."


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