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428 The Nali Family New Successor

 The elders were looking towards the expression on the people around them with satisfaction. As Laura stepped to the front and gave a short introduction, they discussed the matter with themselves.

"You're correct to let her be the future successors. The other leaders are looking envious of us now," one of the elders said with a proud smile.

The elder next to him nodded his head. "Of course she is. She has the blood of one of the most genius man in our family. She will surely make our family proud."

"It's just a shame that her sister is such a disappointment. Leaving the important position to her younger sister, she's merely running away from her responsibility."

"It's truly unsuitable for an older sister to be like that."

While they have high opinion about Laura, they didn't like the fact that Kanae got out of Nali Family. This was something that they hated the most because it seemed as if Kanae looked towards the Nali Family like they were nothing more than dirt.

Many people wanted to get into Nali Family, but she threw it away? How ridiculous!

They were very satisfied with Laura Nali. The only stain from this young girl was her older sister, Kanae Nali. They truly wished for this girl to just disappear as she was nothing more than an eyesore.

"If only Laura not adamant to have her sister come here, I will never let that girl step in this place!" the first elder harrumphed.

The other elders shook their head. "In any case, Laura regards her sister in a good light. It won't do us any good to show animosity to them."

"I agree."

"She's truly unworthy to stand here," an old elder spoke up. "She can do nothing but begging, making her very unworthy to stay here."

The other elders recalled the incident three years ago as they shook their head lightly. Some of them were present in this hall during the battle for the inheritance between Kanae and Frank. At that time, Kanae was standing here, alone, without anyone to support her. Everyone was against her holding the inheritance because of her age and the lack of experience she had.

Even now, many of them still remembered that scene very well because it was the first time someone dared to stand before Frank firmly. Calling that girl who stood before them unwavering to be begging was clearly a joke. However, none of them tried to talk back to this old elder.

Not far from them, Kanae was munching on the foods near her with ease. With her sharp hearing, it was not a problem to listen to the conversation these old elders had.

'Laura truly worries for nothing. These elders still hate me very much.'

There was no way they wouldn't hate her for what happened in the past. There was rarely anyone who dared to talk back to the elders just like what she did. This made their impression about her to plummet sharply. After all, they preferred someone who was very amiable.

"Oh, you're Kevin's secretary, right?"

The exclamation made Kanae put the plate on the table. She turned her head and saw Taro, Kevin's friend who loved to wear girl's clothes and also famous for being a flirt, stood behind her. His taste of clothes was still as bad as before. Many people couldn't even stand seeing this young man because of how badly he looked like.

Kanae smiled. "It's nice to meet with you, Taro."

Taro nodded his head. He looked at Kanae up and down. "You change a lot with just the difference in clothes. If not because you still use glasses and don't change your hairstyle, I might not be able to recognize you."

For this event, Kanae purposely allowed her hair to be tied into one braid, different than the usual two braids. It looked neater, but it didn't change her overall appearance very much as she still didn't like to make her appearance differ than her usual one like what she had done before.

"You're also not much different than usual." If anything, your taste became worse. Kanae didn't let her second sentence out of her mouth, it would be better to keep her opinion for herself.

Taro nodded his head. "I didn't think that I can meet with you here."

"My sister forces me to come," Kanae answered. "What about you? I thought you would prefer to stay in girl's clothes."

"My brothers are busy, so I'm the only one available for this party. We want to support the Nali Family's decision, so one of us has to come," Taro answered with a grunt. He hated the fact that his brothers decided to dump this matter to him. Coming to an event like this was surely not something that he loved to do.

"I hope you'll have fun," Kanae giggled.

Taro scratched his head. He saw that Laura had finished the speech, so he hurriedly straightened his posture.

"I need to greet the new successor. I'll talk to you again later, Miss Kanae."

Seeing how eager Taro to greet her sister, Kanae smiled wryly. Even if your brother told you to show your support for the Nali Family, there was no need to be that eager. Still, she wondered why the other two couldn't come tonight. After all, the one who should be busy should only be Albert, right?

Well, it was not her place to meddle too. She was not close with either one of them.

Turning her body back to face the table, Kanae picked up her plate again. For her, coming to this party was only for the foods aside from accompanying her sister. They were all free, so who would reject it?

"Thank you."

Laura put a smile on her face as she greeted the people around her. They were congratulating her for being the future successor of the Nali Family. Some of them wanted to make connection with her, but she refused their offer smoothly by saying that those matters should be handled by other people.

'It's very tiring.'

The atmosphere was very suffocating. Her sister was away because Kanae was not allowed to stay close with her too long. After all, Kanae was no longer part of the Nali Family. Coming here together with her was already the most that the elders could tolerate.

"Miss Laura, we'll be waiting for your good performance."

Laura merely smiled back. "Thank you."

"Miss Laura, do you mind taking a picture?"

"Miss Laura, congratulation."

"Miss Laura, you're very beautiful. Do you perhaps have a boyfriend?"

"Miss Laura..."

"Miss Laura..."

Laura felt her head was going to explode with the number of questions they thrown to her right now. She had no idea that a lot of people wanted to find out more about her. It was all the questions directed to her personal life.

"You're all too excited. Do you forget that she still needs some privacy?" a low voice stopped the barrage of questions.

The people around Laura were stunned to hear that voice. They quickly made a way for that person. There was no one who didn't know about him because they had heard the news regarding him a few times.

"It's a pleasure to meet with you," the man smiled. "I'm Jason Wells."

A smile blossomed on Laura's face when she saw this man coming to help her. They were already familiar with each other because they met nearly every single day in the same office. However, for the sake of their appearance, they agreed to act like stranger.

"The pleasure is all mine, Young Master Jason. My name is Laura Nali."

Under the gaze of numerous people, the two of them shook their hand.