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427 Celebration Party

 "Laura, how many times I have to tell you that I won't wear that dress?" Kanae was looking towards the dress that Laura showed to her with dark expression. She didn't like their motive. The fact that most of them would reveal her body a lot made her against it even more.

She preferred one that could cover her body, especially her arms or legs because it would allow her to bring her weapon with her.

After that incident at night, Laura finally managed to pick her own dress and today, she was determined to have Kanae picked up a dress form the other types that left unchosen.

Laura's face scrunched. "Come on, Sis. I can't have you wear butler clothes."

"I will wear simple dress like before. That should be more than enough," Kanae retorted. The dress that she wore in the party before was pretty good. She quite liked it.

"No way, I won't let you wear the same dress."

"What? It's not like anyone remembers that I wear that dress before, right?"

"They know, Sis," Laura rubbed her forehead. "The women from rich families pay more attention to this matter. Now, choose a new one for the celebration party."

Kanae was speechless at the answer Laura gave. Come on, rich women already have a lot they have to do nowadays. They wouldn't have the time to scrutinize every people's clothes.

However, they have been in this argument for hours already. Seeing how Laura was still extremely adamant for her to have a new dress, she doubted that her little sister was going to let her off without choosing a new dress.

"Fine, but I don't want to wear revealing dress."

Laura looked towards the dresses in front of her with black lines appearing on her forehead. They were not revealing at all! Why did her sister want to have long sleeves dress all the time? They were too hot and uncomfortable.

"If I don't like it, I won't wear it," Kanae told the girl her bottom line.

"Alright, you have to pick from the picture."

"What if I don't like any of them?"

Laura glared at her sister. "You can search from the internet for any dress that you like. I will buy any that you like from the internet. There's no need to worry about money anymore."

"I thought I already used them up for my foods," Kanae tilted her head. These few days, she was mostly spent her time at home or practice with Master Rudy, so she made sure that she filled her belly with foods that she liked.

Laura rubbed her forehead once again. This sister of hers truly gave her headache. She couldn't possibly tell her sister that the monthly allowance that she separated for foods this month was already used up in a mere two weeks. The amount of foods that her sister ate was simply too much that she no longer thought about it anymore.

"Just. Pick. One. Dress. Sis."

After a few more minutes, Kanae finally showed the dress she picked to Laura. It was light blue colored with long sleeves. The neck area was round, and the dress was quite long, nearly reaching the feet with her height.

Laura was quite dissatisfied with the design that Kanae showed to her. However, the others were worse, so she allowed her sister to pick that one. Making a call, she had others delivered the dress for the party that night.

Compared with the light makeup that Kanae used to make herself more presentable, Laura used a lot of them. Her face looked extremely different than before as the makeup made her looked slightly older, more mature, and far more elegant. If one didn't know, they wouldn't be able to guess that she was merely 16 years old.

"One might question if we're really sisters, Laura," Kanae chuckled when she saw her sister's new appearance.

Laura smiled. "It's fine for them to not know about that. I don't really want to let them know that you're my sister."

"Why is that?"

"I don't want them to ask you to return back to the family again," Laura answered. After interacting with the elders for a while, she came to the conclusion that each of them was very dangerous on their own. If not because of her experience overseas, she would have been fooled more than a dozen times.

Kanae shook her head amusedly. "What makes you think that they'll try to drag me inside the family again?"

"That's because you're really talented, Sis," Laura answered.

"Don't worry. I don't have any plan to stay in the same family with them anymore," Kanae rubbed her sister's head. This time, she was being careful to not ruin her sister's hair.

Staying with them would only give her bad taste in her mouth. She didn't like them because of what they did to her in the past. However, she would never avoid them because it was useless. All she wanted was to not have any relation whatsoever with them anymore.

"I see."

Laura finished dressing up with a beautiful bright red dress. Her dress was short sleeves, but it was also quite long, covering her feet perfectly. Compared with Kanae who chose a rather relaxed dress, hers was quite tight, showing her curve slightly.

The two of them ended their talk and headed to the hall. A lot of people already arrived in the place. Each of them was dressed nicely, it was clear that they didn't want to show their weakness to each other.

Laura and Kanae walked to the entrance, their eyes were looking towards the beautiful and big hall.

'I'm back to here again.'

The real reason she didn't want to come to the party was because the location was in this hall. Kanae hated this place from the bottom of her heart because it made her recall numerous bad experiences. Pressing them down, she looked towards her silent sister.

As the splendor of light entered her eyes, Laura gazed to the people in the hall. This was the very first time she saw this many people looked and waited for her. Even though this was merely the entrance, she already felt rather suffocated.

"Laura, it's fine," Kanae suddenly said.

The soothing voice from behind her calmed her down instantly. The air that was hard to breath became much easier. Putting a smile on her face, Laura nodded her head slightly.


"They're waiting for you. You should walk inside," Kanae gestured to the front.

"I know," heaved a deep breath, Laura gathered her courage once more. She slowly raised her feet and stepped forward, one step at the time. They were looking at her with inquiring eyes, but she did not waver. This was something she would have to face numerous times in the future.

The people inside were those who come from the Nali Family and many other important families. They were curious about the new leader that Nali Family chose as the next successor. When they heard about the person they chose was a 16 years old girl, they were stumped.

'Can't you pick a more suitable one?'

'Moreover, you say she comes from a newly risen branch family?'

With numerous different thoughts and question in their mind, they came here. However, the sight of Laura walked calmly and elegantly erased most of them. The way she walked and showed off her calm was truly the picture of someone who came from the great family.

There was no track that she has a difficult life at all.

'This girl is really interesting.'

Now, they were eager to have a conversation with this young lady.


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