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426 Celebration Party Preparation

 Kanae's Mansion

"Sis! Help me!"

Hearing her sister's yell, Kanae rubbed her forehead. Her little sister had just returned back from the office, but the first thing this little girl did was calling after her.

Opening the door, Kanae looked to the young man behind her sister. "Brother Jason, can you tell me what happened with my little sister?"

Jason crossed his arm. "I'm teaching her about the etiquette of the upper class party. Since she's going to be the center of the attention because of her new position, she had to start learning how to conduct herself as one."

"But you don't have to force me to memorize all their names!"

"It's important for you to know how to address them! They're going to come to you to give your congratulation!"

Laura looked over to Kanae. "Sis, you're going to help me out in this, right?"

"He's right. You should remember them," Kanae sighed. Thinking of how the people from the upper class family really love to nitpick on someone's weakness, she wished to bury her head. The days when her father forced her to memorize them too resurfaced.

It was so tiring!

Laura pursed her lips. "Sis, please help me! There's no way I can memorize them all!"

"Are you seriously saying that after you memorize the sales graph for more than 100 companies in a single night?"

"That's different! They're interesting and this is not!"


Kanae didn't know what to say anymore. If Laura wanted to, it would be a piece of cake for this little brat to memorize them all in just a matter of minutes or hours. After all, Laura has much higher memorization ability, which allowed her to excel in the academic field. Even if she compared to Kanae, Laura would win without any doubt.

If not because of that, there would be no way this brat got that scholarship at such tender age.

"Just learn it."


Jason sighed and entered into the mansion. He put down a stack of paper on the table as he looked to Laura.

"Have you met with the elders of Nali Family?"

"I have," Laura replied.

"Tell me all their names, appearance, and personalities."

Laura rolled her eyes. She started to utter everything she knew about the elders to Jason while Kanae listened from the side. She could never feel tired when she listened to Laura's words. It was truly amazing how much this brat could remember even if she had only seen them once.

The only thing that was lacking from this brat would be her own physical ability because of her laziness and lack of talent. It required too much time for her to learn just the basic move, so Laura was never interested in martial arts. Except for the basic self-defense, she barely learned anything more.

"Many of them will be willing to see you fall than success," Jason yawned. He was tired because of the recent work that Wells Family enforced on him, but he preferred to spend his time with these two rather than resting.

"I'm not going to fail."

"That's why you have to first memorize these names. Some of them will be very important because you'll be able to expand your business through them."

"I already know them."

"...If you already remember them, why can't you remember the rest?"

Laura stuck out her tongue. She only memorized them because they would be beneficial for her and her company. As for the rest? They were mostly those useless young masters and second generation of masters that barely did their work. She didn't have the heart to memorize their names.

"Let me help you, Laura, who's this?"

"Sis, why are you also asking me? Do you even know them?" Laura asked suspiciously.

Kanae nodded. "I know at least half of them. Who do you think have to follow after father to those annoying parties in the past?"

"And always create trouble."

"I'm not making trouble. I just do what I wanted to," Kanae smirked.

Laura laughed a bit when she recalled how much of a rascal when Kanae was young. No matter what their parent said, Kanae would refuse to learn things that girls from noble family learned. She would find a way to sneak out of the mansion and played with other kids.

And when she got back, their parent would punish her without fail.

"He's the CEO of the...."

For the next few hours, Laura spent them all to memorize everything. Even though she didn't really have the heart to remember those useless ones, she still had to under the watchful eyes of both Jason and Kanae. When everything was over, she immediately bolted out of the room to prepare dinner and relaxed in the kitchen.

"I'm sure we're going to have a late dinner today," Kanae chuckled as she put the paper back together.

Jason shrugged. "Don't matter. It's already good enough that we can have dinner after having her memorize them all."

"Tell me, did you also experience the same training?"

"Even worse than this," Jason smiled wryly. He didn't want to recall back the time when he had to learn how to become a perfect young master anymore. "By the way, have you prepared the dress and everything for the party?"

"Not yet. It's usually Laura, but she's a bit busy."

"Alright, I'll make a call to the dress shop that I know," Jason took out his phone and searched his contact.

Kanae looked at Jason with incredulous expression. "You're telling me that you'll make a call now? Also, are you alright with them knowing that you know Laura?"

It was already night time. Most of the stores were already closed except for those who stayed open 24 hours a day. Calling one at this time didn't sound like a good idea.

"It's fine. She's my friend, and I have a hold on her secret. She wouldn't dare to leak out any news of me," Jason smirked.

Seeing how cunning he looked like, Kanae smiled bitterly. She had completely forgotten how this young man managed to become the top among the young generations. Many people have their secret within his hands, which mean they were under his control.

At this time, Laura walked out of the kitchen with several plates on her hand. Her eyes were looking at them suspiciously.

"Is there anything I missed out?"

"Brother Jason is going to have you test out some dresses. I'll be going to eat first and then sleep," Kanae stood up, picked up one of the plates filled with food before walking away.

Laura's lips twitched when she saw how fast Kanae left. She turned her head to look at Jason. "What did you do?"

"I just call a shop owner here. She's going to bring several sets of dresses at your size."

"My size? How did you know my size?"

"Uh... Your sister?"

"Sis would never tell you something like that," Laura put down the plate on the table and picked up a sofa pillow. She threw it to Jason while yelling. "PERVERT!"

"Hey, I didn't peek at you!"

"Then how did you know, you PERVERT?"

Jason smiled bitterly. He truly didn't peek as he knew them by a little bit hacking through her details. However, he couldn't say it out loud that he tried to snoop her life a bit, right?


"Don't tell me that you know from my sis, she would never leak something like that!"


On the back, Kanae ate the fried rice as she watched her sister beat up Jason with the pillow without any intention to help. She would just leave these two to have fun. In the first place, he should just ask the designer to come and take her sister's size if he wanted to avoid problems.

Really, his brain has stopped working in this matter.