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424 Is This a Date?

 On the back, Neo was looking towards the two of them while rolling his eyes. Their atmosphere to each other was too much for him to bear. He knew that the last time they met personally was over three months ago, but was there any need for them to exude that kind of atmosphere?

And what was wrong with this girl's head to say those words?

He couldn't bear seeing the difference in these two. Can't you just return back to the usual cold and workaholic self?

Turning his body around, he looked towards the window facing outside. The sky today was very clear. It would be better for him to watch them rather than hearing these two's conversation. His brain wouldn't be able to take it if he had to listen to them.

Kanae smiled a bit awkwardly. She had just realized how her words could be interpreted in many ways. Honestly, what she missed the most was seeing his smile because she hadn't seen it for a long time. During her time as Rei, he never smiled at her.

Well, it would be rather weird if he did smile at her when she was Rei.

"Pres- I mean, Kevin, I thought you're busy with the matter of your clan," Kanae asked Kevin curiously.

The word 'clan' made Kevin froze momentarily. He had forgotten that he had heard from Neo about Kanae knowing about him coming from the clan. He always treated her as a normal person, never showing the trace that he came from the clan to her because he didn't want to let her know. After all, it was easy for her to find out about the news of his engagement if she knew.

Kevin shook his head. "I already finished most of them. You don't have to worry about my matter."

Kanae pouted. "But if you don't finish them, your men won't let you off so easily. As the clan head, you have to show to your men that you're the most capable and a great leader to them."

"Oh, do you think that I'm the most capable?"

"Of course!" Kanae smiled back. "You're the clan head, so I know that you should be the most capable to lead them."

Kevin smiled when he saw her bright smile. He raised his hand and touched her cheek slightly. He missed this very much. A few months were simply too long for him as he already longed to meet with her again.

Kanae didn't try to stop him. His touch was gentle and warm. Although it only lasted for a few seconds because he retracted his hand back, she enjoyed the short moment very much.

"Are you hungry?" Kevin asked.

Not even a second after he asked, her stomach already grumbled, showing the mark that she was hungry. Kanae's face turned red. That was embarrassing! She cursed her stomach for being so uncooperative. She had just eaten before she came here!

Kevin chuckled. "I guess, you're still a big eater as always."

Kanae smiled wryly, still cursing her stomach for complaining at the wrong time. "You can say so."

"Neo, order some food from the canteen."

"Yes, Boss," Neo sighed internally. How he wished for Mike to be here instead of him right now. He was not an errand boy for Kevin to be tasked this and that. It would be a different case if Kevin asked him to hack the entire city, but this... couldn't you call someone else?

Kevin pointed to their seat. "Let's sit down."


The two of them sat down on their chair, unsure about what they wanted to talk with each other. There were so many things that they wanted to talk about as they hadn't got the chance to do this for a long time, but the words just didn't want to get out.

"Kevin, is the matter of the clan very hard? I hear that there's a clan battle not long ago."

"Not really. It's kind of normal to have dispute here and there. The previous clan battle is quite different because it's something that only happen because one of them breaks the agreement. Have you heard about the agreement between the five clans?"

"Is it the agreement that state about them not attack each other heavily to the point of betting with their all?"

"Yes. The five clans are originally the biggest in this city and also the most powerful. There are several other clans below us that are pretty strong, but they can't catch up with us. Because of our power, it will be a disaster if we clash so heavily, thus the agreement was born."

Kanae nodded her head. She only knew about the matter a bit from Patrick's rambling. With Kevin explained the matter to her again, she came to understand about it better.

At this time, Neo walked in with two boxes on his hand. He was looking towards them incredulously.

You haven't met each other for a long time and the first thing you ask after your meeting is history? He had to give thumbs up for the two of them to be able to do something like that. If it was him, he would throw the matter of history from the back of his head very far away.

"Thanks, Neo," Kanae took the box happily. It has been some time since the last time she enjoyed the food from this company.

"Be careful to not choke," Kevin reminded.

"I... fown. (I won't)" Kanae answered while gobbling her food quickly. Her mouth was filled with food pretty soon.

Kevin chuckled to see her ate so quickly like that. To this girl, food was surely something extremely important.

While the two of them enjoyed their meal, Neo was busy taking care of Kevin's schedule. This man was supposedly having a very busy day today because of the matter of the clan. However, he had just thrown them all to the back because of a single person.

Sighing to his fate, he continued to make call and adjustment to the schedule while Kevin told Kanae his experience in the clan and she told him about the matter of her family.


"Who...Senior Patrick?" Neo was stunned to see Patrick come out from the elevator. The man was looking towards Neo with a smug face.

"There's an important matter in the company for Kevin to skip his schedule of training with me today?" Patrick asked with sharp tone.

Neo: "..." Boss, please save yourself, I can't help you.

Today, Kevin was supposedly having a training session with Patrick in the afternoon. However, because of Kanae coming here, he had completely abandoned the matter on the back of his head.

Unfortunately, Patrick would never let Kevin off for skipping the training. After he had returned back from the prison, only several people including Kevin were able to match him. Because of that, he gave a training session in rotation for them. All of them was for him to satisfy his own desire to train.

"Now, what is Kevin..." His words stopped when he saw Kanae and Kevin talked comfortably in the room. Their expressions were filled with warmth and gentleness. Those were expressions that he had never seen from Kevin for a long time, especially since the death of his girlfriend, who was also acting as Kevin's mother.

He had guessed that Kevin must have someone he fancied because he saw the trace of gentleness on the usually expressionless boy. Upon seeing the two of them together, he finally understood the matter very quickly.

'I really have missed so many things in his life.'

No wonder that Kanae showed complicated yet gentle expression when he mentioned about Kevin. He thought that it was a one-side crush on Kanae's side because they shouldn't be able to meet if he lived in the clan. Now, he knew that it was a mutual feeling.

Why would he abandon his tight schedule just to talk with her?

Why would she protect him so much even when it was not her mission?

Why would he try to keep her presence a secret from the clans and his enemies?

Why would she spare time in her busy schedule just to take a short visit here?

Patrick smiled slightly. He turned his head towards Neo with sparkling eyes. "Tell me, when they meet and every detail about them."

Neo: "..." I thought you wouldn't agree with them because of your own experience.

Upon seeing the eager expression on this man's face, he had no choice but to tell him everything that he knew, excluding his own speculation, though.