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423 I Miss You

 Kale Company

Kanae couldn't show her face in front of Laura because Jason was still angry at her for being wounded. The moment she appeared in Kara Company, this man would chase her out, telling her to have some rest. She did want to have some rests, but her legs were already fully healed.

With no other choice, she decided to make a visit to this company once again. It has been a long time since the last time she came here.

"Kanae?" Taka, the errand boy from before, was startled to see Kanae here. He hadn't seen her for a long time already. Besides, Kanae's sister already made a company on her own, so it was easy for Kanae if this girl wanted to have a work in the company.

"Hello Taka," Kanae greeted with a smile. "How's the condition of the company so far?"

"There's some deficit because of the battle between clans, but it has stabilized lately. The company manage to strike some deals, so we're quite busy lately. Do you want to help us out again?" Taka smiled back.

"I just want to make a visit since the school is in vacation."

Recalling the condition of Nolen School C, a bitter smile appeared on Kanae's lips. The school became one of the places that was destroyed so badly because of the attack, making it hard for them to know how this place before that was. She even wondered why they would target the school when it was empty like that.

Taka smiled bitterly. "You can go to Boss's office if you want. It's mostly empty because no one uses it, but it's still clean."

He still ordered people to clean up the room every day. If Kevin returned and saw his room in a mess, he couldn't imagine how tragic his fate would be. It was going to be a complete hell for him.

"Is it fine for me to go there if it's mostly empty?" Kanae asked hesitantly. Would Kevin be angry if she visited this place again after months not showing her face at all?

Taka chucked. "There's no way Boss will complain about this arrangement. You're one of his previous secretaries. There are no confidential documents in the highest floor too."

They no longer used that place, so he moved the current important documents to the other room. No one wanted to tarnish the place that only belonged to Kevin and Kevin alone.

"Alright, thank you Taka."

"You're welcome."

The moment Kanae was out of his sight, Taka took out his phone and made a call to Neo. He was tasked to call this young man the moment Kanae returned or appeared in the company, no matter what hours it was.

Neo picked up the call. "What is it, Taka?"

"Miss Kanae comes to the company," Taka reported.

Neo was stunned to hear the news. Why did she come over during this time? Well, it was obvious that she didn't have many activities, but couldn't she pick a better time to come to the company?

"Alright, I get it."

His eyes drifted to Kevin. The latter was busy arranging his men to take over the area that was previously belonged to Merion Clan. He had just finished giving order when he noticed that Neo was looking at him with his phone on his hand.

"What is it, Neo?" Kevin frowned.

Neo smiled bitterly. "There's a matter in the Kale Company. It's a bit... private."

There were several other people in the room aside from them. Some of them were the elders, who would seriously disagree if Kevin decided to court a woman other than those who belonged to the clan. If he said the matter in front of them, he feared that Kevin would tell him to train with Mike for an entire year.

"Excuse me," Kevin moved to the other room with Neo following behind him. "What is it, Neo?"

"Kanae is in Kale Company," Neo mouthed out. He didn't dare to speak because the martial arts experts could hear his voice even from faraway. It would be better to just mouth it out.

Seeing what Neo said, Kevin nodded his head and strode out of the room immediately. He looked towards the elders. "There's an important matter that I have to attend soon. Please excuse me."

Without waiting for their answer, Kevin walked out of the hall. The elders were confused about why their boss would walk out so quickly upon receiving the news. What kind of news could possibly make him move so fast?

Neo smiled bitterly. The matter of his heart was surely something that Kevin placed first in his list.


In the company, Kanae made her way to the top floor. Usually, Lou would be sitting on the chair and glared towards her the moment she appeared. Today, this man was no longer here. Even the others were not here, allowing her free access to the room.

Seeing the room still looked the same, a smile made its way to her lips. She had missed this place so much. Working with Kevin and seeing his various expressions that he rarely showed have become something that she enjoyed very much.

The door was not locked, so she came in. The chair where she usually sat was still there. The employees didn't even bother moving it out from the place near Kevin's chair.

'I miss you.'

She did meet with him during her time as Rei, but it was very different. The warmth that he showed to 'Kanae' was extremely different with his treatment to 'Rei'. They were like heaven and earth.

Towards 'Rei', he was polite and accepted her help. He was also grateful of her help and showed friendly gesture and atmosphere. Towards 'Kanae', he was very kind and treated her very well. He showed his various expressions to her and showed through his demeanor that he cared for her. The atmosphere around him was extremely comfortable.


Kanae was startled to hear the faint sound of the elevator. There shouldn't be anyone who came here again, right? Taka told her that this place was mostly empty. Was it the cleaning service?

A familiar face appeared before her. The man looked towards her face carefully before a slight smile appeared on his usually cold face.

"It has been a while, Kanae."

"It has been a while, President," Kanae answered back.

Kevin frowned. "Didn't I tell you to call me by my name?"

"Sorry, it's a habit from when I'm staying in this company," Kanae laughed as she recalled that she was used to call him as president rather than Kevin when she was staying in this place. Seeing him standing in front of her with gentle expression made her realized just how much she longed to see this kind of expression from him.

It looked far different than what she usually saw from this man. She liked it really much. As her mind thought about that, her lips moved and blurted out her thoughts. "I miss you, Kevin."

Kevin was startled by her sudden statement. It was never within his expectation that this young girl would say something like that. His smile turned brighter as he nodded his head and walked to her place.

"I miss you too, Kanae."