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422 Vena’s Disappearance

 Vena's Mansion

Vena was listening to the report about the clan's battle with dark face. She had guessed that the attempt of the Merion Clan might end in failure because of their incompetence. It was truly an idiotic move because the other clans were obviously still strong in their own.

Kicking the cupboard to vent her feeling, she could feel her feet hurt a bit. Her brow creased. The group she had nurtured for years were gone just because of this simple matter. If not because of her alliance with the Merion Clan and Randy's insistence, she wouldn't let them go. Now, everything she had built for years was all for naught.

"Miss, there's a guest."

Vena looked towards the door with an annoyed look. Who in the world dare to disturb her during this time? She wanted to have some time for herself alone as she was feeling rather annoyed.

"Who is it?"

Before the maid could answer, a man dressed in black walked inside calmly. Upon seeing his face, Vena's body tensed up immediately. She already knew about this man from her father. Why would he come here right now?

"Sir Ferdinand, is there anything that I can help?" Vena asked cautiously.

Ferdinand moved to the other side of the room calmly. His eyes were scanning the young lady in front of him. Truthfully, the matter of Sakura's death was already something that annoyed him very much. At first, he wanted to let her off because it was only a dispute between young ladies of the rich families. However, a certain piece of news fell on his ear.

Vena has the golden letter that belonged to Sakura.

If it was other people golden letter, he would not care. However, Sakura was always a special case because of the incident this single letter caused. Not many people knew, but he couldn't let this letter in the hand of other people other than Sakura.

This was the very reason that he had to make a move against this young lady. Countless thoughts emerged in his mind as he stared at Vena, wondering what he should do about this young lady. It would truly be a shame if he just killed her off because she knew about the matter.

"I know you're the one behind Sakura's death."

Hearing the direct accusation, Vena was shocked. If it was anyone else, she could just carve her way out easily, but this man was too powerful for her to contend against. His power that was far away from her made her unable to get away.

Vena tried to keep her calm as she felt the sudden pressure. She was not a martial artist. All the matter that has the relation with violence and physique was given to Randy. She couldn't stand the thought of standing under the glaring sun and practice her body all day.

"What do you want?" Vena asked through gritted teeth. Sakura shouldn't be an important member for the government. Why should Ferdinand care so much about that young lady?

Could it be...? The golden letter!

Ferdinand watched as Vena's expression changed rapidly. "I guess, you already know that I come here because of that letter."

Vena's face darkened. She should have listened to her father that all the matter regarding the letter was a heavy secret. However, those who earned the golden letter should be random and secrecy. Why would this man pay close attention to Sakura particularly?

"You can take the letter, I'll willingly give it to you," Vena said.

"I will take it back, obviously," Ferdinand answered leisurely. "But you don't think that you can get away by knowing them, do you?"

Vena's expression turned ashen. Why her move of taking the letter became a big problem for her? She just wanted to make a good use of the dead girl's possession. This was supposedly to be her ticket for a better life in the government and not for being coerced like this.

No! She couldn't accept this!

She moved towards the door as fast as she could. However, her pitiful strength and speed were nothing in front of Ferdinand. He stretched out his arm and grabbed the woman on her wrist before pulling her and slammed her body towards the table.

Pain permeated her from her abdomen, spreading to her entire body. Tears welled up on her eyes, threatening to fall down any time.

"You better not try anything funny, woman. Your man won't be able to help you."

Ferdinand glanced towards one direction of the room. Behind the wall he looked at was a different room. Inside the room, a tired man was standing and looking towards them. Ferdinand's words were a threat for him to not make a move and helped Vena.

Vena's eyes widened. She knew that Randy would return back as soon as every mission was over. As she didn't have noteworthy martial art, she couldn't sense him. Ferdinand's words light up the hope that was diminishing inside her heart. Moving her body slightly, she screamed.

"Randy, help me!"

Behind the wall, Randy was looking at the wall with conflicted feeling. He wanted to help Vena very badly because of their relationship so far. However, years of living in the black street has taught him one important lesson: every relationship could only last for a short moment.

Danger was everywhere and at anytime; the one he loved might be killed because of an accident of something like that. It was inevitable because he lived in this city.

Knowing that he was not Ferdinand's match, Randy stayed still in his place. He turned his body around, pretending that he couldn't sense anything. The only thing he could do was erasing his presence as much as possible.

Ferdinand's lips curled up into a smile. "Smart boy."

Vena's eyes widened with disbelief. Did it mean Randy was abandoning her? She couldn't sense him, but from Ferdinand's reaction, she knew that Randy wouldn't come to help her.

Drip, drip, drip.

Tears were falling down from the corner of her eyes. The taste of betrayal that she experienced for the first time was extremely bitter. It was so bitter that she wanted to throw up so much.

'Why won't you help me?'

'Why are you staying silent?'

'Is our relationship so far meant nothing for you?'

'Don't you... care for me?'

Numerous questions popped out in her mind as she recalled her experience so far with Randy. Those happy days where she would stay by his side and snuggled into his embrace were days she hoped could last forever. She had wanted to be independent and strong. This way she would be the one to be her father's successor and her father wouldn't push her to marry someone she didn't love.

Things didn't end up like what she hoped.

Ferdinand watched as Vena's eyes turned lifeless. This was what he wanted the most from her. A capable person was hard to be convinced, so he had to destroy her thoroughly.

The best way to destroy a woman was by crushing her heart.

"Take her away," he instructed his men.

While they were taking the woman away, Ferdinand walked towards the bookshelf. He opened one of the books, revealing a golden letter at the middle of the book. An ordinary golden letter would be given secretly and only noted about their owner, the ability of the owner, and the date. If it was possible, they would be taken to the institution, but if it was impossible, they would be watched carefully.

Once the owner was awakened, they would be taken away to the institution no matter what happened. These powers would be dangerous if they were just left outside without anyone to watch it.

However, this letter was different as he placed a tracker to make sure that he always knew about this one.


"This fake letter gives me so much trouble. If not because I'm curious about the one who make it, I'll never let this get out," Ferdinand muttered.

This letter was a fake letter that no one should know about because even he was unable to make something like this. What he wanted to know was the one who made it, but his attempt failed miserably despite the numerous ruckuses this letter has caused for the past three years.

"Never mind, someday, I'll find out who make this letter," Ferdinand never placed this matter at the top priority. Taking the letter back, he put the book back and walked out of the room. Now, this was the time for him to start moving. The city was changing too much, making him rather annoyed.


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