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421 End of the Battle with Merion Clan

 Kanae frowned when she saw that Randy was trying to run away. She twisted her body, but felt tremendous pain on her ankle, stopping her movement momentarily. Because she was making a sharp movement, the force that her feet bore was far bigger than how it was before.

"Rei, are you alright?" Kevin's breathing was quite rough. The journey to reach this place was not easy for them at all.

Kanae nodded her head. Now that she stood quietly on her place, she realized that she was also feeling very tired. Her body was simply screaming for rest as every ounce of her muscle was already pushed to the extreme from the run she had before.

Kevin's gaze landed on her swollen feet. Due to her forcing herself running even when it was hurting so much, the swollen has grown bigger. Even an idiot would know that it must be very painful.

"Let's go back. Randy won't be able to do much with his group members dying one by one. I'll ask for first aid box when we return for your legs," Kevin pointed to Kanae's ankle.

Kanae nodded her head again. She wanted to say thank you, but her voice would give away her real identity. At this point, she didn't want to make him know about that as she wanted to throw away this identity in the future.

The journey back to Merion Clan's Headquarters took a much longer time that they thought. Jason nearly berated Kanae loudly when he saw the swollen feet. Without waiting for anyone to say anything, he forced Kanae to sit down as he treated her.

She protested, of course, but Jason simply didn't care.

"You're an idiot!" he whispered as he treated her foot.

"I can do it myself, Oro," Kanae whined. She was not that weak to the point of unable to treat herself.

Jason glared to Kanae. "if you insist, I won't allow you to come to the company again."

Kanae: "..." that's my company!

In the end, Kanae could only stay silent as Jason treated her feet carefully. The others were too busy to pay attention to them, except Neo, who stared at them with disbelieving gaze.

'Young Master of Wells Family is bowing down and treating someone else.'

He felt that the world was going crazy. It would be fine if he didn't know Jason's identity, but now that he knew, it was simply insane. For this proud young master to bow down towards a young woman was truly impossible. This made him wonder who in the world Rei was to make Jason willingly treat her.

Neo eyed them suspiciously. 'Could it be Jason was in love? But there was no news about that at all.'

"Neo, what are you doing looking towards other people and not doing your job?" Patrick asked suspiciously.

Neo nearly jump from his position. "Se...Senior! I'm just wondering if they need my help."

"There's no need to bother yourself with the matter of group," Patrick shrugged his shoulder.

He also knew that, but he couldn't help but feeling curious about them. It was then he realized something. "Senior, why I can't see you here during the fight before?"

Patrick rolled his eyes. "I'm taking care of the reinforcement and crush them flat. I have just arrived."

Neo's mouth turned into a big 'O'. He had not realized that Patrick was not here during his time fighting. Not that it was his entire fault, though. They were all busy fighting with the others.

"Kevin is looking for you."

"Ah, yes!"

Patrick shook his head lightly as he walked towards the two of them. By this time, Jason had finished bandaging Kanae's foot, making a neat round around her feet.

"Senior Pat," Kanae called when she saw him.

"You're quite something, little lass," Patrick eyed Jason. "I wonder what magic do you use to this young master of the Wells Family to make him follow your words unconditionally."

Jason's eyes widened when he heard what Patrick said about him. While it was true that he was the young master of Wells Family, he never told anyone about that. Even in here, he was being careful enough to not show that he came from a well off family. After all, most group members were those who came from poor families.

Kanae shook her head lightly. "I'm not using any magic, Senior Pat. He comes to me willingly in the past."

"I can see that too," Patrick sat down near the girl. "Jason Wells, right? You should be more careful when involving yourself in the underworld. I hear that the situation in the Wells Family lately is quite hot."

Jason didn't deny that. "There's some matter that we still struggle to come to conclusion, but it's not that big, Senior."

"I want to have a talk with my junior. Do you mind leaving us alone? Also, turn off your communication device, please," Patrick said with a smile.

Jason could feel the threat behind the seemingly ordinary smile. He sighed internally as he turned off the communication device. From the prison incident, he already knew how much of a monster this man was. There was no need for him to try searching for trouble by angering this man.

As Jason walked away, Kanae looked at her senior curiously. "What is it that you want to talk about, Senior Pat?"

"Rei, have you ever thought about getting into a clan?"

It was not impossible for ordinary people to become part of a clan as they could sign off and followed the procedure. After a series of tests, they might be accepted into the clan, received training and allowance. For many people, it was like a dream coming true, which was the reason that many strong fighters belonged to a clan.

Honestly, Kanae herself did thought about that at some point in the past. However, the allowance for the lowest ranking member was extremely pitiful to the point that it would be impossible for her to eat enough. This made her unwilling to join and decided to just finish the mission one by one and earned money from there.

Things were different now. If she decided to join the clan, every clan would open their arms wide and welcome her. Who wouldn't want to have a legendary fighter join them? Only an idiot or people who have deep grudge with her would refuse her.

"I have once thought about it."

"Then, do you want to join Ryukalin Clan?"

"I can't. I don't want to stay in the underworld forever," Kanae answered after a while.

Patrick had searched her background before, so he could guess that she didn't want to drag her sister down. As the head of a big family, there was no question that people would try to dig everything about her and her family. If they found out that her sister was part of the underworld, it wouldn't be easy for Laura to wash off the matter.

"It's too bad. With your skill, you can dominate the underworld," Patrick sighed.

"Part of the underworld," Kanae corrected him. "There are a lot of other powerful factions in the underworld, Senior Pat. They're definitely far stronger and influential than me."

Patrick nodded slowly. "I won't force you. We'll pay for your help during this fight too," he saw that Kanae was about to refuse. "And, you're not allowed to refuse."

Kanae could only nod her head. "Thank you, Senior Pat."

"It's nothing."

Patrick stood up and gazed at the ruined headquarters not far from him. From now on, there were only three big clans in the underworld. This change would surely shake the power structure. He only has one hope: the government wouldn't make a move against them so soon.


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