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420 Pursue 3

 Kevin and Kanae chased after Randy and the Young Master of Merion Clan. Travelling through the forest, they came closer to them. The uneven land caused many of the Merion Clan's members to stumble or fall. Many of them were unfamiliar with the land.

"It's getting higher!" Mike frowned as he watched them ran on the side of a hill. This area of the city was still filled with forest and hills. The land caused them to feel troubled as they were unable to travel carefully.

Along with the other, Mike was busy cleaning up the ordinary members who stumbled. As time passed by, their distance with Kevin and Kanae grew farther and farther away.

"Mike... How long... should we... run?" Neo asked while panting. After some time, he finally managed to catch up with Mike.

"They're still far ahead," Mike frowned. "Where's your father?"

"He's tailing after them too," Neo pointed to the man who running between them and Kevin. He was already pretty far from either one of them.

Mike looked with worry. The speed at which Kevin and Rei ran was insane. These two already almost caught up with Young Master of Merion Clan and Randy, the leader of Hunter Group.

"Boss has evolved even more."

"He has consolidated his strength even further," Neo narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the faraway distance. It would be hard for them to catch up with them anymore.

"Let's hurry."

At the very front, Randy could see they were pursuing after the two of them closely. Their speed and stamina made him felt grim: Truly worthy of the name the leader of the strongest group and the leader of the strongest clan. The two of them was catching up at high speed.

"Randy, do something!" Young Master of Merion Clan yelled urgently.

Randy frowned. He raised his hand and shot towards the sky with a signal flare. Red colored smoke appeared from his gun, reaching high to the sky, making a beautiful line and arc.


The sudden sound from above them caused Kanae and Kevin's heart to drop. They were very familiar with this sound because they had been living on the street for a long time ago. It was the sound of large explosion on top of the hill.

Following soon, they could feel the earth shaking below them. Earth at massive volume was advancing towards them at insane speed, became even faster as the gravity pulled them down.

Kanae and Kevin both sped up their speed to the front as fast as possible, hoping to reach the area that didn't have the avalanche.




That was all they could think as they made their way forward. The avalanche came closer to their location. Massive amount of earth was going down towards them.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Kanae stumbled on the nearby trunk. She rolled her body to continue running, but before she could stand up again, the avalanche reached her.

Stomping on the ground, she tried to push herself forward, but one of her legs stuck on the earth. Kanae gritted her teeth as she could feel the avalanche was trying to drag her down. Her hand reached the nearby tree as she tried to free herself. It was very heavy. The avalanche threatened to drag her down from her legs.


Kevin grabbed her arm and pulled her with all his power. It released Kanae's foot and sent her forward, stumbling to him. The two of them fell to the ground, Kanae on top of him. Her head was on his chest as he was still holding her wrist from pulling her before.

The two of them froze for a moment.

Realizing her position, Kanae quickly rolled to the side and stood up. She bowed to him as her thanks.

Kevin nodded and tried not to think too much. He quickly stood up and started to run again. "Let's continue."

They had lost several important seconds because of the avalanche. The previously nearby Young Master of Merion Clan and Randy were going farther away from them.

Kanae nodded her head and started to run again, ignoring the scream that one of her legs gave her. Beside her, Kevin was also running at a higher pace than before. His mind was trying to focus on the chase in front of him, but it was very hard.

When she landed on top of him before, he could faintly feel the soft chest Rei had. Her chest was on his stomach before, allowing him to sense it even if he didn't want to.

Rei is a woman.

He never thought about this before. Tommy always called Rei as 'he', so he thought that this young lady was a man. However, now, he finally realized that it was completely wrong. They only called Rei using 'he' because they wanted to hide her gender. A woman who roamed on the street was placed in a far more dangerous position compared with a man.

At this time, he recalled that Rei never spoke to him. Maybe...

Perhaps, the real reason she didn't want to talk was because she didn't want him to know her gender. After all, the voice of a woman was at a higher pitch compared with a man. Besides, people might look down at her if they knew that she was a woman.

'Yeah, it must be because of that.'

As he consolidated his mind, their distance grew nearer. By his side, Rei was only slightly behind by a few centimeters away. Their speed was nearly the same even when her foot was clearly wounded because of the avalanche.

"Attack the young master," Kevin ordered.

Rei nodded her head instead of answering. The two of them ran towards different direction, Kevin from below, Rei from above. Seeing the two of them purposely moved to different direction, despair filled Randy's eyes.

"Protect yourself!" Randy yelled.

"Can't you do something?" Young Master of Merion Clan berated back. His fighting skill would never be able to be on par with either one of them. These two was simply a monster.

Randy cursed internally. If he could do something, he would have done that. However, right now, he didn't have any other plan. Because of Rei before, he already lost a lot of his member. Now, because of this mission, many of them died again while trying to protect this Young Master of Merion Clan. The one left was the one who caused the avalanche, but he was not that good in fighting.

Randy gritted his teeth. He should have never accepted this mission if he knew that this was a suicidal mission. When he returned, he would surely pester Vena to give him more men and power. The situation in the underworld was starting to grow crazy.


Kevin's attack reached them first. Randy stopped his feet abruptly and blocked Kevin's attack. He tried pushing the other party back as he moved back, trying to block Rei. Positioning his dagger, he made a thrusting movement towards Rei.


The attack went through the air, not reaching anything. His expression sank. The next second, he heard a painful scream from Young Master of Merion Clan. Blood splattered around from a wound on his right shoulder reaching his waist.


Kevin reached Young Master of Merion Clan too and stabbed his heart from the back, killing him instantly.

Randy knew that he had failed his mission. He twisted his body, running upwards of the hill. At least, he was familiar with this place. There was no way they could chase him if he wanted to.


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