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419 Pursue 2

 Standing up slowly, Roy looked towards Jason with hatred. Knowing the other party's identity caused his pride to be crushed. He always thought of himself to have the best talent, but it turned out, someone has an even better one. Not to mention, this person was of the same age, but with a better ability.

How stifling.

"I'll come back again in the future. At that time, I'll take back what was rightfully mine. You won't be able to stop me!" Roy roared before ran away from his place.

Jason sighed to himself as he watched Roy walked away. He turned his head towards Jay. "I won't be able to protect you forever. You have to work hard if you want to match your brother and not losing your life."

"Do you think I can reach my brother level?" Jay asked expectantly.

"No, you should just hope that you won't die when you meet him again in the future," Jason answered bluntly. He sheathed his sword back and walked away from his place. Since the others were busy pursuing the running member, he would just clean up the place.

"Why did you let him off?"

Jason stopped in his track for a moment. Roy was his friend, at least, when they were in the past they often play with one another. He didn't want to kill his friend as Roy himself never tried to do anything to Fiore Group or him.

"I don't have any reason to kill him."

"But he'll surely come after you in the future!"

"Maybe," Jason's tone was calm. "If he really comes after me, I'll kill him. But if he comes after you, I won't be the one to protect you."

Jason knew that Roy's talent would never allow that man to be stronger than Jason as long as he didn't slack off. From their constant clash, he could already see them numerous times. He knew that it wouldn't be hard to defeat Roy with his current prowess.

Jay's face turned bitter. It was harsh of them to say that outright to his face. However, it was indeed better than they sugarcoated their words just to console him.

"Master Ren, can I be a great leader?"

"It's possible, Jay," Master Ren nodded his head.

Jay smiled. "Then, I shall pursue to be a great leader and not great fighter."

"I'll surely train you to the best of my abilities."

Hearing the tone from Master Ren, Jay shuddered. He had experienced the harsh training so far. Did he have just dug a hole for himself? He shuddered at the thought of harsher training in the future.


Roy ran around aimlessly after the fight with Jason. He has trained himself under extreme condition in the prison because if he didn't, they would mince him death. However, all his training has come to naught with all that happened so far. Someone who was at the same age with him was capable on fighting on par. If it was Master Ren, he might not feel this troubled, but Jason was of the same age as him.

'The difference in talent, huh?'

He couldn't accept it. Why should people be born different? He wanted them to be the same, so he didn't have to feel like this. Why couldn't he match up against a person like Jason?

The Heaven was not fair.

He wanted to be talented in fighting, far more than those geniuses whom the government fancied and given letter. In what ways did he different than them? He had worked hard every single day and perfected his skill only to have everything taken from him for his useless brother and other people. He couldn't accept this!

Staring at the sky with hatred, he cursed the heaven. To give favor for his useless brother compared with him. To give more talent for other people but lesser to him.

"Why are you so unfair? In what ways am I lacking compared with them?" he bellowed angrily.

"You're lacking in temperament."

Roy was startled to hear the voice not far from him. He turned around and saw a big man standing calmly. From his face, he could quickly recognize him as Ferdinand from the government. He was the very man who took care of the matter regarding the letter.

Considering how this man was able to stand near him without him realizing his presence at all made Roy wary. His skill was already quite high even if it was not at the peak. This man over here was far stronger than him.

'Interesting, the government is not filled with people who can only talk.'

Roy glanced back at Ferdinand. "What a big shot like you want to do with an ex-convict like me?"

Ferdinand walked circling Roy calmly, his gaze as deep as ocean, penetrating deep into his bone. He didn't know why, but the gaze from Ferdinand caused chill to emerge from the bottom of his heart.

'This man is dangerous.'

"You're pretty strong, but your talent is at the limit of ordinary people," Ferdinand remarked calmly. He had the data of every people in this city, so it was easy for him to check the result from when Roy was born. It was good, but not enough even for the silver letter.

"Are you coming here to criticize me?" Roy frowned.

Ferdinand rubbed his chin. "The contrary, I come here because I have something that I need to ask you."

"And what is that?"

"You have been roaming on the street lately, trying to train your body to be more powerful. I can see that you want to take the Souhon Clan back, but you're lacking in strength to do that," Ferdinand smiled. "I can give you the power to do that."

Roy narrowed his eyes. He knew from the elders of the clan before that Ferdinand was in the charge of those people who earned silver and golden letter. This man would only approach those whom he could use for himself. In a way, it was easy for those whom this man noticed to become a big shot.

"Why are you picking me?"

"You're pretty powerful, I have something that I want to try," Ferdinand answered in low tone. "However, once you agree, you won't be able to back off because I won't let you off."

Roy could guess that there must be Ferdinand's men around him, ready to attack once he refused. Even without them, Ferdinand's strength alone was more than enough to kill him and shut him off. As someone who no longer has home, no one would search for him even if he died on the street.

"What should I give to you in exchange for the power?" Roy asked.

"I only want your soul," Ferdinand answered. "You have to obey me unconditionally. Your life is all mine and I'll give you the power you need for me."

Roy stared at Ferdinand for a moment. It was not a bad offer for someone like him who already lost everything he had from a long time ago. All he wanted was to be stronger and become the clan head. It was his dream from a long time ago. However, with his current strength, it was a far etched dream to beat Master Ren and the Fiore Group who helped the Souhon Clan.

They were all enemies whom he had to beat up in order to take the clan back. What was his soul matter if he could get what he wanted? As long as he could get the clan back into his hand, he didn't care about the price he had to pay anymore. Right now, he basically had nothing, only his body, his skill, and his clothes.

"I agree," Roy answered. Rather than dying here, it would be better to accept this proposal. "I hope you can fulfill my wish soon."

Ferdinand nodded. "It won't even take one year for that as long as you follow my every instruction."

"I will do that," Roy agreed easily. He thought for a moment. "Master."

Towards his new way of calling him, Ferdinand barely paid any heed. He beckoned for Roy to follow after him as he walked away. There were so many people whom he could use for his matter. They were so easy to manipulate.