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418 Pursue 1

 "Don't shoot randomly!" Kevin yelled to his men. In this thick smoke, it would be hard to know the location of their enemies and allies.

He shifted his body position and drew his sword. A man was attacking him, using the smoke as the cover.


"You're pretty good, Ryukalin Clan Head," the man hissed.

Kevin's eyes narrowed as he recognized the owner of the voice: Randy from Hunter Group. He had gotten news that Merion Clan and Hunter Group collaborated with each other. Now, it seemed the news was true.

Randy suddenly leaped back as a thin sword was thrust to the place where his heart was before. He frowned when he saw that thin figure.

"You come again, Rei."

Kanae didn't answer. She twisted her body and attacked him once again. Her sword reached Randy's back palm, making a scratch on his arm.

Randy frowned. He could sense that Kanae was faster than before. Seeing that Kevin was about to attack too, he stomped his feet to move backwards and stormed towards the forest.

Without any need for a cue, both Kanae and Kevin chased after the man. Mike noticed Kevin's movement and quickly followed after him.

"Chase after them!" the other clan's members noticed the Merion Clan's movement and chased after them. The smoke subsided, allowing them to see clearly. Although the opponent was fast, they were faster because of their martial arts.

Jay, the young master of Souhon Clan, looked towards them with grim expression. "Let's chase after them too."

Vero nodded his head. He sensed danger and pushed Jay back. "Young Master, be careful!"


A wide wound appeared on Vero's back as he protected Jay. Seeing the sudden attacker, Jay's body moved to the side and attacked the man immediately. Sounds of metal clashing reverberated in the open area.

"Your reaction is faster now, Jay," voice filled with mocking tone could be heard loud and clear.

Jay's eyes widened as he stared at the tall man before him. His familiar face caused his heart to tremble in fear. "Brother Roy."

The one standing before him was his big brother, Roy Hon. In the past, Roy made an attempt against the Souhon Clan but failed. The failure sent Roy to the most dangerous prison in this city for a life sentence. That punishment supposedly made them unable to meet with each other.

However, things changed.

Jay's body shuddered in fear as he recalled the breakout the breakout of the largest and biggest prison not long ago. That day, his brother must have used the chance to get out.

His powerful brother that supposedly became the next clan head was now standing in front of him once again. The aura around Roy signaled to them that he was no longer the same person as he was in the past.

Roy looked towards his useless brother. Now, the word useless couldn't be tagged with this young man anymore. Jay has grown far stronger compared with before.


A smirk appeared on the corner of his lips. His hand moved back a bit before he attacked again, sending Jay who blocked it back a few steps.

He too has grown far stronger than before.

Jay's eyes widened as he saw the line on the ground from the sheer force that his brother gave him. Even now, he was not at the level of his brother? That was unfair....

He trained hard every single day just to see that he still couldn't surpass his brother.

"You seem to be upset, Jay," Roy chuckled. "Let me tell you something. You're not the only one who experience hellish training!"

Stomping on the ground hard, he lunged towards his brother. Blades clashed with each other, giving resounding sound each time. The other people from the Souhon Clan wanted to help, but they were helpless. The speed at which these two moved was too far for them to follow.


Roy parried the attack from Jay before kicking his brother, sending him to the back, making a long line on the ground. His eyes showed trace of mocking. His brother would never be able to surpass him.

"Now, meet with your creator!"

He raised his hand up and made a slicing movement from above. Before his sword reached Jay, a man already blocked his attack.

Jason looked towards Roy coldly. "I can't let you do that, Roy."

Roy's eyes widened. That voice....? It couldn't be that someone from the big families participated in the underworld, could it?


He was pushed back with a single attempt from Jason. Standing in front of Jay, Jason looked towards Roy with piercing gaze.

"Is years of staying in prison not enough to make you see things clearly, Roy?" He asked loudly. As the one who has been clashing with Roy in the class a few times, he knew very well Roy's personality. He thought that this young man would finally see things clearly by staying in prison. Unfortunately, he was worse than before.

Behind him, Jay was looking towards Jason's back with wide eyes. Why did he have the feeling that he knew the owner of that voice? It felt rather familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint where he heard it before.

Roy looked towards Jason coldly. "You're always hiding your strength, huh?"

Jason snorted. There was no need for him to fight with his all against Roy, making their result mostly similar with each other. On the street, things were different because they were fighting for their life.

"Make your move, Roy," Jason prepared his sword again.

Roy's gaze hardened. "You're the one asking for this!"

The two of them launched themselves towards each other, clashing heavily in the middle. The sound of their clash was even louder and higher compared with the clash between Jay and Roy.

"Jay, are you alright?"

"Master Ren!" Jay was startled to see his master not far from him. "Can you help Oro?"

"He doesn't need my help," Master Ren answered calmly. Even from his place, he could see that Jason was always at advantages. This made him rather envied the young because he had started to feel the effect of old age.

"Big brother is strong, but Oro is stronger."

"Yes," Master Ren answered calmly. "You should watch carefully, Jay. They're people whose level might not be possible for you."

Jay's eyes widened. "What? Why?"

He wanted to surpass his brother, so why couldn't he reach the same level as them? If it was about working hard, he would work even harder just to be able to reach their level.

Master Ren noticed Jay's desperation, but it would be better to tell this boy the truth. "It's the matter of talent and work hard. Their talent is far higher than you. If it requires them one year to reach that level, it'll require you 10 years."

Jay looked back absent mindedly. Right, talent decided everything. Those who have lesser talent could only work even harder and longer to match against those who have the natural talent for that. He smiled bitterly.


The fight ended in Jason's victory. Looking towards the sorry state of Roy, he raised his sword. "Do you still want to have a go?"

Roy glared back.