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417 Pushing Merion Clan Back

 Aida Family Main Mansion

On this rare occasion, Jon made his way back to his father's house. This time, he made sure that he dressed up rather neatly. Still, the smell from alcohol and perfume was extremely strong that the people who guarded the mansion frowned and tried to close their nose covertly.

Jon ignored them all as he walked with ease to his father's workplace. Seeing his aged father sitting behind the desk, he greeted the latter cheerfully.

"Father, I'm back."

Aida Family Head glanced up and looked at his son. "You unfilial son! Why are you taking so long just to come back?"

"I'm busy, Father," Jon answered lazily.

Aida Family Head looked towards his son helplessly. If not because he was his only son that he loved so much, he would never let him play so much. However, he didn't have the heart to force this young man to do thing that he didn't want.

"What makes you come here today?"

"I have something to show you, Father," Jon took out a folder and handed it to his father.

Aida Family Head looked towards the folder suspiciously. Slowly, he took it and pulled the content out. He saw numerous pictures inside, showing Vena and Randy in various events and position. His eyes turned large in disbelief.


If Jon is the son that he loves, Vena is his daughter that he always proud off.

He remembered Randy as the man that Vena picked up during her teenager days because this man was so poor. To think that she would chose a man like this to be her partner.

However, it was not all. At the bottom of the map, there was a recorder. Aida Family Head turned on the recorder as the conversation between Vena and Sakura played off. After a few minutes, he could hear the painful scream of the woman filled the room.

Aida Family Head looked towards Jon. Compared to him who was at his wits end, his son was relatively calm.

"How did you get this?"

"This is something that my wife leaves behind for me," Jon answered with ease. "I believe that she trusts me to hand this to you."

Aida Family Head nodded his head slowly. He knew that Jon chose to show this to him after a few days had passed because Jon has other intention. Originally, he could easily cover up this incident because no one aside from the two of the knew about this. However, one phrase struck his mind so hard.

Golden letter...

Sakura was a golden letter's holder. Before long, the government was going to come towards his place and asked questions about it. At that time, the entire Aida Family was doomed. No one would be allowed to live.

The golden letter was only given to those who truly had the chance to awaken their talent. Whoever have them, would be put under tight monitor because if they awakened their talent and unable to control them, a disaster was bound to happen.

Silver letter holder didn't have that much importance; they were only given to those who have some anomaly when they were born. When they were still small, no one could see the result for sure, so they were handed silver letter. That letter was similar to an invitation for them to get tested for the second time once the child was 8 to 10 years old.

Only during that time would their talent and degree would be clear enough to know whether they had the chance to be awakened or not.

If they didn't have the chance to be awakened, they would be let off with some normal medical examination result. But if they have the chance to be awakened, they would be given the golden letter. That golden letter was a mark that told them this particular person has the necessary talent.

Most of the time, these people would be brought to a special institution to be 'raised.' Only after a while would they be able to get out.

But there were cases when the child came from an important family, such as big clans, four big families, and so on. It would be harder to take these children into the institution, so they only watched them from afar and took extreme precaution in case they awakened their talent.

No one should be able to get away from their watch.

Once a golden letter holder under their watch died or something happened to them, the government would be notified. The one who killed them would be interrogated and placed in a perilous situation. If the killer knew the matter of the letter, they might be persecuted in order to hide the truth of the matter.

"Jon, do you plan on taking care of the matter of the Family now?"

"More or less," Jon answered ambiguously. His eyes flashed in cunning light for a moment, a different one than his usual playful one.

Aida Family Head sighed. "I'll hand them to you in a few days. Can you please leave me alone for now?"


Jon swaggered out of the room while Aida Family Head stared at the recorder with complicated feeling. He was proud of Vena very much that he allowed her to be the one taking care of the matter of the family. However, he couldn't let her brought doom to them.

The matter of the golden letter was the biggest taboo for them who knew the real worth. He knew and he understood perfectly how important it was to keep every single golden letter holder to stay alive. The power they could harness when they matured was simply priceless. Nothing could devaluate them.

Even though those who were living outside were harder to control because of their position and possibly haughtiness, Aida Family Head knew how the government valued them. More importantly, if they managed to awaken their power properly, they would be a gret use for the government.

His aged hand trembled as he picked the phone by his side. Slowly, he dialed a certain number.

"Hello, may I speak with Sir Ferdinand?"


Merion Clan's Territory

After days of fighting, Ryukalin Clan along with the help of Tamari Clan and Souhon Clan managed to push the Merion Clan back to their territory. Jason and Kanae tagged along at some of the battles but not all. They couldn't possibly participate in all of the battle because of their own matter in their real life.

Even with their little participation, it was already enough to push Merion Clan back. Little by little, they gained back the territory and cleaned up the street. Some people who left returned back to their hometown in order to help building the ruins again.

But not all of them returned.

The fight still continued, but now it no longer happened in the residential areas. It was mostly in the rural areas filled with trees or the likes. There was some nature damages, but no more lives were taken because of their fight.

"They're very energetic," Jason commented when he was staying rather far from the others with Kanae.

Kanae nodded her head. "There's an agreement between the five big clans that they'll never attack each other. The moment one of them break the agreement, the other clans are allowed to attack them without restrain."

Jason nodded his head. "I know about that agreement, but I never know that they'll be this excited to battle."

"it's not excitement. It's hatred," Kanae corrected. "They are supposedly able to life in peace with each other, but the moment a big clan start a battle, they won't be able to do it. They will have to fight with all they had to face off the clans."

"You're very knowledgeable in this matter now, Rei."

"I'm listening in with their matter and Senior's complaint to me over and over," Kanae answered bitterly. It was not her intention, but Patrick loved to complain about this battle while calling her and other juniors.

"Do you want to fight?" Jason pointed to the ruckus by the side. They were currently attacking Merion Clan's headquarter vehemently. The situation of that place was mostly in their favor because their number overwhelmed the other party.

"Not really," Kanae shrugged. "The Merion Clan is not that strong to begin with. I wonder what makes them want to fight against the three other clans so suddenly without preparation like that."

"You have to ask them if you want to know."


Finally, they managed to surround the young master of Merion Clan along with the other elders. The clan head of Merion Clan already died in the clash not long ago due to his inability to fight because of his age.

"Do you think we're going to let you off so easily?" Tamari Clan Head asked with sharp tone. He was already quite old. Having to fight every day was taking the toll on his body to the point that he felt his condition deteriorate again.

The young master frowned. He glared towards them. "Don't think that you can get away unscathed for attacking us?"

"Attacking you?" Neo chuckled. "Do you think the agreement between the four big clans is for fun? It's to ensure that no big change occur in this city."

The young master's face scrunched. He glared back towards them. Of course he knew about that agreement, but his father had to fight against them because that was the best chance. If they didn't successful in chipping away the force of the other three clans, they were doomed.

His hand griped his gun tighter. As long as he could get away, there was chance for Merion Clan to revive theirselves.

"You don't think you can get away, right?" Mike signaled the men to be prepared.

The young master smirked. "Of course!"

In the next moment, they heard loud explosion and heavy smoke appeared.


"Don't let them get away!"


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