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414 They’re in Sync

 Kanae noticed the Ryukalin Clan members' coming rather quickly. She looked towards their direction for a moment before focusing on her own battle. Her senior was there, she didn't want to meet with him after refusing his offer to join him in the Ryukalin Clan Headquarters.

"Captain, be careful!" Jason noticed a shadow was moving fast towards Kanae's direction. In surprise he yelled to tell Kanae about him.


Kanae blocked the sudden attack towards her skillfully. Her eyes were looking towards the incoming man with alarm. His movement was rather quick, making her surprised. She still could follow them, but it would be hard for other people to do the same.

Pushing the man back, the two of them moved towards each other again, exchanging several blows with each other. Thanks to her constant training with Master Rudy, she didn't have problem coping up with his attack, but she saw a man was coming at her at insane speed too.


Kevin was shooting straight at the man, but he blocked it as he continued his way towards Kanae. Frowning slightly, Kevin stomped his feet on the ground to chase after the man. Even though Kanae was strong, it would be hard for her to face against two people.

The first man swung his sword to Kanae, but she swayed her body to the back, avoiding the attack. When the sword of the man was still on the side, Kanae lunged forward, slashing her own from the back, which the man barely blocked. The force from the collision pushed him back.

At this time, the second man arrived and attacked from the side. Kanae jumped to the other side, the sword nearly reached her feet, but she managed to safely avoid it.


Kevin reached the first man and attacked him using his sword. The staggering man blocked his attack, almost unable to receive them. He stumbled back to Kanae's direction. Seeing the chance, Kanae slashed her sword horizontally, wounding the man's back almost immediately.


The second man thrust forward using his sword. Kanae shifted the direction of her sword to block the attack.


'It's quite heavy,' she thought internally. The second man was far stronger than the first man.

Using the force, Kanae leaped back from her position. The second man chased after her, but she shifted direction to his side almost immediately. Twisting her body, she made a thrust to his side, which he barely avoided. His stomach was bleeding slightly from the attack Kanae gave him.

While she was attacking the second man, Kevin attacked the first man again. With his back wounded, he was unable to move his body according to his will. Kevin's sword made a deep slashing wound from his shoulder to his stomach.

Finishing him, Kevin charged to the second man, right when Kanae had wounded him from the back. His sword reached his neck as the man stumbled back. That move ended his life.


The man fell to the ground heavily. Kanae and Kevin looked towards each other. They nodded their head towards each other slightly before returning to fight the others again. Those of these two calibers were not that many.

"They're so in sync," Patrick nodded his head. He had wanted to know Kanae and Kevin's prowess. Their fight alongside each other was truly a feast to his eyes.

"Senior, don't you need to focus on your fight?" a man asked worriedly.

Patrick swung his spear again, sending several men who charged towards him flying somewhere. "I don't see any enemies around me."

The man: "..." you already send them flying!

Patrick snorted as he moved his gaze towards the other side. He saw a young man, whom he believed to have the name Megare or Magara or something similar, was looking towards Kanae too. The gaze the young man had was that filled with greed.

"Tsk, my junior is truly popular," Patrick shook his head lightly. Being too powerful in the Black Street was equivalent with searching for people to try roping them in. In worst case scenario, they would be chased when they refused.

Knowing Kanae's personality, he doubted that young woman was going to accept any offer to join the clan. Wait, join the clan?

Patrick rubbed his chin. Since she is his junior, there was nothing wrong with him asking her about joining Ryukalin Clan. When they met again, he would surely ask this question to the lass. Of course, he also has to protect her from that young man that he forgot the name was.

"Senior, why are you smiling?"

"What? I'm just happy to see the fight is in our favor."

The man: "..." you're clearly looking towards the other side and not the fight in front of you. Forget it, he better not try to debate with Patrick or he would have the urge to vomit blood.

As Patrick had thought, Megara was looking towards Kanae and Kevin's fight. At first, he was only doing his task to protect this place because he wanted to have more support. However, there was a surprise for him when he looked at the fight on the other side.

He had known for some time that Rei was quite powerful, but he never placed this young person with too much importance. He only thought about recruiting him* in the past as a passing thought. However, now things were different.

'He's really powerful.'

If someone like that could be part of his men, it would enhance his group fighting prowess even further. Megara silently decided that he would try to poach Fiore Group not far from now.

Not long after that, the fight ended on both side. Although they didn't have any deal or anything before this, they were fighting side by side and helped each other.

"Clan Head," Jay noticed Kevin and called. "Thank you for your help."

"It's our job to secure this place," Kevin answered with flat tone as usual. "There's no need to give your thanks to us."

"It's still a rather big help for us!"

Kevin nodded his head. Rather than helping them, the one he wanted to help the most was Rei. When he saw Rei from up close again, he got this familiar feeling once again. It was as if he already knew this person from before, yet he couldn't recognize this fighting skill or tremendous pressure he* had around him. He seemed familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

He chose not to think too much as he ordered his men to clean up.

"Neo, why are you daydreaming?" Mike came over to Neo's side as he noticed that his best friend was standing like statue.

Neo was thinking about the identity of the other two members of Fiore Group. The Fiore Group has been trying to keep their distance from them. Could it be that every member of the group was someone they knew? It was especially because Jason was also someone he knew that he has been thinking about it.

When Mike called him, he shook his head. "It's nothing. Let's clean up."

Mike raised his eyebrows in suspicion, but didn't ask further. "You clean up that side. Boss is arranging at the other side."

"I got it," Neo answered calmly. His gaze landed on Jason for a moment. He wanted to talk to him, but it seemed, he had to wait for some time.