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413 The Battle Continues

 "I promise."

These two words were enough to make Alice smiled so brightly again. With his promise, she knew that he would surely fulfill it because Tommy was a man who kept his word. It was only a small progress, but it was already more than enough for him.

"Now, can you stop crying? The enemies are still around."

"Okay," Alice moved back from Tommy with light step. Right now, her mood was so high that she felt that she could reach the moon.

Seeing her tear stained face more clearly but with her lips curled up, Tommy's mouth quivered slightly. In his eyes, she was looking extremely beautiful like that to the point that he nearly unable to contain himself to not hug her again. However, his hand still moved up and wiped the girl's tear.

'Why did you keep on invading my life?'

It was indeed his decision to accept the position to be her bodyguard because he wanted to protect her. At the same time, he was already prepared to forget about her and acted as nothing more than bodyguard. Yet, her action continued to push his limit back, making him unable to act just like a normal bodyguard.

He wanted to protect her.

He wanted to be the one by her side.

He wanted to see her various expressions she never showed to anyone else.

Ah, how selfish of him to think all that. Tommy kept on reminding himself that she belonged to someone else, someone whom he couldn't afford to fight because he knew, he would lose miserably.

However, he knew that if this kept on, he might cross the limit of his patience soon. The more she invaded his life and placed herself firmly in his heart, the more he would want to make a move against Kevin.

She's truly a dangerous young lady.

"Princess, are you alright?" another guard came from behind the wall.

Alice already wiped her tears as she nodded her head solemnly. "I'm fine, continue with the task. I'm not that weak."

"Yes Princess."

Tommy smiled slightly when he saw the change in Alice's attitude almost instantly. She is truly amazing.


"Boss, what is going on with Senior Pat?" Mike was baffled to see Patrick fought like a madman. Those powerful people turned into ordinary people when facing against the raging Patrick.

Kevin glanced towards his uncle expressionlessly. "He's annoyed because all of his juniors refuse to come here."

Neo smiled wryly as he recalled Patrick's juniors. Although he had seen them on the street with Master Rudy before as laidback people, he knew that they have their own life. They were not people who took care of the matter on the street all the time. Each of them has different work.

"Do you think he can calm down soon enough?" Neo asked.

Kevin shook his head. "Let's head over to the street. There are other places that got attacked by Merion Clan."


"The border with Souhon Clan," Neo replied.

Mike nodded his head, and then his brain turned on again. "Wait, why should we come over when it's the Souhon Clan who has to take care of them?"

"They're invading both our territory and Souhon Clan's territory. Right now, our post lack in people, so Boss want us to come personally."

"Why? We can send more people over there," Mike still didn't understand.

"The one who guard the post is Megara," Neo answered in a low tone in fear that the others could hear his voice.

Mike instantly understood what Neo meant. It was painfully clear that Megara has been trying to take the control of the men under Kevin to be his. If Kevin let him on his device during the important battle against the Merion Clan, there was no doubt that the people inside his clan would have too much favorable opinion about him, making the chance for Kevin to be the legal clan head decreased.

After waiting for Patrick to finish venting up, they departed to the designated area. Seeing the chaos of the fight, they instantly knew that the battle between the clans was starting to inflict greater damage towards the ordinary citizen's life. They had to finish this conflict as fast as possible.

"Uncle, can you handle them by yourself?"

"Do you have to ask?" Patrick snorted. He gripped his spear tighter before launching himself towards the sea of enemies. Every swing of his spear was extremely powerful, sending everyone in front of him back off far away.

Neo readied his gun as he saw a man was flung not far away from him. The man groaned, but upon seeing Neo, he lunged forward.


"At this point, I wonder if people can fly," Neo sighed. Because of Patrick's attack, they were pushed back just like flying.

"They can," Mike nodded seriously.

Neo: "..." do you think people are birds?

Not wanting to argue, Neo turned to focus on the enemies. On the side, Mike shrugged before moved towards the enemies too. Using his fist, he sent them back flying too. Seeing the scene, he understood what Mike meant by they could fly.

"Boss, we're not alone."

Kevin blocked the attack towards him and pushed the man back. He made a slashing movement towards the one who attacked him before moving his line of sight to the other side. From his position, he could see two people were fighting not far away from them.

"Fiore Group is backing the Souhon Clan," Neo frowned. "They're quite powerful."

"You're right," Kevin's eyes were completely locked on Kanae. At this time, she was keeping her center of gravity low an attacked the next man from below right to his neck. Twisting her body, she moved from the side towards the other man, sending another killing bow. Her movement was extremely swift, it was as if she was walking and not fighting.

Seeing that Kevin was already completely focused on Rei, Neo looked towards the other one. He frowned as he felt that this young man fighting skill was rather familiar. Where had he seen it before?

As the young man moved to swing his sword, a figure appeared in his mind. In the next second, the hard to believe name resurfaced in his head.

"Jason Wells?" Neo murmured to himself with unbelieving gaze. He had seen this young man fought a few times in the past because of several incidents. In addition, Jason spar with Mike too when they first met, allowing him to notice the movement of this man rather well.

Clang! Slash!

As he watched Oro fought, he realized that his conjecture was true. The young man who fought in front of him was no doubt Jason Wells, the young master of Wells Family. A person acclaimed as the perfect successor for the large and powerful Wells Family.

But, why? He didn't understand what made Jason willingly joined a group when he has a big family behind him. What did he lack?

If he wanted money, there were billion worth of companies available for him. If he wanted women, many would willingly come to his side with mere words. If he wanted fame, he could just ask the media to show him in good light. Everything was easy, so why would a man of this caliber join a group and got involved in the underworld?

Neo frowned. When the fight ended, he needed to talk with Jason to confirm if it was truly him. If this was true, it meant that he had allowed someone close to him deceived them for a long time.


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