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410 Merion Clan’s Movemen

 Kanae and Laura's Mansion

Several days have passed since the prison break. Some of the infrastructures were destroyed, so a lot of people were busy to take care of it. At the same time, the guards in the prison were replaced as to not repeat the same mistake ever again.

Most of the people were busy because they have to take care of the problem. A lot of people lost their lives because of the clash, many of them were because of the fight between clans and gangs. It was the truest for those who tried to take advantage only to lose their lives in the process.

"Laura, can you still handle the matter of the company?" Kanae asked as she knocked her sister's room.

"Mhm, I'm fine, Sis."

"Really? I'll come in then."

"Wait! Wait! Don't come in to a maiden's room!"

Ignoring her sister's yell, Kanae pushed the door open and saw the messy room. There were papers everywhere from the floor, the bed, the table, even on the chair. At this time, Laura was lying on the ground as she checked on the paper on her hand.

"Laura, what is this?"

"Sis, didn't I tell you not to come in?" Laura glared at her sister. She pushed the paper near her a bit, changing her posture to sit down.

Kanae crossed her arm. "With the number of papers in this room, I doubt you're sleeping properly. This time, I'm the one who should rebuke you. You have to sleep properly, Laura!"

"I know, Sis."

"Come on, stop looking at them. If you have a problem in the company, you can just share it to me."

Laura fidgeted as she looked away. "Um, sis, they're not about Kara Company."


"These are all documents of the business that Nali Family have and their report that you can find in the internet," Laura admitted. She scratched her head embarrassedly.

Kanae's mind blanked for a moment. She raised her eyebrows in suspicion. "I know that you can see their stock in the stock market and the history list, but aren't their number limited? There shouldn't be this many, right?"

"Ah, Brother Jason teach me how to see the history of the old ones in the stock exchange by tampering the web a bit."*

"He taught you?"

"It's just a simple one..."

"...Why do you need this much?"

"I'm making comparison and to see their growth and decline. This will help me to predict them better."

Kanae looked at the paper as she rubbed her forehead. If she had to be honest, she could never understand these numbers and how her little sister could be able to see the connection in them. For her, they were nothing more than numbers that seemed to increase at times and decrease at the other times.

"Do you need to print them all?"

"It's easier to draw the connection when I print them all," Laura explained. She pointed to the one near her. "I'm trying to make prediction when they're going to decrease and whether they can still rise again after this incident. This way, if I become the family head, I'll be able to make better judgement."

Kanae smiled wryly. "Are you going to buy and sell them too?"

"Sis, this all belongs to Nali Family. I'll try to raise those who'll only plummet down and sell it at the best price possible while making sure that those with good..."

As Laura began her talk about business, Kanae didn't have the heart to listen to them all again. Matter about trading was never her forte as they always seemed so foreign to her. All she could do was making sure that the paper was filled in correct number, proper language, and also matched the content.

Aside from that, she didn't really understand if she had to think the meaning behind those numbers.

"I won't be able to help you make the analysis, so I'll just help you check out the company paper if it's needed," Kanae rubbed her head. "Anyway, it's already late and soon, it'll be the time for the second hearing. Have you prepared yourself for the hearing?"

"I have," Laura smiled. "There's no need to worry, Sis. I'll surely win against Sheila and gain the right for the family's inheritance."

"Silly girl, I'm not worried about that," Kanae walked into the room slowly. Her feet were placed carefully as she was afraid of stepping on top of the papers and ruined them.


"I want you to be independent and be a great leader," Kanae stopped in front of Laura and patted the girl's head. "But more than anything, I want you to be happy and live a fulfilling life."

Laura was stunned in her place for a few seconds when she heard her sister's words. It took her a while to be able to process them before she raised her head with a beautiful smile on her face.

"I know, Sis. I'm happy with my current life."

"That's good to hear."

"But you know, I can say the exact same thing to you, Sis."

This time, it was Kanae who was silent. The two girls looked at one another as they communicated through their eyes. There was a silent agreement that they could see from each other's eyes, telling the other what their intention was.

"I'm also happy. Anyway, don't stay here too long. We're going to have a short training session."

"What? Come on, Sis. You know that you're a monster in physical strength," Laura's face scrunched badly. She knew very well that she would lose horribly if she had to fight her sister.

"Don't worry, I'll go easy on you."


After getting the confirmation, Kanae walked out of her sister's room carefully. She made her way to her own room, which was mostly empty. There was only a laptop placed on her table that could be seen. Her clothes and other things were kept neatly in her cupboard and closet.

Kanae turned on her communication device. "Oro, how's the condition on the street?"

"It's still not too bad from the camera, but it seems that the Souhon Clan and Ryukalin Clan are making too much ruckus in the battle against Merion Clan lately. They already start to push back Merion Clan, but it doesn't seem that things will end peacefully anytime soon."

"It's already a few days," Kanae furrowed her brows. Even though she was not good in business, she knew that it wouldn't do them any good to prolong the battle so much.

"I know. They are infiltrating into the other clans' headquarter in several small groups. Do you want to participate, Rei?"

"Ryukalin Clan is going to be fine, so I'll stop the one from reaching to Souhon Clan. Oro, be my eyes and direct me to their location."

"Got it."

"Count me in too. They're giving me too much headache lately," Shiro's voice sounded out from the communication device.

"Isn't it good that there are a lot of patients?"

"Not if they flood the street. I only manage to finish treating a batch just now, so I'm closing down for a bit. I need to vent out my feeling."

"I understand," Jason also wished to fight a bit since his body felt tired from sitting straight in front of his laptop for a long period of time. Unfortunately, it was impossible to do anything from his current position aside from helping out a bit. "Let's start moving. A few groups are making their way to Souhon Clan Headquarter right now."

"I'm on my way."


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