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407 Fiore Group Involvemen

 Shiro was looking towards his communication device with resentment. They were not planning for Kanae to stay back after she got released from the prison. Their action of releasing the prisoner was to make chance for Kanae to get out of the prison and helped them out to clean up the mess they created.

'Next time, let me give her a good lesson.'

He was already unable to shoot at Kanae too well anymore. Her reflex was too quick for him to follow because of her training with Master Rudy. Not that he didn't train, but her speed of progress was simply too quick.

He lowered his eyes to prepare himself to shoot the enemies once again. It didn't really matter. All he needed to do was killing those dangerous people who wished to destroy the city. Right now, he was helping the Souhon Clan to eliminate most of the prisoners that broken out and also their enemies who made use of this chance to attack the clan.


"Young Master, are you alright?" Vero, Jay's bodyguard, asked while gasping for breath. His task was always to protect this young master, but he had been unable to do it very well because of his lacking stamina. For him, the opponents were simply too strong.

Jay, the young master of Souhon Clan, nodded his head. "I'm not as weak as before, Vero. You're worrying so much."

"I can't help it. You're the future clan head," Vero replied.

"I know."

Because his brother was still in prison, he was the next candidate to be the clan head. So far, Master Ren, the current head of Souhon Clan, already pushed him to participate in the matter of the clan more and more. It was tiring and boring for him, but he persevered because it was important for him.

Jay heaved a sigh. "I can protect myself, Vero."

As he said that, he started to move towards the enemies in front of him. They were preparing to attack him. As their target, he would not stay quiet. Shifting his grip on his sword, he slashed towards them, painting a red line of blood on his sword.

Behind him, Vero was fighting while paying attention to Jay. He couldn't help but always paid more attention to him because his task was to protect this young man.


The sudden sound of gunshot startled him. He saw a man fell down from beside him.

"Vero, pay more attention to your surrounding too," another member of the clan said solemnly. "There are a lot of them here."

"I know."

It was his mistake to not pay attention carefully. Thankfully, Shin was protecting him from afar too and gave his timely shoot to whoever was in danger.

At the very forefront, Master Ren was fighting with several people. With a slash of his sword, a man would fall down. Their skill was far from matching against him, but their sheer number was simply too many for him to take care by himself. After all, they were draining his stamina very much.

"Clan Head, the reinforcement will come in half an hour," a man reported in the midst of the battle.

Master Ren frowned. Half an hour was simply too long for them to wait. Even a single minute could decide one's life and death in a battle like this. His gaze returned back to the sea of people who came towards him. Those prisoners shouldn't have come here along with the gangs that wanted to get back at him. He would send them all to hell!

"Oro, is it possible to send your men faster?" Master Ren asked through his communication line to Jason.

Jason was already multitasking as he had to settle the problem in his family because of the incident. Hearing the voice from Master Ren, he quickly shifted his communication line to allow his voice heard.

"Rei is on the way."


This single name truly meant a lot for them. He could faintly remember the sight of that young person fought in the past. It was simply an art that was so beautiful. The coming of a single person would change the entire tide of the battle.

"Clan Head?" his subordinate was startled to see their clan head smiling. They were in a pinch, so why would he smile?


From one direction, they could hear a sudden ruckus. Several men were pushed back, wounded terribly. Their number continued to increase as a shadow passed by them. No one has been able to see what was coming towards them before they were sent to meet their creator.

Master Ren was looking towards the shadow as his heart jumped. That speed... That was impossible... Rei has improved once again?

Not just improvement, there was not even the same amateur movement he saw in the past.

The speed which he saw the shadow moved was much faster than before. If he still could see Rei's movement before, right now, it was already impossible. He knew, if he was the one facing Rei right now, he could only rely on his reflex and instinct. His sense wouldn't be able to catch up to this one person.

"The best option I ever make is surely selecting my master and accepting Fiore Group's proposal," Master Ren said quietly.

He was not the only one surprised. Both enemies and allies alike were looking towards the mess on the side with fear and awe. For the enemies, they knew that their doom was near. For the allies, they knew that hope was near.

"Vero, am I dreaming?" Jay asked with wide eyes. He had been training so hard under Master Ren to the point that he already improved leapt and bounds. With his current prowess, he knew that he could already match with the other experts in his clan, excluding several far stronger people like Master Ren.

He thought that his current prowess would surely make him an important person in the clan. However, he finally saw how he was still a frog at the bottom of the well. This person, who came towards them, was at a level where he couldn't even dream to achieve.

"Retreat!" the leader of several gangs sounded out. Towards the fighting prowess that Kanae showed, he sensed deep fear that if he didn't retreat, all of his men would die in this place.

In a matter of minutes, Kanae made her way towards the core member of the Souhon Clan. She stopped not far from Jay as she stood quietly. Seeing her figure up close, the members were startled both by fear and hesitation.

'It's Rei.'

'Oh my, I finally see him up close.'

'He's small, but his prowess is...'

Many of them began to whisper among themselves. The enemies were already retreating while the ex-prisoners were captured by the clan's members one by one. In the middle of them all, the core members were quiet as they looked towards Rei in anticipation. They didn't know what this person wanted from them.

Kanae looked towards them before pointing to the prisoners who ran away.

Master Ren immediately understood. "We'll chase after them. Men, let's go!"

Most of the core members followed after Master Ren's instruction. The sheer pressure of Rei standing not far from them was rather suffocating. It would be better if they just did their work.

Jay stepped forward and bowed. "Many thanks for helping us, Master Rei."

Kanae merely nodded her head slightly before stomping her feet and dashed back to the darkness. In but a moment, they couldn't see her anymore.

"Young Master, shall we follow after the convicts too?" Vero asked.

Jay nodded his head. "I already can't see him anymore. He's truly fast even though he's shorter than me."

"I don't think you should say something like that, Young Master."

"I know," Jay remarked. He recalled the scene of Rei fighting from before as he sighed to himself. "I just can't help it because he's truly amazing."

"You're right, Young Master," Vero voiced out his agreement.

"Let's go, we're going to be left behind."



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