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406 Warmth Feeling

 After separating from Patrick, Kanae headed back to her home. The person she needed to meet the most was her sister because she knew that this incident would make Laura worry so much. After all, a prison break was not something that happened every day and each time, it would be very dangerous. With her being so close with them, there was no doubt that Laura would be very worried.

Her feet brought her back home faster than she thought. Upon nearing the gate, Kanae opened the cloth that covered her mouth as she walked in a more normal pace. The situation around this place was still safe because the location of the prison was quite far from here.

"Miss!" one of the guards was stunned to see Kanae appeared before him. He was pretty sure that they held her in the prison. How come she appeared here again?

"Open the gate," Kanae instructed.


As Kanae walked inside, the guards were looking towards her with bewilderment. They couldn't believe that their young miss would return back home so soon. Could it be she was released because she was proven to be right? They truly didn't know.

"Laura, are you here?" Kanae peered inside the hall. She saw that the condition of the mansion was hardly any different than when she left this morning. It seemed that her sister was not too worried about her.


Or probably she got it wrong.

Seeing Laura ran to the hall as fast as the girl could do, a wry smile came to her lips. She didn't want to make her worried anymore.

Laura immediately sprinted towards Kanae and hugged the other party tightly. She was worried sick about what could happen to her sister. Seeing how Kanae was still safe and sound without losing anything, she was extremely happy and glad.

"You should have told me when something like that happen, Idiotic Sis!" Laura whimpered.

Kanae laughed. "I don't know for sure what will happen, so I didn't tell you because I don't want you to worry."

"Idiotic Sis," Laura muttered again. She was still hugging her sister tightly, unwilling to let it go. Her action was as if showing that if she let go of her sis, she wouldn't be able to meet with her anymore.

"I won't be going anywhere that easily," Kanae patted her sister's head. There was no way she was going to leave her sister that fast and quickly. She still wanted to stay here very much.

Laura nodded her head. She pushed herself away slightly from her sister as she scrutinized Kanae from up to bottom. "Sis, did you run away from the prison?"

"Ah, yes. There's a ruckus there, so I use the chance to get out," Kanae gave her excuse.

Laura had heard about the problem in the prison not long ago. If not because of the Nali Family, she would have investigated the matter thoroughly. Now, she could only be content with receiving some news about them a bit later than how it was supposed to be. She didn't really care about the news too if not because of her sister. Now that Kanae was safe and sound in front of her, Laura would just forget about the matter completely.

"I'm glad that you're safe," Laura smiled.

Kanae raised her hand and messed up Laura's hair. "Come on, even if the entire city is shaken, I doubt that I'm going to die. I have multiple lives."

Laura was speechless at Kanae's boastful remark. She laughed in the next second. "If you have multiple lives, you should have sent one of them to stay at home to accompany me, Sis. That way, I will never worry about you."

It was Kanae's turn to be speechless. "I say multiple lives and not multiple I. Do you think that I can duplicate myself?"

"It's the same."

"No, it's not."

"Well, if it's you, Sis. I won't doubt if you say that you can split the city in half, so what's the difference with duplicating oneself?" Laura shrugged as if it was something normal. For her, everything could happen with her sister to the point that those illogical things would not be a problem.

Kanae was speechless by her sister's attitude. She decided to change the topic before her sister said something more outrageous than this. If this girl truly asked her to do it, that would be the same as digging her own grave.

"Now that I'm out of the prison, will that give you trouble? I'm not supposedly out yet, right?"

"No need to worry. I already ask Mrs. Clara to make the letter to appeal to the officer. If they try to take you back, I can just show that letter to prove that you're not wrong, Sis," Laura answered cheerfully.

Kanae smiled brightly. "You're truly the best, little sis. I know that I can depend on you."

"Of course you can," Laura smiled smugly.

Kanae flicked Laura's forehead. "Don't act boastfully in front of me you brat. You're still too early to beat me."

Laura stuck out her tongue playfully. There was nothing wrong with her playing around a bit. Staying with her sister always gave her the best feeling as they were comfortable with each other.

"Do you encounter any problem on the way, Sis?"

"None at all. The people are too busy handling the other matters because of the breakout. It's easy for me to slip out," Kanae answered with a grin.

Laura nodded her head signaling that she understood. "Now, wash up a bit, Sis. I have ordered some foods for you. I'll be going to the company again and take care of the loss from this incident."

Kanae nodded her head. "Take care of yourself, Laura."

"See you later, Sis."

After that, Laura left the mansion again under the watch of the guards. Kanae had instructed them to protect her sister wherever she went. Seeing how Laura could handle a lot of matter by herself, Kanae felt a bit complicated. She liked to tease her cute sister, but this side of mature Laura made her glad too.

She hoped that Laura could stay as her cute little sister longer, but the two of them needed each other to be independent too. With the two of them capable to stand on their own, they would be able to face off their enemies better.

She turned on the communication device again. "Shin, where are you?"

"I'm fending off the prisoners who reach Souhon Clan's area. Can you come here to help out a bit?"

"How's the situation?"

"It's pretty good. I can take care most of the enemies rather well."

"That's good. I'm going there after eating."

"Captain!" you're still in the mood to eat?

"What? I'm hungry after fighting for a long time. Just wait for another 20 minutes. I'm going there later. It's not like you're in immediate danger, right?"

Shiro: "..." Well, he didn't really need help in this situation as he was pretty capable by himself. Still, his mind couldn't help but think. 'you're truly a glutton, Rei.'