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405 Reinforcemen


Kanae and Patrick quickly arrived in the place of the harsh battle. Without thinking much, they joined into the fight and battled against those people, making their way out of the sea of people. It didn't take long for them to knock most people and killed some unfortunate ones.

"They're still so weak," Patrick commented.

Kanae smiled wryly. They were not too weak, but her senior was the one too strong. Facing against the difference in power that was too great, they were unable to stand even a single attack.

"Senior, do you mind if we go our separate ways? I have somewhere I have to go," Kanae spoke up.

Patrick shrugged. "It's up to you wherever you want to go, little lass. I'll not stop you. We can meet with each other later when the situation calms down or you make a visit to the clan."


The two of them quickly moved their separated ways.


"Boss, the number of the people around here seems rather unusual," Neo informed with a frown.

Kevin nodded his head. "The other gangs or groups who have grudges with Ryukalin Clan are making their move towards us. They're not too strong, but their number is quite annoying."

"I can see that very well," Neo nodded his head. Their skill was mostly pathetic. It was so low that he felt a bit sad about using his bullets to kill them. Unfortunately, he didn't have any other choice because it was the fastest and easiest way to deal with them.

"There's someone over there," Kevin turned his head to one direction. His senses were far sharper than ordinary people, allowing him to sense things faster and more accurate than other people.

"What's over there?"

"Someone," Kevin only answered as such because he kept on looking towards the same direction. His guts were telling him that he knew that person, but he was not sure about who that person was. There were so many people that he knew to the point that he couldn't remember them all.


"Bawahahaha, I'm back you idiot!"

The familiar yelling nearly caused all Ryukalin Clan's members to drop down to the ground. Their hands were trembling as their mind recalled back the owner of this voice.

How long has it been since the last time they heard this familiar and annoying yelling? It was so long ago that they already nearly forgotten the existences of this troublemaker.

Looking towards the man charging to the sea of the enemies without any hesitation, the men sighed to themselves. This man was still as reckless as ever. They always knew that this elder of the Ryukalin Clan was quite peculiar because he was strong and quite a troublemaker.

Neo was also looking towards the direction with dumbfounded expression. That person has returned? Wait, he did hear the news of the prison break, but he never thought that Patrick would come out. After all, he could easily get out if he wanted anytime.

Why did he choose this time?


"Don't daydream in the middle of a fight, Neo," Kevin warned.

Neo quickly focused his attention back to the enemies. Unlike Kevin who possessed great senses, he would be dead if he didn't pay close attention. It was pretty easy to make him got killed if he didn't pay close attention.

Kevin was holding his gun with his left hand while his right hand was holding his sword. His eyes were locked to the man who sprinted his way towards him.


Stopping in front of Kevin, Patrick grinned. "I'm home, brat. How are you?"


Instead of the usual greeting, Kevin attacked Patrick using his sword, which the later blocked easily. The sword and the spear were locked in the middle of the two men. His eyes were looking towards Patrick without any emotion. "You're late, Uncle."

"Am I really late?" Patrick asked curiously.

"You miss so many things," Kevin answered flatly. His pupil trembled slightly as a certain memory showed up. He retracted his sword at the same time his uncle moved his spear. "Have you gotten over Yuki?"

Patrick shook his head and messed up Kevin's hair using his free hand. "You should be the one asking that question to yourself brat. You have never truly forgotten about her, huh?"

"She's already like my mother," Kevin replied in serene tone.

"I know," Patrick answered in a low tone.

Yuki was the name of his girlfriend that he dated for a long time. This woman was also the one who took care of Kevin from young because his brother, Kevin's father, lost his wife in early age. For Kevin, Yuki was no different than a mother that he loved so much.

Patrick looked towards Kevin up and down as he thought about something. "You're already 18 now, right? You should have a girlfriend already at this age. Show her to me!"

Kevin looked to his senior coldly. "There's none."

"So boring, why don't you search for one and pick a young girl whom you can love and pamper all day? Following the rules of the clan so strictly will only make you grow old faster."

Inside his brain, the image of Kanae appeared for a brief moment. It was not hard to imagine that he must have thoughts about her for a few times. After all, her very presence was something important to him.

However, Kevin quickly dispersed the thoughts. Right now, he already has a fiancée, named Alice. There was no way he would want to tell other people that he has someone else that he liked. The other people in the clan wouldn't be able to accept that fact, especially considering that this person didn't come from the clans.

Patrick noticed the waves in Kevin's eyes. His eyes widened in surprise because he knew that his words invoked a certain memory from this man's memories. He thought that with the incident in the past, Kevin wouldn't want to get close with a woman from ordinary background. However, it seemed that something must have happened during the time he was away in the prison.

"That's surprising. I never know that you're also like me. Now, tell me her name, brat!"

Kevin merely glanced to his uncle coldly before returning back to his own activities. There was no need a genius to know that he was ignoring his own uncle. However, no one was saying anything as they already knew about the relationship between the two of them.

From the back, Neo watched as the two of them, uncle and nephew, bantered with each other. It was mostly Patrick chattering non stop while Kevin ignoring him, though. He smiled slightly as he was feeling glad that Kevin could have someone who was close with him again. It has been a long time for him since the last time he saw them together.

The changing expression on Kevin's usually cold face made him felt refreshed. So far, there were two people who could make him change expression rapidly, his uncle and Kanae.

Hopefully, this time there wouldn't be any incident like before.