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404 Separation


Kano was looking towards the two people fighting on the courtyard with complicated feeling. He knew that they were prisoners, or at least, previously they were. Right now, it was extremely easy for them to get out from this place and achieved their freedom without anyone hindering them.

The two's fighting prowess (Kanae and Patrick) was something that he couldn't possibly thought to be possible. It was a complete massacre for whoever dared to hinder their movement. In a matter of minutes, they already cleaned up the courtyard from the prisoners who broke out and made them passed out.

Some of them might dead because of the collision, but he didn't dare to check while they were inside.

'Why are they helping us?'

It was the point that he couldn't understand. They were convict and normally, they would attack the police officers. However, this time, they were actually fighting the others and helped the police. Not even one of the police on the courtyard was wounded badly, except those that tried to battle the two of them.

Kano sighed to himself.

He had managed to secure some of the prisoners before they got out, but he didn't have the confidence to stop these two. Looking at how they fought, it was close to impossible for him to even stand one minute against them.

"Are you two alright?" He asked the two youngsters behind him.

Mike nodded his head. "Don't worry. She's perfectly fine."

During the fight, he kept on keeping Misae close to him and blocked both her vision and hearing using his hand and body. This was done to prevent her from freaking out because of fear again. The sight of fight was not something everyone could bear to see and Misae was included in the people who couldn't stand it.

Kano looked towards Mike's arm. The arm that was not used to hold Misae's shoulder was bleeding. It was not a deep wound, but certainly not too light either. He knew, this man was risking his own life just to make sure that his daughter felt safe.

"You did well this time," Kano nodded in approval.

Mike didn't reply and pointed to the screen. "Can you see where Kanae is?"

Kano shook his head. "She disappears once the fight start."

Upon hearing that, Mike frowned deeply. If Kevin knew that Kanae disappeared, he would be very worried that it was uncertain what this man would do anymore. He didn't wish to see that, so he had to find her.

"I believe she uses the blackout to escape the place," Kano continued. "I'm sure that she's quite smart to know that it's the chance to get out from this place."

Mike nodded his head. He could guess that as well, but he wanted to make sure about that. Besides that, he didn't have much time anymore. Kevin needed him to stand as his guards again, so he couldn't spend so much time in this place.

"If you see her, can you contact Ryukalin Clan?" Mike asked.

Kano frowned. "Why should I contact the clan?"

That... Mike couldn't possibly say that his Boss was concerned about her, could he? That would be the same as admitting that Kevin liked Kanae and wished to know her better and protected her. At the same time, if words went out about it, he didn't know what Alice's father would do. That man would be extremely furious that the clan head wanted to be with someone else aside from his daughter.

Misae raised her head. "Someone in the clan is concerned about Kanae's safety, just like me worry about her."

Kano looked back to his daughter before nodded. He owed this brat for protecting his daughter, so he should help him a bit. "Fine, I'll tell you."

"Thank you very much, Sir," Mike smiled happily. He turned his head towards Misae. "Take care of yourself when you're out of this city. There will be more people who want to take advantage of you and being alone is quite dangerous."

"I'll be fine," Misae flashed a smile.

Seeing her smile, Mike truly wanted to kiss her, but if he did that, he was not sure that he could walk out of this place alive. Her father was staring at him with murderous gaze to the point that it was rather suffocating. It would be better for him to take things slowly. Besides, she also needed the time, and he wanted to stay on Kevin's side to fulfill his own vow.

Before he could accomplish his promise, he couldn't let himself get swayed. He didn't want to repeat the same mistake ever again. The guilt for not doing his work well was burdening him much more than what he thought. It was very painful to bear.

"I'll be going now."

Misae watched as Mike ran farther away from this place. Her eyes didn't leave his figure in the slightest as a sad smile appeared on her lips. She would surely miss him very much. Thankfully, she had managed to settle the problem with him. Now, they would wait for the time when they would be reunited once again.

"Misae, are you ready to go?" Kano asked his daughter.

"Go where, Father?"

"We're going to move in a week. Don't you need to clean up your room and pack your things?" Kano chuckled.

Misae finally remembered that she hadn't finished packing up. "How about you Father? Don't you have things to do here?"

"I have, but I'll finish them quickly," Kano smiled. "Your mother might have to commute a few times each month, but she'll help you to get into the school you want."

"Thank you, Dad."

Kano smiled as the response to his daughter. He faintly remembered his young age when he and Clara were only dating. At that time, he expressed to her about his intention to be a police officer. In this city, becoming a police officer was the same as risking his life because he had to deal with danger for a long time.

As the result, Clara was angry at him for a long time. It was unbearable for him to experience them, but when she came to terms with it, she supported him.

The two of them were truly mother and daughter. They were so similar with each other. Hopefully, when she returned to this city once again in the future, the situation would be safer and there was no need for her to worry about her man so much.