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403 As the Bodyguard

 Ryukalin Clan

The condition of the clan was not as good as other people would think. Many of the prisoners who got out were people who have grudges with the clans, pushing them to make a move against these people. One of the clans that they hated the most was obviously Ryukalin Clan.

As the head of the clan, Kevin had to lead his men to counter them. Standing at the very front, he ordered the others to make sure that the areas were safe.

"Boss, we have cleaned up most of the areas around here," Neo reported as he returned back to Kevin's side.

Kevin nodded his head. Without Mike, he had to protect himself a bit more because there were so many people who wanted to have him dead. Right now, the current priority would be capturing them and ensured his safety.

"Boss, what's the next order."

"Follow after me," Kevin answered in solemn tone. He walked straight to the front as he unsheathed his sword. "It's time for a battle."

Neo looked towards the distance. Several men were charging towards their direction again. He clicked his tongue as he prepared his gun. No one was allowed to touch Kevin under his guard. They would be killed without mercy.

"Lou, you stand guard too."

"Yes Boss."

The surrounding people were either taking cover or picked up their weapons. Under Ryukalin Clan's lead, they were braver in facing those criminals. Seeing how their leader himself was standing at the very front to face them, who would have the gut to run away?


The sounds of fight filled the entire street, turning everything into chaos. On the other edge of the street, Alice was standing with the people from Ainge Clan, the hidden clan under Ryukalin Clan, protecting her. They would never allow anyone harm their princess.

"Princess Alice, please stand back."

"I can take care of myself," Alice smiled wryly. Her hand was holding several poison balls that she made herself. They were mostly only paralyzing poison because she couldn't make the better one, but they were already more than enough.

Several people charged towards them, crashing directly to the wall they formed around Alice.

"Guh," the man protecting Alice has his face contorted. The power behind the sudden attack from them was much bigger than what he thought, sending him back a few steps.

Alice threw the ball towards the man, but he evaded it. Lunging towards Alice, he planned to kill her when another man already appeared and punched him straight on the stomach. In the next second, a sword was plunged into his body, sending him straight to his creator.

"Miss Alice, are you alright?" Tommy asked politely, his breathing was rough as he was busy fighting to protect this woman.

Alice nodded her head. Her eyes never left Tommy as complicated feeling rose again. It has been quite some time since the first time Neo mentioned to her that Tommy would be her new bodyguard. At first, she was full of disbelief that Tommy would be her new bodyguard, but he did appear.

Did he come because he wanted to stay close with her?

Her heart was yearning for him to get close to her again, but he always kept his distance and addressed her politely. The way he acted was no different than a servant to its master, sending Alice to be rather frustrated and confused about how she should act around him.

"Please be careful," Tommy reminded. "Your safety is our first priority."

As he said that, several men appeared near them again. He quickly shifted his body position and defended the two of them. Thanks to his sharper sense and numerous fighting experiences, he was able to counter them rather well.

The other men tasked to protect Alice quickly made their move to protect her. Surrounded by several people, it was hard for the enemies to get close to her. They made several attempts, only for them to fail miserably.

"Miss, are you hurt?" one of the men asked when he managed to push one of the men back.

"I'm fine, focus on the enemies," Alice answered calmly. Her eyes were looking towards the group of men who chased after her. She knew that they were only targeting her because she is Kevin's fiancée aside from her position as the only successor for Hidden Ainge Clan. With her important position, there were always a lot of people who chased after her.

Her gaze lingered on Tommy for a moment, but she pushed the matter into the back of her head. This was not the time for her to ask something like that to him. If they were not careful enough, they would be killed. The number of enemies who came here was numerous.

Preparing her poison ball, Alice stood guard in the middle of her bodyguards, ready to throw them to protect herself.

"Why are there so many of them?" Tommy asked with a frown. He kicked the one close to him unconscious as he wiped his sweat.

"They are not only the prisoners who escaped, but also those who come to chase after her. As the princess, Miss Alice has a lot of enemies. They are always waiting for a good chance to strike her," one of the guards answered.

"I see," Tommy nodded his head. The mission as bodyguard was not as easy as he thought. There were so many people who wanted to get Alice's life. Not that he would let them, though.

The guards looked towards Tommy with approval. At first, they were in heated argument because of how young this man was when Neo set him to be Alice's bodyguards. From their point of view, he was merely a weak person not suitable to be her bodyguard.

However, things were different now. His fighting prowess was not much different with them. Even if he was not that strong, his fighting experience covered up his weakness, allowing him to fight on par with them. Rather than pulling them back, this young man helped them greatly.

"Do you have any plan to stay as Princess's bodyguard for a long time, young man?" the leader asked when the number has reduced significantly.

Tommy shrugged and shifted his body position to avoid an attack. "I'm not sure myself. I'll see to it later."

"If you want to, I'm sure that Miss Alice will be happy to have a dependable bodyguard like you."

Towards that statement, Tommy didn't dare to make any remark. As someone who has been accompanying Alice a lot of times in the past, he knew that she wanted to talk to him so badly. However, he had been trying to keep his distance for he didn't want to make things difficult for both of them. Should the others know about their rather special relationship, he might get killed without him knowing.

For now, he just wanted to focus on his job and slowly forget about this matter.

"Thank you, I'll consider it."

The leader nodded his head. His gaze turned sharper as he noticed the barrage of enemies coming towards them.

"Be careful, this is not over."

"Yes, Sir!"