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402 Prison Break

 After the gathering had been over, Frank was practically lifeless. He was starting to get out from the big picture of the Nali Family. The loss of his daughter caused him to be pushed back to the background without much importance anymore. After the successor was ready, would they kick him out?

'No! I will not let them!'

He is the family head of the Nali Family. He would not let anyone take this position from him. Only his daughter could, but she was no longer here. The sense of loss caused him to feel rather annoyed and irritated. He wished for nothing but having his daughter here, so she could replace him.

Loitering around his own place, he was not sure about what he should do anymore. He didn't even know who killed his daughter as it was ever so mysterious. If it was possible, he wished to torture the killer so badly that he or she wished that they were never born.

"Master," one of the servants called.

"Leave me alone," Frank bellowed.

The servant scrambled out immediately. He just wanted to say that the dinner was ready, but his master's mood was exceptionally worse. It would be better for him to not greet the other party for the time being.

"You're truly in bad mood, Frank."

Frank was startled to hear this voice. He abruptly raised his head and saw a man leaning back on the wall lazily. Seeing his figure, Frank trembled a bit. "Sir Ferdinand, what bring you here?"

Ferdinand glanced back. He was enjoying his nice time resting when he heard the sudden news about Sakura's death. It was not his plan to have her killed as she was the perfect doll for him. Unfortunately, someone ruined his plan, making him rather annoyed too.

"I have a proposal for you."

Hearing the word 'proposal', Frank stilled in his place. He knew a bit about Ferdinand's background and the power under this man disposal. It was terrifying to think that someone could hold so much power under himself to the point that no one could compare. However, the mind of this man was also something that Frank could never understand.

He nodded his head slowly. "What is it, Sir Ferdinand?"

"If I tell you, you have to accept it because if you don't, I'll annihilate you and everything related to you," Ferdinand replied back without telling the content of the proposal. "Also, I want you to sell your soul to me and do everything that I tell you."

Selling his soul to other people was something that he couldn't decide so easily. It would mean that he was giving his entire life to someone else, so whether he could stay alive or death would depend on this man's words.

However, what would be the loss for him? He already lost so much by losing his only daughter. There was nothing else that truly mattered to him as all he knew was he no longer had anyone to succeed him.

"Will it be beneficial to me?" Frank asked.

Ferdinand shrugged. He shifted his body's position a bit. "I will give you a chance to make them pay back for what happen to you, but you have to fully obey me and give me your life."

The tone of Ferdinand was rather eerie, which invoked fear deep within Frank's body. He considered the matter for a few seconds before a smile broke out on his face.

"I don't have anything to lose, why should I refuse?"

"That's good," Ferdinand corrected his body's position. "Now, listen to me."



Seeing how her senior broke through every door, Kanae wondered if he didn't exhaust his strength already. The number of broken metals because of his attack was not low. The repair cost for this prison would surely leap up to reach an unimaginable level.

"Rei, your senior is crazy," Jason commented on the communication device. From the sound, he could guess that many of the doors must be broken beyond repair after clashing with him once.

"There's no need for you to tell me, Oro," Kanae whispered in a low tone. It was clear to her that her senior's strength was at the monstrous level. Even she herself would be unable to do the same should she faced the similar situation. Trying to break them using pure strength was insane.

Internally, she was glad that she was still fine after clashing with her senior. There were some superficial wounds, but they were insignificant. Right now, all her attention was on her senior and how his prowess brought them back to the surface.

Along the way, she could see several prisoners were still held in their cell. Some of the cells were empty while the rest were filled with people who didn't want to get out when the chance came.

"There are still a lot of people here," Kanae muttered.

"Not everyone wish for freedom, Rei. There are many others who think that living in the prison is far better than living outside," Jason explained. "It's especially true for those who don't have anything they want to do or have better reason to stay inside."

Her eyes were looking towards them with complicated expression. "I know, Oro."

Before long, they managed to reach the surface and saw the light once again. Patrick smiled upon seeing the sunlight. How long has it been since the last time he saw one? They would never allow him to get out of his cell at all in fear his power pushed them back. Now, he has returned.

"This place is quite a chaos," Patrick commented.

"Yes," Kanae's attention was at the room on the back. She could sense the familiar feeling from that place. Someone she knew must be there, but she was not sure who that was.

"The result of your plan is quite severe, but I think they deserve it," Patrick pointed to the criminals who fell to the ground. "Many of them are not supposed to be here. Granting this chance to them is already doing them a favor."

Kanae nodded her head. She was not entirely sure whether her decision was correct or not, but it was the best decision she could think of.

Suddenly, Patrick threw something to her.

"Senior Pat, what is this?" Kanae held the cloth on her hand with bewilderment. Why did he give her a cloth so suddenly?

"You allow me to see your face inside, but I'm sure that you wouldn't want the others to see it. Even if the cameras are broken, human have eyes," Patrick explained.

"I see, thank you Senior," Kanae spread the cloth and wore it to cover her face partially. This made other people only able to see her eyes and upper hair while the rest were covered. Her hand moved speedily and tucked her hair underneath her clothes.

Patrick looked around and stretched his body. "It has been some time since the last time I move so much. Let's have a nice talk with them."

"It'll be my pleasure senior."

The two of them dealt with the rest of the prisoners who got out by knocking most of them down. After they had finished, they simply made their way out of the prison without anyone able to follow.