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400 First Hearing in Nali Family

 Nali Family Main Family's Mansion

Laura looked towards the majestic building in front of her with a deep frown on her forehead. If she should say, she didn't want to come to this place at all. If not because they suddenly asked her to come as it was something extremely important for the Nali Family, she wouldn't even care to come here.

Just a few minutes before, she was busy taking care of the matter taking her sister out from the prison. Clara helped her very much in this matter and everything should have proceeded smoothly if not for the call.

'Every member of the Nali Family has to gather in the Main Family's Mansion to select the new successor of the family.'

It was not a surprise for them to pick one because Sakura was dead. She was the sole daughter of Frank Nali, making it so that she was the direct lineage. This time, they could only pick those from the branches family to continue the position of the family head.

Walking inside, she saw that numerous people already gathered inside. Their face looked rather solemn as if they were trying their best to make their resolve here. Today was the most important day for the Nali Family after the incident happened.

"Miss, please come over here."

Guided by the servant, Laura chose the seat near the front. This was chosen because of her lineage. Her father was only an ordinary member of the Nali Family, but her mother was the sister of Sakura's mother. This caused the status of hers to rise quite greatly.

"The hearing will now begin," one of the elders suddenly spoke out.

Laura shot a glance towards the several old men not far from her. They were the elders of the family, coming from either the direct lineage or branch family. The position of the elder was given to them because of their old age and their achievement in the family. As long as they gave honor to the family from their young age, they could become the elder.

"Today, we're gathered here to pick the new successor for the Nali Family. As you have known, the previous successor, Sakura Nali, has died. This caused the position as the future successor to be empty. Now, the candidate for the next successor is Laura Nali."

Hearing that name, many of the members frowned. Who among them didn't know the dispute between Laura and Frank? It was pretty obvious that the two of them were like fire and water, unable to stay together in the same place for more than five minutes.

However, they could perfectly understand why she became the candidate.

Frank didn't have any brothers or sisters. His father was also the only son, making the successor for the family to be only one for several generations. The one who have the closest relation with them came from Frank's wife sides, which were Kanae and Laura. Since Kanae already abandoned her identity as part of the Nali Family, the only one left was Laura.

'Should I accept this?'

Laura had guessed that this would come. Her sister already explained the matter to her in the past that if something happened to Sakura, they were the one who had to succeed the family. It was for this reason that they were trained since young to be perfect ladies, which of course, her sister skipped numerous times.

Kanae already made her decision to throw away the position because Kanae knew that she was not suitable. As for Laura, she was unsure about it because she didn't have much interest towards Nali Family. They have given her so much heartache for the past few years.

"... From what we know, Laura is a suitable candidate for the successor. Anyone has different opinion?"

Laura didn't hear the first part of the speech. Not that it mattered, but when she heard them again, it already reached this point. For objection, she could guess who would appear.

"I object!"

The surrounding people turned their head and looked toward the middle age man in the front: Frank. He was looking towards the elder with indignation.

"Why is that, Frank?"

"She's just a little kid without any experience about how the world works. Giving the position to her is just the same as sending our family to ruins."

"That's why we will groom her," every youngster was not experienced, no matter who they picked up. Based on what they knew about this young lady, they knew that she had managed a company on her own, which was quite a feat for a 16 years old girl.

"She's the sibling of a murderer!" Frank bellowed.

Hearing that, Laura abruptly stood up. She could stand if Frank just targeted her, but not her sister! "Don't you dare to frame other people without any evidences, Uncle. As the head of the family, I'm sure you know the consequences for spreading lies."

"Lies? Do you think that no one has the bigger motive than you? Without Sakura, you'll be the next successor."

"Let me tell you one thing, I'm not interested in this position if not for them summoning me to come here. Besides, who in their right mind would want to harm that INNOCENT daughter of yours?"

Laura purposely stressed out the word 'innocent'. Even an idiot knew that the one who drove them back in the past was not only Frank but also Sakura. The news about how they were treated back then was not a secret, but no one dared to speak about it loudly in fear getting the irk of Frank.

Frank's face flushed red in anger. How dare this woman talked like that regarding his daughter!

The two of them went into another round of words battle as the others were waiting as spectators. It felt rather refreshing to see someone dared to stand up against Frank after so many years. After all, this man held control of so many people without anyone dared to interfere.

"ENOUGH!" finally, the elder spoke up. He was irritated to see these two quarreled in front of the others. Not to mention, one was already an adult who hold important position for years while the other was would become one soon. Couldn't they act more mature?

Laura immediately shut her mouth, but her eyes were still staring at Frank with hate. After all, her life was destroyed because of a single man that she came to hate very badly.

"There's no need to quarrel so much," the elder spoke again. "The matter regarding the murderer of your daughter, it's clear that the one who do it is not Kanae. That girl is staying in her home the entire time."

Frank's pupil grew larger. "But..."

"No but, Frank. Sit down!"

Without any other choice, Frank sat down. His heart was in turmoil because he realized that Kanae would be released soon. He knew that it was not her, but he didn't want to let her go.

"Now, let's proceed with the hearing," the elder announced. "Anyone else has a valid reason to not pick Laura as the future successor?"

"I have," a woman suddenly spoke up. "Shouldn't someone who's more capable be picked as the future successor?"