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398 He’s My Boyfriend


Before the outbreak happened, the outer layer of the prison was filled with several people arguing with each other. They couldn't come in terms with the fact that Kanae got captured without any sufficient evidence and placed in the bad place.

"Dad, is there nothing we can do?" Misae asked after Kano's attempt failed for the third time.

Kano didn't answer. His face was blue with anger because of what had happened. This morning, Clara suddenly called him and told him that they held Kanae for what had happened with Sakura. This piece of news nearly sent him to thrash everything around.

That was ridiculous!

How a woman can leave such wounds on Sakura's body? It would be insane to think that Kanae did it because of her hate. If that was the case, she would have done those years ago when they were still in the school together and many chances appeared. Waiting for now to kill Sakura was certainly extremely stupid and foolish.

Inside his mind, Kano had cursed Frank for over one thousand times. He couldn't believe that this man placed the blame on Kanae's shoulder just like that without any sufficient evident. If he could, he would barge inside to drag the insolent officers out and took Kanae to a safe place.

"How long has it been since she's inside?" Kano asked his daughter.

Misae's eyebrows creased. "It's around five hours ago that mother calls me to tell about Kanae. It should be already more than that."

Five hours... Kano couldn't imagine what could have happened during this long period of time. If something truly happened to Kanae, he was pretty sure that his daughter would never let the Nali Family go. This little girl would surely think for a way to make sure the Nali Family paid for what they did.

"If I can't get in, let me see the camera to find out about their situation."

The officers looked towards each other. They were not sure if this was also allowed. "We can't..."

"I'm a high ranking officer," Kano took out his badge. "If you don't let me in, I can use my own power to barge inside and you're going to be in trouble."

The officers were rather frustrated. After several minutes, they took Kano and Misae to one of the supervising room. There was several of this room here because this prison was quite big and it required special attention at the some hidden places.

This one only showed the area for the temporary prisoner. Seeing the cell filled with men inside, Misae could feel her blood boiled.

"Why is she placed in the same place as the guys?"

The officers scratched his head. "That's because the order from Nali Family Head."

Good. This was truly a good move. Kano praised that Frank on his head as he was determined to make a long essay to complain about this man. As a high ranking officer, his words held some weighs, even if they were not too big.

Misae peered to the camera. She could see a young girl sitting near the wall peacefully. Her eyes widened as pleasant feeling rose within her hearts.

"She's fine, Dad."

Kano stared at the camera suspiciously. Considering the men's usual behavior, why didn't they make a move against a woman? Was it because she was quite unattractive?


It would be better for him to not think too much. The most important thing was Kanae was safe and sound.


"Don't let us warn you again. You're not accepted here!"

Kano frowned at the sudden intrusion. "What's that?"

"Sir, there's a young man who asks for the permission to see the temporary prisoners. Because he himself comes from a clan, we can't possibly allow him to come inside."

A clan member? Misae curiously peeked out from the door frame to look at the man. Upon seeing his figure, her breath quickened and her pupils grew bigger. How was it possible for him to be here?

The man who they called barged inside was no other than Mike who came under Kevin's request here. Sneaking in was not his forte, so he tried to talk his way in with them. Unfortunately, his attempt failed terribly as they didn't want to listen to his explanation.

A clan member who came just to 'see' a prisoner was truly hard to believe.

"Misae, stay back," Kano frowned. He immediately recognized Mike too because of the boy's position in Ryukalin Clan and the man's relation with his daughter. As a father, he was still not sure about Misae's reaction upon meeting him again even though she did say to him that she wanted to stay with him.

Misae looked towards her father. "It's fine, Dad."

Gathering her resolve, she walked closer to the arguing men. She had been thinking about their next meeting after the several failed attempts before.

Will he forgive her for having such bad reaction about the fact that he came from the clan?

Will he still allow her to get close to him?

Is he angry at her because of her refusal to get close to him after a while?

More importantly, has his feeling for her waver since it has been some time since the last time they met?

Numerous questions build up within her head as she walked closer inch by inch towards the group of the men. When she stopped quite near, she could hear their voice berating the man.

"Don't spout nonsense. Why would a clan member come here just to see a prisoner? You might as well try to get them out of the prison!"

"I'm not, I'm just tasked here to ensure the safety of someone," Mike answered back with frustration. They have been going back and forth about this for quite some time. Should he call Kevin to let them know that he said the truth? He didn't have the time to wait for them that long.

"Kick him out," the officer said, feeling rather irritated.

"Hey, listen to me first! I'm not a strange man!" Mike really wanted to yell. His face was rather contorted in annoyance towards this officer.

"You're not allowed to kick him out," Misae suddenly spoke up.

They turned their head towards the young woman almost immediately. Many of them recognized her as Kano's daughter, making their eyes wavered because if she reported to her father, their fate would be extremely miserable.

On the other hand, Mike was looking towards Misae with surprised and complicated feeling. How long has it been since the last time he saw her face to face like this? She was still looking extremely beautiful as he remembered.

"Miss, please don't make things difficult for us. He's just a stranger," the officer tried to persuade Misae.

Misae shook her head. "He's my boyfriend, so you're not allowed to treat him harshly. He comes here because I want him to come, but he only comes later because he has some matters. Do you understand?"

The officers were looking towards Misae incredulously. Did she just say...he's her boyfriend?

Looking towards their appearance, there was nothing similar about them. Mike was that of big build while Misae was rather normal. In addition, Mike was looked like a large monster when compared with a young and normal girl like this woman. How did they end up together?

"Come here Mike," Misae said with strong voice, clearly not backing down in front of the officers.

Seeing how she acted, the officers were annoyed. Upon seeing Kano looking straight at them with sharp glint, they immediately dispersed. Well, whatever. It was not like this was the hidden part of the prison. If that high-ranking officer wanted his daughter to bring her boyfriend here when checking on a case, there was no way they could say no unless they wanted to have their pay cut greatly.

Mike was looking at the reaction of the men before looking towards Misae. Slowly, he walked towards her.