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397 The Real Prowess of a Core Member

 "Have you calmed down now, Senior?"

"How rude," Patrick shook his head lightly. "Don't you think 8 years is already more than enough for me to move on?"

Honestly speaking, that was the truth since eight years were indeed a long time. However, the wounds on someone's heart were not easy to heal. Some people need a long time, while the others might need shorter time. Everyone was different, and Kanae was not sure about her senior.

"I guess so?" Kanae answered hesitatingly.

Patrick laughed. "There's no need to be so formal with me. It has been a long time for me to meet with someone else outside from the real prisoners, so my speech might be a bit rusty. However, I'm not one to bother much about them."

"I understand."

"Now, anything else you want to know about me?"

Seeing the sparkling eyes from her senior, Kanae knew that he was already longing for someone to talk about his experience. To be honest, there were so many things she wanted to ask, especially regarding Ryukalin Clan and the others, but this was not the right time. It would be better if she learned a bit more about her senior personality than them.

"How long is your sentence in this prison, Senior Pat?"

"My sentence?" Patrick frowned, trying to recall what the guards told him in the past. "I think it's about 10 or so years. I don't really remember about the trivial detail."

"That's considered trivial detail?"

"Of course, I can get out of here whenever I want. Why should I remember something like that?" Patrick answered proudly.

Kanae suddenly realized something about this new senior of hers. He was supposedly extremely strong in himself. The confidence he had about breaking out of this place while bragging about them showed that he should have the capability to accomplish it.

Her eyes wandered to the thick bar not far from them. It has closed again since the time was up, but she knew that it was made by one of the strongest materials in this world. If her senior could break it, did it mean his strength was already far surpassing the norm?

Patrick pondered for a moment. "Shall I call you Rei or Kanae?"

"I think it's better for you to call me as Rei because I'm separating my two identities," Kanae replied.

Patrick nodded his head. He had heard about the appearance of the new strongest group from the prisoners that he asked. From them, he came to know about how mysterious this group was because they hid their appearance and only appeared at the most crucial moment.

"I have some questions about this, but are you coming here because Master Rudy asks you to fetch me?"

"Ah, no, I come here because I want to meet with you. It's a pleasure to be able to meet with you," Kanae hurriedly answered. She wanted to know more about the Ryukalin Clan, so she thought that this senior of hers would know more. Thankfully, her bet was correct, and she could gain some important information.

"Also, Master Rudy says that it'll be great if I can meet with you."

Patrick shook his head. "That annoying old man is just saying anything he likes. There's no need for you to go through such trouble just to meet with me. This place is not famous for nothing, little lass."

"But I still manage to come inside," Kanae grinned cheekily.

Seeing how Kanae acted, Patrick laughed again. He truly liked this new junior of his. No wonder Master Rudy picked her to be his disciple, she was truly interesting.

"I think this shall be the time for us to get out. The chaos because of your attempt is going out of control soon," Patrick pointed to above. He could guess what she did to come inside the deepest part since he saw for himself the light turned off for a short time. For ordinary prison, a short circuit would only result in a brawl, but for this prison, it was simply a disaster.

Numerous talented and monstrous people were held in this prison, securing them away from the light of the world. Should the electricity close down even for a moment, they would seize the chance.

Could they move that fast?

Many of them could. They were former fighter on the streets where every second counted. With their reflex at the very peak of their body, they definitely could sense something went wrong in a matter of seconds. Deciding things to do and broke out of the prison without sweating too much was nothing but a child play for them.

Kanae smiled wryly. That was partially her fault. "Let's go up, I'll ask my friend to turn off the light again."

"There's no need for that," Patrick stood up and walked to the door.

"Senior Pat?"

Patrick patted the bar in front of him. A cheeky grin already appeared on his face. "Why do you think I don't try to get out when the light turns off before?"

Kanae had her guess, but she couldn't be sure because it was truly outrageous. If her assumption was correct, it just meant that her senior's strength was far more than ordinary people to the level that it was simply monstrous. This was something that was rather unacceptable for her.

Patrick didn't wait for Kanae's answer. He swung the spear on his hand towards the bar, bending the bar in the process. It bent down so badly that it seemed like it could snap at any moment.

"Monster, he's a monster."

Jason murmured on the communication device. He heard what had happened as he was keeping close contact with Kanae while securing his own family member from the chaos. Hearing the screeching sound from the metal, he could guess what had happened.

"Senior, you're awesome," Kanae praised without restrain.

Patrick laughed. "This thing is nothing for me. They say that this is built by the strongest material, but in front of my eyes, they're not any better than any ordinary metal you can find on the street."

It was rather unbelievable, but Kanae had to believe him. The result was presented directly in front of her eyes, so how could she possibly deny it?

"Rei, do you know about talented people?"

"Yes, I do."

"We, from the core member of the Ryukalin Clan have strong and powerful bloodline. You can also say DNA or whatever, I don't care," Patrick continued. "The inheritances we get from our birth make us a bit more talented in fight rather than ordinary people. For me, the ability and talent that I have is strength that far surpassed most people."

Kanae could perfectly see that. "Are you an awakened too, Senior Pat?"

"You know about them too?" A wry smile emerged on his lips. "I am an awakened, but I'm late in awakening them, so it's kind of useless."

Awakening one's talent could only happen when they experienced pain worse than death. Most of those pains usually came from losing the person they loved the most, which Kanae guessed: was what happened to her senior.

"It's not useless, now you can protect those who're dear to you better, right?" Kanae smiled.

Patrick's pupil shook a bit. He nodded his head lightly. "You're correct. Now, let's go out, Rei."

"Yes, Senior."