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394 Starting Their Plan


"Rei, are you there?"

Kanae opened her eyes lazily. "What is it, Oro?"

"I think you might want to change the time for the plan to be earlier. Your sister is making the letter to get you out of the prison using Clara's help. In addition, the Nali Family is holding a hearing to pick the next successor because there's a huge ruckus because of Sakura's death."

Jason was checking the news as he secured his men to stay in their area. He didn't want them to get involved into the matter because it would make things very difficult.

"Today is going to be a long day, isn't it?" Kanae chuckled. The death of Sakura became the trigger for many parties to start their move.

"Do you want me to start the program now?"

"It's better to be earlier. I can't possibly wait until Laura finishes the letter, right?" Kanae replied.

"You're correct. By the way, the program that you send to me, will it make the system for the front gate to short circuit too?"


Jason's eyes widened at Kanae's admittance. Did it mean, once he started the program, numerous dangerous prisoner would break free? That was a truly reckless move from her.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You will make a complete chaos in the West part of the city."

"Oro, do you know why this prison is made into two places?" Kanae asked instead of answering. "The upper part is not only for people like me who get hold for a few hours or days, but for those who can't get into normal prison because of the lack in evidence. With little money and so on, they can drag some people to this prison."

"What?" Tommy was startled to hear that. "Do you mean that there are prisoners who are actually innocent?"

"There are many of them here," Kanae replied calmly. "You should know the system in this city is broken. Even if one is innocent, if they can't prove it and they offend someone big, they will be taken into the prison."

"Oh my...." Tommy opened his mouth wide. As he rarely interacted with the people from the upper echelon, he didn't know much about this matter. After all, in the black street, they rarely encounter law enforcer at all.

"How do you know so much, Rei?"

Kanae smiled wryly. "You wouldn't want to know."

If not because she was being careful, she might be sent here years ago because of her uncle's scheme. It was then she learned from Clara that there were places like this, where the prisoners were actually innocent people that the powerful people paid to be captured.

Jason stopped his typing. "Rei, there's something that I'm a bit curious about."

"What is it?"

"Have you perhaps experienced... ehm... something like Sakura?"

Hearing that question, Kanae's brain short circuited for a moment. Her tone turned sharper. "If something like that happen to me, I'm pretty sure that I won't be like this right now, Oro."

"Whoa, don't be angry! I'm just asking out of curiosity since you experience quite a harsh life before," Jason tried to defend himself. If Kanae truly got angry, that would mean the end of his peaceful life. He just wanted to know since he met with her when it was already March or April, which meant that three months with anything could happen to Kanae.

"There's nothing like that," Kanae answered calmly. "At most, I'm just getting beaten up because of my lack in skill and trespass their territory. Besides, I'm dressing similar to a young boy rather than girl."

"Well, who knows if you meet with someone who like a young boy?" Jason argued.

Kanae wished for nothing but shutting this man's mouth off right now. Anymore and she would truly be angry. "Shiro, Tom, remind me to give a thorough training to Oro when I get out later."

"Yes, Captain."

"Sure Rei."

Jason: "..." If I know this, I wouldn't have asked about that in the first place.

Hearing the gleeful tone of the other two, he knew that those two enjoyed his doom. He sighed to himself. Accepting that he would have to get beaten up after the matter was over, Jason shifted his attention back to the screen in front of him. "Are you ready to start the plan? I'm going to start the program."

"I'm ready," Kanae answered. Her eyes were looking towards the group of men in front of her with cautiousness. The sky was still rather bright because it was only afternoon. To make it dark hours were needed. However, the underground was surely dark because the light will be gone for the next one minute.

In a matter of minutes, the entire place would be sent into a complete chaos. Even if her real target was to release those who stayed in the upper part of the prison, those who stayed underground would surely make their way up too. At that time, the city would be in total chaos.

"Captain, is this really fine?" Jason asked. He only needed to press enter and their plan would start immediately.

"Its fine," Kanae replied. "The area around here is mostly forest and abandoned building. The headquarters of the Tamari and Merion Clan is not too far. If they have heart, they should send people to protect the other place. If they don't have heart, I'll suffer the blame."

Jason nodded his head. "I'm starting it."

As he pressed enter, the program started and sent numerous signals towards the security camera in the prison. The people who stayed in the place were startled when they suddenly saw the monitor acted weird. In the next moment, it was a complete darkness.

"Why is the emergency system don't start?"

"Hurry and start it again, it only needs seconds for them to get out!"

"Wait, I can't see the button."

The officers were in panic. The prisoners in the undergrounds only needed seconds to react to the change and acted immediately. This short time when the light was off was more than enough to release most of them. Besides, once they came out, the people who stayed to guard this place would be placed in terrible danger.


"They have come," one of them said despairingly.

The others who were relatively more powerful quickly stood to guard the entrance. As the others working hard to repair the system, they have to make sure that the prisoners didn't get away. Many of them were dangerous people who shouldn't step out of the prison anymore.

"The light is off," a certain prisoner saw the change immediately. Even though the underground was made to be dim in light or even completely dark, their sense was far keener than ordinary people.

Standing up, he walked to the bar and pushed the door open. Seeing how easy it was to open them, he smirked.

"Freedom, here I come! It's time for my revenge!"