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393 Showing One’s Fang

 Ryukalin Clan

"Boss, it seems that Kanae is taken to the prison in charge for killing Sakura Nali," Neo informed his boss with hesitation. Knowing Kevin's attitude towards Kanae, it was not hard to predict what this man reaction would be.

In the next second, the entire room's temperature dropped several degrees. Neo and Mike could only try to keep their calm as their Boss was a sending murderous aura everywhere. Lately, they were busy to keep the matter of their clan fast forwarded. Hearing the sudden news about Kanae made Kevin extremely angry.

"Where is she?" Kevin asked.

"They take her to the biggest prison in this city," Neo's voice trailed off slightly at the end of his sentence. Even an idiot knew the meaning of the biggest prison in this city, much less their leader.

Kevin frowned deeply. That was the most dangerous place there was because many people from Black Street, especially the powerful one, stayed there.

"Is there a way to contact uncle?" Kevin asked.

Neo's face turned weird. "Boss, it's impossible to contact him at all. He's been there for years already."

There was no one who attempted to contact him these times because they were worried to talk to him. After the incident a few years ago, Kevin's uncle couldn't control his temper very well. Added with his extraordinary fighting prowess, no one dared to talk to him. Allowing him to stay in the prison was the only way they could think off.

"Mike, you go to the prison later," Kevin ordered.

"Boss?" Mike was startled. He already vowed to stay by Kevin's side after that incident that he didn't want to leave his Boss at all. Hearing the order to leave again, he was rather startled.

"I want you to check her condition personally," Kevin replied.

"Yes, Boss."

Kevin stood up and walked to the hall. If not because he was in an important meeting, there was no way he would possibly not come to the prison right away.

If even a strand of hair from Kanae hurt, he would massacre the entire Aida Family without sparing anyone.

"Neo, attack Aida Family business in our territory," Kevin ordered.

"Aida Family too?"

"Sakura is part of the Aida Family after her marriage. Her death will only give advantage to one person."

Neo recalled Sakura's husband and the current princess of Aida Family. After her death, these two would surely work hard to gain the possession of the businesses that Sakura previously held. With their power and influence, it would be a piece of cake for them. The only way to prevent that was by making problem in Aida Family's territory.

"Yes, Boss. I understand."


Aida Family Mansion

Vena was watching the news with satisfied smile hanging on her lips. This time, she was feeling pleased with the work that Randy did for her. Seeing how the people didn't even want to look at her was extremely satisfying.

"You did well, Randy," she muttered as she reviewed the documents again. It was then her assistant came in with panicked expression.

"Miss, the Ryukalin Clan do a thorough research on us and discover some problems."

Vena's expression darkened immediately. After the Souhon Clan, now it was the Ryukalin Clan? Couldn't these two powerhouses give her some break? Why would they pick her family as their target? She had pushed the Souhon Clan back by pulling her string here and there, so she was hoping that she could rest.

But that damned clan just have to make a move on her.

What in the world she did to make them hate her so much?

Another servant came in. "Miss, Jon has come here, and he wants to meet with you."

"What's that annoying brat doing here?" Vena frowned. Before she could say anything else, a man already walked in: Jon Aida.

"Vena," Jon called.

Vena looked at her brother with hate. "What do you want, Jon? If you want to ask for more allowances, I will never give you anything."

Jon laughed. "Do you think you can hold my money back?"

"Your money? Who do you think work so hard every single day, Jon?" Vena replied menacingly.

"You're the one taking the position from me, so don't blame me for leaving the work to you," Jon crossed his arm. "You better give me my money or I'll leak to the Nali Family that you kill Sakura."

"What are you talking about...?"

"There's no way it can be anyone but you. That day, Sakura is heading to this mansion to have a talk with you. I have the record from that day," Jon smirked. "What do you think will happen once I show this to the police?"

Vena's body trembled in agitation as she stared at her brother. Her useless brother that she always casted away on the back because he was never worthy of her attention suddenly bared his fang against her. This made her rather angry and annoyed at him. Who did he think he was that he could threaten her?


"You can't do anything to me, Vena. If suddenly two people from the same family got killed, you know where they will turn their eyes to," Jon smirked devilishly.

Hearing that, Vena wished for nothing but kicking her brother out of the room in this instant. Her perfect plan that supposed to be a secret no one knew was discovered by the person she never expected: her useless and drinker brother.

"What do you want?"

"I want my money," Jon answered. "You should know that I'm not satisfied with small amount."

Vena gritted her teeth and took the nearby pen before writing a check, a large amount of check. Her heart bled when she thought that she gave this to her useless brother. However, there was a more pressing matter that she had to finish after this.

"Hahaha, you know me the best," Jon took the check happily.

"Get out!"

"Sure, sure."

As Jon walked out of the room, Vena stood up and headed back to her office. She had to finish the problem with the Ryukalin Clan or she wouldn't be able to have a good sleep at night.

As he walked out of the mansion, Jon noticed an attractive woman standing not far from the place. She was wearing a light summer dress, a quite revealing one at that. Added with her lustrous skin, he immediately leered towards her.

"You shouldn't look towards a married woman that way, sir," the woman chuckled.

"Oh, you're married? It doesn't matter," Jon walked nearer. When he got closer, he found her face to be rather familiar. "Have we met before, Mrs. ....?"

"My name is Sheila Nali," the woman answered. "We met during your wife birthday party in the past."

"Oh, you mean my deceased wife," Jon said the matter lightly. He didn't really have much feeling for that woman, so he carelessly said that. He peered towards the woman's body. "Do you have some time?"

"I come here because I want to talk with you," Sheila answered sweetly. She has been bidding her time by staying low and latched on the Nali Family to do whatever they asked her to do. Now that she no longer has anything to hold her back, it was time for her to start her move.

"Oh? Let me hear what you want to say."