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392 The Largest Prison

 Kanae behaved well as the men took her into the prison. Although she was innocent, there was no need to make a ruckus and possibly incurred trouble. It was for the best that she behaved well and followed after them.

When the car arrived in the prison's area, Kane finally could see the large building in front of her. Seeing how height the wall was, she could understand why this place was called the unbreakable fortress. Seeing from the picture gave her a different sense compared with seeing it firsthand. With this height, it would be a miracle to get out of the place.

After the gate, there were several posts in front of them. The car bypassed them before stopping in front of a large building. The first room of the building was a large hall with several officers standing guard.

"Miss Kanae, please follow after us."

They walked inside the building. Kanae followed after the officer calmly as they reached inside. A female officer came towards Kanae. "Please pardon me, I need to check if you bring any weapon."

She merely checked Kanae's arm and feet before returning back. Kanae didn't bring anything except her small swords, which she skillfully hid inside the special bracelet on her arm. They didn't check her too thoroughly as they knew she was not really a real prisoner. As for her glasses, there was no way they would check it.

"Please come inside, Miss."

The officer was pointing towards the large cell that held many prisoners inside. This was a common place for people who still need to be questioned. Originally, he wanted to bring her to the women's part, but the higher ups specifically told him to bring her here.

Kanae looked towards the cell as a cold smile appeared on her face. She could guess what her uncle wanted to happen. That good uncle of hers, let her give him a great present in the future.


She walked calmly to the cell without thinking much. The men were looking towards her with heated gaze, but Kanae paid them no heed. She sat down and leaned on the wall calmly.

The officer glared at the men, but they didn't pay any attention.

"Sir, there's new work for you."

"Ah," the officer looked towards Kanae worriedly. He didn't know what these men might do if he left her alone. However, he didn't' have any choice. With resignation, he chose to walk away.

Kanae's eyes watched as the officer walked away. 'What a kind officer.'

One of the men inside the cell looked towards Kanae. "Now that the officer has gone, do you want to play with us, girl?"

"She looks pretty average, but it has been some time since we see a woman here."

A big guy nodded his head. "I guess we can have fun here."

Kanae raised her head and looked towards them coldly. The aura she usually suppressed was leaked out immediately, sending great pressure towards the men in front of her. It was easy to say that if they didn't back down, they would die.

"This woman..." one of the men gritted his teeth and stood up. He was not afraid of her at all.

Kanae looked at the man. "If you still treasure your life, you better not come any closer."

"Hah? I'm not afraid...." The man felt pain on the back of his neck as his vision turned black. He dropped down to the floor with a bang as the other men looked with wide eyes.

"Impossible," one of the men muttered. He couldn't even see the movement of the girl before them and then this man already fell to the ground. Even now, she was sitting calmly in front of them as if nothing had happened.

Kanae glanced towards the men. "Anyone else?"

The big guy raised his hand. "I won't bother you girl. You can have that spot for however long you want."

Kanae nodded her head and leaned back again. Closing her eyes as if she was sleeping, she rested her mind and body.

Even though she closed her eyes, the big guy didn't try to do anything funny. That one attack already displayed the sheer difference of their strength. He didn't want to make trouble with someone he didn't even know. It would be better for him to save his strength.

"Rei, you're truly amazing," Jason praised through their communication device.

"Captain is truly badass," Tommy chirped in. He has turned on the communication device since a long time ago, but he didn't speak at all because the two of them spoke about programming not long ago.

Shiro snorted. "If you're in her place, brat, you won't survive even one minute."

"Hey! It's you who won't survive!"

"I'll blast their head with my gun."

"Can you even bring gun inside?" Tommy sneered.

"Brat, where is your location. Let me send you a bullet as a warning."

"As if I'll tell you!"

Kanae decided to turn the device off. If she continued to listen to them, she wouldn't be able to hold her laugh. There was no need for her to move so quickly to create the mess in this place. It would be better to wait until the sky was dark. After all, night was her best friend.


Kara Company


Laura banged the table when one of the employees asked about Kanae's involvement in the matter of Sakura's death.

"My sister will never kill anyone!" she said full of rage.

The employee was terrified to see this scary side of Laura. She pointed to the television. "But they capture her for questioning just now."

Laura's face changed immediately. She recalled that Kanae suddenly told her that she had to work overtime this morning. Gritting her teeth, she took her phone. "Get out, no one is allowed to bother me today."


The employee immediately ran out of the room. Laura on the daily basis was a cute and kind girl, but when she became angry, nothing could stop her. So far, the only reason Laura got angry was none other than the matter that related to her sister. Inside her heart, the employee vowed to herself that she wouldn't try to poke into Laura's matter again. Seeing the usually angelic girl mad was terrifyingly scary.

Laura was incredibly furious. She knew that Kanae must have guessed that their uncle would relate the problem with them since Kanae told her to go working again. Realizing this matter made her felt rather frustrated. She should have known that her sister wouldn't ask something without any proper reason.

"This is Clara Dara from..."

"Mrs. Clara, I need your help," Laura immediately cut off the greeting.

Clara was startled to hear the panicked tone of Laura, but she composed herself immediately. Years of practicing as lawyer allowed her to maintain her composure extremely well. "Please tell me."

"It's about my sister. She's taken away in a prison without authorization..."

Laura explained the matter about their condition as briefly as possible. She couldn't possibly leave Kanae in the prison for that long for she didn't know what might happen to her sister if she did that.