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391 Imprisoned

 Nali Family Mansion (Frank and Sakura Home)

Frank stared at the corpse of his daughter with rage filled his entire body. He was busy with his own matter recently because of the case with Kanae and many others. As Sakura was already grown up, he let her on her own device. Nothing should have happened to her, so why did he receive her corpse so suddenly?


Banging the table in front of him, his eyes were red with rage and sadness. He only has one daughter. He loved her so much that he couldn't bear with losing her.

"Where do you find her?"

"Replying to Master, we find her in the Blue Sky Street."

Frank frowned. He knew that it was the street towards Kanae's mansion as he already passed that area for a long time. When he thought the possibility of the two of them doing this, rage filled his eyes again.

"Are they in the mansion during the time of death?"

"Kanae Nali is in the mansion, but Laura Nali is away in her company," the servant replied respectfully.

Frank sneered. "Pass my order, capture Kanae Nali and send her to prison!"

The servant was startled. He had seen the wounds on Sakura's body, so he knew that it was impossible for a woman to do that. Why did it turn out Kanae was the one who did it?

"Which prison do you want her to be in, Master?"

"The biggest prison," Frank answered.

"Yes, Master."

Frank looked towards his daughter with heartache. Since that girl dared to act this vicious, don't blame him for sending her into the most dangerous prison. She could just hope that her luck was enough to make sure that she could get out of the place untouched!


Kanae's Mansion

"Jason, I already send the file to start the hacking towards the prison to you," Kanae informed her teammate as she typed on her laptop. She already changed her dress to that of black uniform, but she didn't wear her cloth as it would be too obvious.

Jason was also looking towards his laptop. "I already received them. They're quite thorough, aren't they?"

"They can only make the system experience short circuit for a minute," Kanae added. "However, I need you to be the one to start it because I won't be able to do it."

"Why so suddenly?"

"Haven't you heard the news about Sakura Nali's death?"

It was impossible for them to not hear this news as the television practically reported the same news over and over. They were not bored as every single time; something would be added about Sakura. Nothing was spared as they exerted their gear and pumped out more news.

"I hear," Jason nodded his head. "Wait, you're not telling me that you have relation in them, right?"

Kanae rolled her eyes. "How can I possibly kill her when I'm in the secluded place trying to hack the government's site? Besides, from the wounds on her body, it's obvious that the one who do it is a man."

"The thought just crosses my mind," Jason admitted.

"I do have thought about killing her before," Kanae also admitted. There were times in the past when she thought that Sakura's bullying was overbearing. However, after experiencing the harsh Black Street, they were all became similar to a child play, not worth her time at all.

Maybe, those who were used to be pampered all the time would find them to be too much, but she was not similar to them. Facing people badmouth her and treated her like dirt was something that she could bear. They were nothing compared with people who treated others like slaves and killed in sight once they were unable to fight back.

That was the real horror of this dark and bloody city.

"You don't do it?"

"No, I don't want to be a murderer of my own cousin. She's not worth it," Kanae answered back. Her eyes that were looking towards the screen as she continued her research shook a bit. It was never her intention to become a murderer, but as time passed by, it was impossible to not at all in the Black Street.

She already involved herself too deep that it was already impossible for her to get out anymore. Her hand was stained with the blood of numerous people that she killed during her mission or self-defense that she lost count of their number anymore.

Jason could sense that Kanae's voice sounded off. He recalled their first time going on killing spree and sighed. "Don't think too much, Rei. It's inevitable in this city."

"I know," Kanae answered in calm tone. Her hand continued to type into the laptop. There were still many things she had to prepare for her journey to the prison. This was not a favorable journey that she expected, but at least, this come at the right time.

"You sure have the great luck, Rei. You have just thought about breaking into a prison when someone else already gives you the ticket, a free pass to the center of the prison," Jason joked.

Kanae laughed. "Yes, I should be thankful for my uncle to send them to me. He's giving the best transportation for me to meet with my senior."

She suddenly heard the call from the guards for her to come to the front because several people were looking for her.

"Oro take care of yourself."

"You should say that to yourself," Jason rolled his eyes. "Take care in the prison. If it's too unbearable, you can say that to me."

"They can only hold me inside for two days at most," Kanae answered calmly. This was the rule for unauthorized prisoners like what Frank did to her, so she was not worried. As for them trying to do something funny to her? Let just wait for her to beat them up for good, and they wouldn't even dare to speak in front of her.

"Be careful, Rei."

Kanae walked out of the mansion. She saw several men standing not far from them. Her guards were faithfully stood blocking them. They would not let anything happen to their Miss.

"Is there anything that I can help?" Kanae asked the man.

The men actually didn't want to do this, but he didn't have any option. As the head of Nali Family, Frank has the authorization to make some emergency order to capture some people. Of course, if they were found to be innocent, they would be released.

This was supposed to be a normal capture, but the designation of the prison made him rather stifled. Taking girl to the most dangerous prison in this city, did he want her to die? However, it was not his place to question his superior's order.

"Miss Kanae Nali, we're ordered to capture you to ask about your relation with Sakura Nali."

Kanae frowned. "Questioning can be done here, am I right?"

The man smiled sheepishly. "The head of Nali Family, Frank Nali, ordered us to imprison you in the largest prison in this city. Miss Kanae, we hope you can cooperate with us."

Kanae smirked internally. As she thought, her uncle would send her to the most dangerous and biggest prison in this city. Her preparation was not for naught.


"Thank you," the man sighed in relief that his work has finished. However, he kind of pitied this girl because that place was the most dangerous prison there was. "Please be careful in the prison, Miss."

Kanae nodded her head calmly. The one who should be careful was not her, but the men who stayed in the same cell with her.