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389 Sakura’s Death 1

 *warning: the content below might be a bit unsuitable for young readers (under the age of 13) because it involves violence*

Kara Company

"Brother Jason? What are you doing here?" Laura had just finished with her meeting when she saw Jason strode into the company with worried expression. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Ah, I got a call from your sister to watch over you."

"EH? But I already tell Sis that I'm going to be alright," Laura mumbled to herself. She glanced at Jason's direction. "Do you want to stay in my office for the time being?"

"If you don't mind, sure."

Even though Laura felt bad for making Jason came here, she decided to just ask the staff to prepare some snack for them. The room no longer has that many paper scattered around as Kanae had dealt with most of them.

"It seems that Kanae also has done good job with the paper," Jason picked up one of them. "This one requires your agreement and signature, so I guess she leaves them behind for you."

"Ah, I see," Laura took the paper. "Would you help me look over them, Brother Jason."

"With pleasure."

As Jason has to make sure Laura stayed in the company for the time being, he just decided to help her with the paperwork. It would surely take some time as the pile of the paper was quite high.


Aida Family's Mansion

Vena was looking towards the man in front of her with displeasure. She thought that it would be a piece of cake for Randy to finish of Kanae, yet this man returned empty handed. Not only that, she lost quite a lot of core members of the Hunter Group.

Mind you, the group didn't have a lot of people to begin with and every core member was very important. Losing a lot of them at once made her rather angry and frustrated. The training alone took a considerable amount of time in the past and it would be hard to recover them.

"Randy, what do you have to say?" Vena asked menacingly.

Randy was bowing towards Vena. He was also felt rather frustrated for his loss, but he knew that it was inevitable. The fight against Rei made him painfully aware that he was still not strong enough.

"Rei from Fiore Group is there. He stops me from achieving my objective," Randy answered. His voice was calm, yet the tone behind his voice was anything but that.

"Rei from Fiore Group you say?" Vena recalled the recent news she got about them got involved in the Ryukalin Clan. From them, she guessed that the Fiore Group grew quite a bit ever since the clash. However, she never expected that Randy would mention them.

"Rei is far stronger than how he was before. I'm unable to match him," Randy bowed his head.

"You're useless!" Vena yelled angrily. If there was anyone who could make her lost emotion, it would be this man. "Find a way to assassinate Kanae Nali. I want her to die."

"Yes, Miss."

Randy stood up but stopped when he sensed the presence of several people coming towards them. He looked towards the door with confusion. "Miss, do you have a plan to meet with several guests?"

"What? No, why?" Vena frowned.

"There are more than 10 people coming here. From their presence, I think they're quite strong," Randy answered.

Vena frowned. "Randy, you stay on the back. Be prepared for a fight if it's necessary."

"Yes, Miss."

A few seconds later, the door was opened. Several men came in. "Vena Aida, you're under arrest for murder attempt to Kanae Nali."

"Oh, police officers," Vena muttered. She stood up. "My apologize, but I don't know what you're talking about."

One of the men raised a small device. "We have recorded your previous conversation. Please come with us, Miss Vena."

Vena looked towards the device with a frown. Who could possibly leak out the news about her plan? Her eyes caught the sight of a woman behind the man. Ah, she finally understood.

"Sakura, isn't it?" Vena chuckled.

On the back of the men, Sakura was standing proudly. She decided that the best way to drag Vena down was through the legal way, which was using government. There was no other way but this, so she reported the girl and gave the device away to them.

This way, they had the evidence of the fact that Vena tried to kill Kanae and some of her illegal dealing in underworld. That alone was more than enough to put Vena in trouble.

The men frowned. "Miss Vena Aida, please follow after us."

Vena crossed her arm. Since Sakura had prepared this gift for her so thoughtfully, she would return the favor. "Randy."

"As your wish, My Princess," Randy smirked.

The men immediately raised their guard up, but Randy already appeared in the middle of the men. Using his dagger, he slashed his way against them, sending them to their creator in mere seconds. In mere minutes, they all fell to the ground, leaving only Sakura alive.

Sakura's face paled considerably. She never thought that this man by Vena's side would be this strong. She thought that he was just slightly stronger, but this was definitely not just 'slightly.' Her legs trembled as the man pulled her inside the room, banging her heavily to the table.


Blood trickled down from her forehead, tainting the table red. Tears started to come out as she endured the pain. This was the first time she was treated so badly. Right now, she was regretting her decision to come against Vena this fast. Her impatient only made her walked straight to the path of hell.

Vena crossed her arm. "A mere ant trying to overstep her bounds, you're too early by 10 years if you wish to face against me."

"The.. Nali family won't let... you off if you kill.. me," Sakura stuttered as she tried her best to speak.

"The Nali Family won't let me off? I don't care about them, they're nothing in front of my eyes," Vena laughed. "Besides, Jon will be the one to take care of them, isn't he?"

Sakura's face paled considerably. No! If that truly happened, wouldn't mean that she didn't have any importance anymore? She didn't want that. This was too early for her to die.

Vena looked towards Sakura's face coldly. Originally, she planned to let Sakura lived for a long time and used the latter as a doll. However, she didn't need a doll that she couldn't control. Since Sakura dared to scheme against her, there was no telling that she wouldn't do it in the future again.

"Any last word?"

Fear spread out across Sakura's body. Her mind was churned out to make the best out of her situation. As death door became apparent in front of her, she recalled something, the thing that would send Vena to the same mess as the one she experienced.

No, it would even be worse.

"The government won't let you off when you kill a golden letter owner," Sakura hissed.

Vena's eyes widened. A smile made its way to her lips. "You? A golden letter owner? Don't joke around, brat. Search her, Randy."

Randy immediately did as Vena's wish. Sakura gritted her teeth as Randy searched her clothes. After a few seconds, a golden colored letter appeared in Randy's hand.

The two of them looked at the letter in disbelief. Every owner of the golden letter was someone who possessed something important. They didn't know the detail as it was kept secret. What did this girl have that made the government paid notice to her?

"Randy, give me the letter," Vena took the letter as she inspected it. She had heard about the news of the letter, and the letter in her hand was undeniably authentic. An eerie laugh escaped her lips.

"They say that you're a letter holder, and I thought that it's merely silver letter, but it turns out to be a golden one. No wonder the Nali Family was sent into chaos a few times because of them."

Sakura didn't answer. Her eyes were staring at the woman in front of her with hatred. The silver letter was imbued with the name of their owner, but it was not the case with the golden letter. Her name was not written there, making it easy for other people to take it. This was the very reason every golden letter holder kept the letter away safely.

Even much more than those who owned silver letter because it would be dangerous if this letter fell into the wrong hand.

"Randy, you can do whatever you wish to this foolish woman. When you finished, throw her body on the street near that mansion," Vena ordered. "Also, clean up the rest and after everything is done, erase all the evidences."

"You!" Sakura was about to yell when she felt a strong hand pushed her back. Fear filled her eyes as she could guess what Vena was planning to do. The strong arm behind her sent chills under her spine. Her eyes landed on the letter. At least, Vena took it.

"Yes, Miss."

With the confirmation from Randy, Vena felt satisfied. "Make sure that there's no other trace of this annoying device be it in their hand or here. I don't want to see anything remains."

"Don't worry. Consider everything done, Miss," Randy replied with confidence. It wouldn't take a long time for him to finish everything as it was just a piece of cake for him.

Walking out of the room, Vena played with the golden letter on her hand. She ignored the loud sound coming from her office as she felt extremely happy. Everyone worked so hard just to obtain the letter and now this letter finally arrived on her hand. A satisfied smile was hanging on her face.

"What a foolish woman. Thank you for your gift, now I can safely proceed to try taking advantage of this," Vena kissed the letter lightly; unaware of the trap that Sakura laid to her as the present before her death.