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388 Two Legend of the Streets Clashes

 "Move out quickly," Randy ordered his men as they slipped into the mansion. Bypassing the ordinary guards were rather easy for him, but some of the guards were quite skill. His men quickly engaged in the battle as he roamed into the deeper part of the mansion.

He clicked his tongue when he saw the big mansion. Ever since his youth, he always hated those people who flaunted their richness and status. If not because Vena helped him, he would never stay close with her. Those people were the most annoying people he ever knew.

His feet abruptly stopped. He raised his hand and used his dagger to block the sudden attack.


The power behind the strike was rather big that he got pushed behind. He quickly stabilized himself and saw a black clothed person in front of him. Seeing the small and thin blade, he immediately recognized her as Rei from Fiore Group.

He frowned. His research didn't tell him anything about Fiore Group having any relation whatsoever with the siblings. There was no news about their contact at all. The sudden appearance of Rei would destroy his plan very much. Well, it didn't matter. Even if this brat held the title of the strongest group, he* wouldn't be a match against him.

"Randy from Hunter Group," Kanae also recognized this man immediately. She had met with the other party during the grand battle one and half a year ago.

"Rei from Fiore Group," Randy chuckled. "I never think that our next reunion will be in this place."

"So do I."

"You better back off Rei. You're not my match, and I don't want to fight with you if it's unnecessary," Randy said calmly. He still remembered this brat fighting skill at that time. He was far stronger, but this brat was quite a handful. He has a good reflex, which allowed him to last longer when facing against opponent stronger than him.

"You won't know about it if you don't try," Kanae readied her stance.

"You're the one asking for this, brat," Randy licked his lips. He sprinted towards Kanae and slashed using his dagger, attempting to kill her in that one strike.

Kanae read his move. She twisted her body and parried the strike. Her sword traveled to his arm, making a deep and long wound on his arm before the man knew it.

Randy frowned. He turned his body around and attacked once again, this time, his movement became faster than before. Even with the wound on his arm, he made a cross attack using his two daggers. Their movement was as firm as ever.

Kanae jumped back to avoid the attack. The moment her feet touched the ground, she kicked it and used the force to lunge forward. The sudden attack from her landed on Randy's dagger.


The two of them retreated back. Randy looked towards his trembling arms with a frown. It was merely two strikes, yet his hand already felt the danger behind Kanae's attack this early. He, who was known as the legend of the street, was actually lacking behind so much against another legend of the street.

"This is impossible! You can't possibly grow this much in mere one and half a year!"

The two of them exchanged several more attacks. Each time, Randy would feel his power lacking and lacking. In the end, he was cornered to the wall, unable to attack anymore. His iris was holding trace of disbelief as he looked towards the young person in front of him.

One and half a year

That was the time Rei needed to surpass him by a lot of margins. He also trained his body, but he was already nearing his limit, so his growth was not much. However, the person before him had his strength increased by leaps and bounds.

"Rei, you're a monster," Randy remarked through gritted teeth.

Kanae didn't answer. She knew that her growth rate was insane. However, she was merely pushing her potential to the limit faster by training over and over again.

"I'm still in my growth period, so I'm advancing a bit faster."

"Are you also letters' holder?" Randy asked again. This kind of strength and growth, only those who were extremely talented could have them. It was impossible for normal ordinary people to be able to wield this much strength.

"Who knows?"

"Right, you won't answer," Randy nodded his head. He straightened himself. "I guess, I have to work hard if I want to get out of this place alive, am I?"

"You can get out, only if you spill out the truth about this mission," Kanae answered calmly.

"Ho," Randy smirked. "You might have grown stronger, but you're still not my match when I want to escape!"

The two of them clashed again. Randy immediately used the propelling force to move out. Kanae chased from behind them as they arrived in the courtyard. Several people were fighting. To Randy's surprise, his men were lacking in force compared with the people who guard the mansion.

Many of them were trying their best just to hold on.

"Leader!" one of them yelled when he saw Randy.

"Retreat!" Randy ordered. He moved and bypassed his men as fast as possible, using them to block Kanae's route to him.

Seeing his action, Kanae felt rage welling up. She immediately attacked the nearest man, sending him unconscious before she chased after them again. However, they already moved beyond the gate, disappearing into the streets. As one should know, for groups, street was no other than their second home and chasing them right now would only result in her failure.

Kanae shifted her direction back inside. Before the guards could know what happened, she had returned to her room.


"Miss, there's an attack to the mansion, please evacuate," a servant informed.

Kanae looked at the clock. It was merely several minutes of fight and they informed her a bit too late.

"No need," Kanae answered calmly. She changed back to her usual clothes and walked out of the room. Seeing the mess out of the place, she sighed. Her sister would surely berate her heavily when the latter returned home later.

"Miss?" the guards were stunned to see their Miss came out to the courtyard. They thought that she would be in a safe place, away from the battle, but the opposite happened.

Kanae looked towards the guards who didn't have any traces of fight. She crossed her arm. "I pay you to guard this place, but you instead hide back when the mansion is under attack. Tell me, what should I do with you?"

The guards who hid previously lowered their head. They were rather ashamed. They didn't expect Kanae to point that out so obviously.

"You, you, you, you,..." Kanae pointed to several people who have fake traces of fight and none all. "You're fired. Get out of the mansion right now."

"But Miss..."

They wanted to protest, but one look from Kanae was enough to send them into silence. The oppressing aura from Kanae made them unable to retort. Unwillingly, they packed up and leave the mansion.

Kanae turned her head towards the other guards. "Since you have done well, I'll give you all bonus."

The guards who thought that she was harsh immediately changed their mind. Seeing how generous she was, they cheered internally. They were merely doing their job, but they got bonuses. That was very worth it. As for the others who laze around, they deserve it. Who would care about them?

Kanae smiled when she saw the excited glint on their eyes. "Now, help me clean up the mess before Laura returns."

"Yes, Miss."