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387 Curiosity

 Kara Company

"It's rare to see you come to the company, Sis," Laura remarked as she watched her sister followed after her.

Kanae nodded. "I just need some rest, so I think that I can come here today."

She didn't have to come to practice today because of the duel she had with Master Rudy just the day before. That old man didn't hold back at all, so she was wounded quite badly. Thanks to this wound, she didn't have to practice again and just wait for it to heal.

Thankfully, the wound on her neck was not too visible. She had covered the bandage with her collar and buttoned up the last button. However, she still has to be careful in case Laura found out about it.

"It's quite busy in the company lately, Sis. You can help us to check the paper and everything," Laura grinned.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Don't you have Brother Jason to help you out?"

"Brother Jason is busy because of his own company. I think he's not going to come here, though," Laura tilted her head as she was not totally sure. Jason didn't come to the company every single day. He only came whenever he has the time.

"Do you want him to come? I can give him a call."

"There's no need for that, Sis!" Laura immediately stopped her sister. "I don't want to disturb him with my own company when he's already has so much work."

Kanae nodded in understanding. Truthfully, she had just heard another complaint from Jason yesterday because one of his family members interfered in his business. As the result, Jason had to do something to cover up for the losses.

Well, for that man, it was nothing much. After all, his real businesses were outside Wells Family and those small companies that he started as part of Wells Family were just cover. Still, he had too much paperwork every day that it seemed as if he was drowning in them.

"I'm sure he can deal with them effortlessly."

".... That's Brother Jason for you," Laura sighed. "Anyway, I'm glad that I can open proper stores now. After the clash with Vena in the business party, there are more paths opening for me."

"That's good, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but it just makes me busier. At times, I just wish to spend more time with you, Sis," Laura admitted. "I mean, we rarely go out and play."

On the day when Misae was going to leave, Laura was in the company because of some matter. As the result, the two of them didn't get the chance to play together.

"Let's go out sometime in the future," Kanae suggested. "I'll bring you to eat in a restaurant."

"That's a promise, right Sis?"


"Now I'm all fired up," Laura giggled. "I'll go do my work first, Sis. There are a lot of paperwork, so I might go home late."

"Don't be too late and if you're too tired, you can skip school tomorrow."


Kanae watched as Laura dashed to the meeting room while talking to the other employees. She walked to Laura's table and decided to go through most of the paper. Unless those that required Laura's direct sign, she would take care of the other paper.

Time passed quietly and soon, it was already the time for lunch.


Kanae peered to the meeting room and saw that Laura was busy doing a presentation. She took out a note and placed it on Laura's table, telling the girl that she left first to eat dinner and head home.


Kanae's Mansion

In the mansion, Kanae just ate the burger she bought before heading to her room to do some research. But before that, she picked up her phone and made a call.


"Brother Jason, are you busy?"

"Not really, I have almost finished looking through the paper. Is there anything you need my help?"

"I want you to help me search for the strongest prison in this city."

"Prison? What are you planning now, Kanae?"

"It's a long story...."

Doing a research about the prison Master Rudy mentioned, Kanae found out that this prison was truly the best in this city. It was not famous for nothing. This prison was built at the edge of the city, far in the West area. The building itself was humongous with numerous cells and room.

The cells that could see the light were for the normal prisoners while underground was the cells for those who were extremely dangerous. The road was made to be like a labyrinth, making it impossible to get out if they didn't have the map. However, no one has the complete map. Even the guards were only allowed to stay in their post and replaced every month.

This way, they wouldn't be able to explore the entire place fully and leaked the news. Although there might be some people who gathered the information, for such a large place, it would take years or even decades. After all, the underground prison covered much larger and deeper areas than what it seemed from the surface.

'It's like an iceberg.'

Iceberg has small part of it that appeared on the surface, but below the water, it has big body. If a boat ever crashed to the iceberg, it would be a goodbye for them. No matter how strong and big they were, they couldn't possibly destroy the ice. Well, the exception was the ships that were designed to travel in ice, but even then, they couldn't carelessly travel and crashed into an iceberg.*

"Rei, don't tell me that you seriously want to get into the prison," Jason remarked worriedly. He was also searching about the prison per her request, but he found it to be ridiculous. Even sneaking inside his residence was far easier compared with going inside this humongous labyrinth.

"I'm still thinking about it," Kanae answered. "I want to meet with this senior and ask more about the incident in the Ryukalin Clan."

"You can just ask the people who already in the clan," Jason rolled his eyes. "There's no need to go all the way to meet with him."

"I'm just curious," Kanae answered. Her hand was still busy typing on the laptop to find out more about the prison. There were several people who posted their part in the prison in the underworld, but their pictures overlapped with each other. This made it hard to find out which one was the truth.

Her eyes were carefully studied about them as she sighed. As she thought, the best way would be hacking into the security camera's system to find out more about this place. Blindly searching like this would only make her grew old faster as she couldn't determine which one was correct.

"Oro, I'll try to hack into the government system. Can you prepare a place for me to do them?"

Jason sighed. "You're up for something dangerous again, little brat."

"I can't help it," Kanae smiled wryly.

"I'll think about it. Is there anything else you want to ask?"

Kanae thought about it when she sensed danger. Her brow creased. Who dared to attack their mansion?

"Oro, please take care of Laura. Don't let her come home."

"What...?" Jason heard the sound of wind from the other side of the call. He immediately realized that Kanae was changing speedily and prepared to fight. Without thinking much again, he took his key to head towards Kara Company.