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386 Shift in the City

 "Who's that?"

Hearing Laura's question, Alice directed her gaze to the front gate. Her eyes widened slightly before she smiled. "It's just an old friend."

"Old friend?"

"Yeah. He's someone who used to be our friends before you come. That's why you don't know him."

"I see," Laura was still curious, but she decided to not think too much. It was not like she had to know everyone her sister knew. They have a completely different life too.

Kanae approached the gate and looked over to the guard. Seeing the sleeping guard, she truly wondered whether the security has turned lax since the new semester. Probably, they just thought that things have been going in peace as Souhon Clan didn't move at all.

"Jay," Kanae called out.

The young man, Jay Hon, smiled in reply. He used to study in this school and was part of Student Council along with the others. It was only because of the matter of his clan that he had to drop out and never continued his study anymore. He still kept contact with his friends, but they rarely met with each other due to various reasons.

"It's nice to see you again, Kanae."

"What are you doing here? I thought you're fairly busy as Souhon Clan Young Master," Kanae remarked.

She recalled that she had just given Jay task to do not long ago to create trouble for Aida Family in their territory. Given the huge enterprise that family had in their territory, Jay should be very busy. Why did he come over here?

"I miss the school," Jay pointed to the school before them. "And I just want to find someone to talk with."

"Can't you find those at Ryukalin Clan?"

"They're going to kick me out before I can get close."

"That's true," Kanae could imagine that the people in Ryukalin Clan would be giving Jay a weird look. There was no way a young master of another clan was allowed to walk into their rival's territory without making appointment beforehand.

Jay smiled. He was about to speak up when he realized Kanae's words. "Wait, you already know that Kevin and the others come from Ryukalin Clan?"

"Yeah? I mean, isn't that obvious?"

"Huh? I thought that someone like you wouldn't realize it," Jay blurted out.

Kanae rolled her eyes, pretending to be annoyed. "I'm not that dense, you know!"

In truth, she found out about them belonged to Ryukalin Clan because of an incident. It was not like she realized them from their name, but because Jason told them. She would never tell anyone about that, though. It was enough to bury them deep within her heart.


"Anything you want to do today?"

"I'm not specifically looking for you," Jay replied. "I'm actually looking for Tommy because I heard that he was having a hard time after losing his mother."

"He's fine. I talked with him yesterday," Kanae reassured the young man. She has a short talk with Tommy about his new position and it seemed that Tommy also wanted to try it out. It was already the time for them to start moving on their own and no longer gathered together in a group.

"I see. That's good to hear."


Jay pondered for a moment before looking at Kanae up and down. "You seem a bit different, Kanae."

"Am I? I didn't notice any difference," Kanae tilted her head in confusion. In her opinion, she didn't look any different compared to her usual self. If anything, she might look slightly more tired because she has been working in many other things lately.

"You look more relaxed and feminine."

"Excuse me? Are you telling me that I look like a boy most of the time?"

"What, no, no, no! You just look plainer in the past."

Seeing the confused look on Kanae's face, Jay decided to drop the matter. It might be just his imagination because he hadn't seen this girl for a long period of time. Besides, he didn't dare to speak more about this matter in case someone came over to him with weapon ready.

That would be something very unfortunate.

"Ah right, it'll be better if you didn't roam on the street for the time being. There are some chaos issues in our territory lately," Jay reminded. It was mostly because of his fault, but it seemed that Vena was not one to take things down peacefully.

Just lately, he found out that the girl also started to attack back and enforced a lot of new rules. She also secretly hired some thugs to attack Souhon Clan, which he discovered very early and disposed of. Even though they were only on small scale, he could see that Vena has been pushing the tide into her favor.

It looked like, the title of princess that girl had was not just for show. She truly has the skill and influence to back it up.

"Don't worry, I'm not roaming on the street," Kanae replied. She only went on the street to visit Master Rudy for training. Other than that, she no longer walked around aimlessly like what she used to do.

"That's good."

Kanae smiled. "Seems like you're starting to become a good leader, Jay. I hope that you can grow even more."

"Thank you, I also hope so."

"Take care of yourself. I'm going back to class."

"Got it," Jay watched as Kanae returned back to the other two girls. He sighed to himself as he looked at the school. He thought that he would be able to meet with Tom today to ask that boy for some help since their clan has been in stalemate with the Aida Family.

He sighed. 'I guess, it's time to start backing down a bit. We already caused them a lot of lost. I'll just give my apology to Tom later because I'm unable to continue this.'

In fact, the lost that Aida Family suffered because of Souhon Clan reached astronomical value. If Vena knew that Jay wanted to seek for help in order to push her back again, she might vomit blood in rage.

While Jay went back, Kanae also has reached the other two. She looked amusedly when she saw that Laura was trying to teach Alice how to dribble the ball.

"I thought that you didn't want to move under this weather."

"I'm bored," Laura replied. "Besides, it's more fun to move around rather than just sitting around. But if I'm tired, I'll just lie down once again."

"You lazy girl."


Kanae looked at their form and shook her head. "Come over here, let me help you fix your position a bit."


"I can't see the difference."

"Slow down a bit, Sis."

In the end, the three of them just played around as the teachers barely paid any attention to them.