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384 Kanae’s Senior

 "Nali as in THE Nali Family?" Dean immediately asked when he heard Kanae's surname. He already saw her face before, so he was not surprised to see her young face. However, her surname made him rather startled. Since when the four big families have their core member got involved directly in the underworld?

Master Rudy beckoned for Kanae to stand up. "Good, I have disciples from many kinds of background."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Master, don't joke around. I'm asking my little junior about her background."

"Yes, it's Nali Family. I believe there's only one Nali Family in this city," Kanae tilted her head as she thought about it.

"You're correct," Dean scratched his head.

The young man thought about it before nodding his head. "Kanae Nali recently clashes with the core family because you volunteer to get out of the family by yourself."

"How do you know about that?"

The young man smiled. "Let me introduce myself again. I'm Matt, a small politician who governs this area. There's no need for you to know my surname, though."

"Senior Matt?" Kanae's mind blanked for a moment. She perfectly remembered this name because Matt was one of the most important ministers in this city. A city was led by a governor and below the governor were several ministers. One of them was Matt.

Matt nodded his head. "I can't believe you don't recognize my face after a long time."

Kanae frowned. She knew that Matt had young face that didn't reflect the fact that he was already 30 years old, but she rarely watched television. In addition, Matt only appeared for important meetings and not to the public, making her unable to know much about him.

"I have two seniors?"

"You have two, but not include Matt," Dean pointed to Matt. "Matt has never been able to defeat Master, so he's merely a small disciple that learns to be stronger by Master's side."

"That's harsh, Senior Dean."

"I'm just telling the truth," Dean shrugged. "I'm your Second Senior. As for your first senior, he's in prison right now."

"Prison?!" Kanae was startled to hear that.

"He belongs to the Ryukalin Clan," Master Rudy explained. "There's a little incident with his girlfriend in the past, which make him lost control. In the end, he involves the government to stop him. Right now, he should be staying in the most dangerous and biggest prison in this city."

When Kanae heard the words 'Ryukalin Clan', her mind immediately thought about Kevin. Could it be her senior was someone that Kevin knew too?


"Yeah, he has ordinary girlfriend," Matt answered. "Since his girlfriend comes from ordinary family without any ability to fight, it makes her position dangerous. Your senior can't possibly protect her at all times, so an incident happens."

Kanae was not sure what kind of accident that was, but she could guess. As the strongest clan in the city, Ryukalin Clan also has a lot of enemies. It was not impossible for them to use someone's else weakness as in Black Street there was no clear rules.

"He must have an important position in Ryukalin Clan."

Dean nodded. "You can say that. If you want to know more, you should ask him as it's not my place to tell you too much about him."

"I understand."

"It'll be great if you can meet with him. He's far stronger than me," Dean remarked.

"He's better than Master Rudy?"

"As long as they're not fighting to death, Master Rudy will lose against him," Dean nodded his head.

Master Rudy laughed. "He's such a brat that he lost control just because of a woman."

The three of them: "...." Master, you should try falling in love someday.

Kanae thought about her senior. "How should I meet him when he's in the prison? The strongest prison is hard to break, right?"

"Not only hard, it's practically impossible. It's the special designed prison to hold the most dangerous prisoner in this city. Because of their usually immeasurable strength, the prison is built with the hardest material in the world. If they don't do that, the prisoners will go out freely," Matt explained calmly.

"You can try to get captured too," Dean smirked.

Kanae: "..." senior, are you telling me to do crime, so I can get in?

Master Rudy laughed. "He'll be released in a few more years. You could meet him at that time."


"Now, you should rest more because your wounds are deep. I'm not holding back at all during the fight."

"Yes, Master."


Sakura Nali's Residence

"Welcome back, Miss."

Sakura glanced her head to look at the servant before she waved her hands to dismiss them. She had just visited Vena and found out part of that woman's secret. It was shocking to know that the perfect girl like Vena could have a dealing with the underworld.

Returning to her room, Sakura placed the recording on the table. Her eyes were solemn as she thought of her next step.

'I can reveal her relationship to Aida Family, but I'm sure that they won't mind that much.'

With Vena's status as Aida Family Princess, that woman could practically use most of the power in the family for her own means. Trying to pull them to her side was close to impossible. They would just cover things up by making sure that that man has decent background.

'I have to make sure that she can't fight back if I want to take her down,' Sakura laid down on her bed, thinking for the best move possible for her.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in."

"Madam, Master calls and tells that he's not going to come home today," a servant came in and reported politely.

"I understand, you can go now."

"Yes, Madam."

Thinking of that husband of hers, Sakura wanted nothing to do with him. Except for the fact that he still has shares in Aida Family, he didn't have any other good traits that Sakura could see. It was hard for her to keep up with him even though it was only for the appearance.

'With him, I can gain access to Aida Family's business,' Sakura thought to herself. She looked at the recording that she placed on the table. 'I guess, I'll just use the means of law. She's planning on attacking Kanae, right? I can just use it to pin a crime on her head.'

Kanae might not be part of Nali Family anymore, but she still bore the name of Nali. It was weird in Sakura's opinion, but that girl didn't seem to have any intention to get rid of that surname. The only thing she did was erasing her presence from the list of their family.

'I'm already tired of him, so I'll just make my move,' as she thought about that, Sakura made her way to her phone. She hesitated for a moment, but then she made the call.