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382 Revelation of the Hidden Truth

 Aida Family's Mansion

Vena was looking towards the report with dark expression. Her attempt to seal off Laura's advancement backfired as she received numerous reports about the people wanted to have their sweets. They wanted the ban to be lifted because the sweets were too good, but it was hard to get because the car couldn't come into the complex.

"Miss, Miss Sakura comes again," the servant informed.

"Tell Sakura that I'm busy, so I can't accompany her today," Vena immediately rejected. "If she wants to wait, she can stay in the other room for a while."

"Yes, Miss."

Vena tapped the table with resigned feeling. She had just managed to solve most of the problems with the Souhon Clan with numerous losses. She couldn't even count them anymore, but it was expected that the lost amounted near to several billions. Billions!

It was a huge lost because Souhon Clan attacked numerous of her companies. More than 50% of their family company located in Souhon Clan's territory. The other companies were spread across the other's territory. This lost would make her unable to advance in the business world for the time being.

"Miss, Randy has come."

Vena frowned. "Tell him to come. I need his help."

"Yes, Miss."

The door opened and a man dressed in suit walked in. His hair was brushed cleanly and combed to the back. Walking calmly, he stopped a few steps before Vena's table before bending his body a bit.

"Princess, it has been some time."

Vena nodded her head. This man, Randy, was the leader of Hunter Group, the current third strongest group in the city. Although he looked like a clean freak man in his daily basis, he was famous as one of the legends of the streets. When he fought, he was extremely cruel. And this man was her hidden right hand.

"Randy, I'm sure that you have heard about the development in Aida Family recently."

Randy nodded his head. "The Souhon Clan is rather outrageous. I can make a trip to their place and show them who the boss is."

As he said that, he licked his lips. His mission recently during his collaboration with Merion Clan was rather relaxed. It was too simple for someone like him, so he wanted to have more exciting combats.

"Not them," Vena waved her hand. If it was Souhon Clan, she would make a deal with them later. For now, she wanted to crush Laura's company very badly. "I want you to make a trip to Kanae's Mansion and kill the older sister."

Randy raised his eyebrows. He never knew that this princess of their group would have irreconcilable dispute with the two sisters. Although he had heard about the two of them before, he merely treated them as passing winds. Now that he received the order from Vena, he wouldn't show them any mercy.

"Is it really necessary for me to move personally?" Randy asked.

Vena nodded her head. "Laura is a silver letter holder, so the government pays more attention to her."

Randy's eyes hardened when he heard the word 'silver letter'. The first letter one received upon being recognized to have some anomaly was called the silver letter. It was given to the children after their test once they were born. If their talent was recognized to be higher when they were tested at the second time at 8-10 years old, they could get the golden letter and admitted directly into the hidden group of the government.

However, ordinary people wouldn't know about their difference of the letters as the government never leaked it out. Only a handful of people knew about them.

"Since she's part of the four big families, they pay more attention, huh. Those talented people are annoying," Randy muttered to himself. He straightened his posture. "Don't worry. I'll make sure that I do the job well."

"Good," Vena nodded her head. Randy was not her hidden right hand for nothing. For years, he was one of the few people who dominated the streets. If not because of the Fiore Group, this group of hers would have sit in the second position firmly.

"Anything else you want to add, Princess?" Randy asked.

Vena propped her chin. "The Souhon Clan, you can teach them some lessons after this mission is over. I'm sure they're already eager to wait for the retaliation from us."

"Your wish is my command," Randy smiled deviously. Although a clan has more people than his group, he would be able to handle them very well. After all, there were those who would gladly move once he gave order. Their number was quite something to behold.

Vena tapped her hand on the table, feeling rather satisfied. It was not for nothing that she picked up this man in the past and told him to build a group. Because of his help, she could sit firmly in the seat as the successor of the Aida Family and not her useless brother.

"It has been some time since the last time we meet with each other, shall I give you some rewards?" Vena smiled cunningly.

Randy's smile spread even wider. "I'll be happy if you're willing."

"Let's move place. I don't want my sister in law hear anything."

"Oh, that little girl in the other room," Randy's sense was quite sharp as he knew about Sakura's presence very well. "I can take care of her right away."

Vena shot a glare to the man. "You're not touching her. She's the successor of the Nali Family. I need her to firmly take a hold in the Nali Family."

"It'll be as you wish, my Princess."

"Now, let's head to the other room. You can just ignore that girl."

"Yes, Princess."

In the other room, Sakura was looking towards Vena's working room with hardened gaze. She didn't try to get close to Vena for nothing. After all, she managed to sneak in a listening device to the office for her own use. Her ambition was not as small as Vena thought.

At first, she heard nothing but business all day long. It frustrated her that the business skill Vena had made her looked like a joke. She couldn't be compared with that princess at all. However, today, she listened to something that very outrageous.

'I don't know that you have part in the underworld, Vena.'

A wicked smile appeared on her face as she continued to listen. They moved to the room next to hers, so she could faintly hear their sounds. It was a familiar sound that she knew very well about what usually two people did in their bedroom.

Sakura thought about her next action. With the recording she had, it would be easy for her to make Vena lost face. However, that was not her entire goal in facing this arrogant and annoying princess.

'You want to make use of me, so do I. Don't blame me for being ruthless with you all.'

Sakura's eyes glinted as she stared outside the window. She was not a puppet they could use however they wished. Her own freewill would never be restrained by anyone!