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376 Tommy Past: The Broken Family

 Moving to different room, they let Tommy rest as Jason played with the letter on his hand. "I hope the thought that he's a normal person without any apparent talent won't make him downhearted."

"I doubt that," Kanae sat down as she leaned back. "I don't think it's that good to be an awakened."

"Well, from his perspective, it might be far better because he can develop faster. I just think that he might feel down."

"He's far stronger than what you think he is."

Shiro nodded his head. "I can't believe that you two decide to tell him all that information right after he lost his mother."

"We're just telling him clearly that they had appeared again. It's not the first time we see these people because of our participation in that tower. However, at that time, it's just said to be 'failed experiment' by those people," Kanae remarked.

"Even though it's 'failed experiment,' they're completely different compared to what Tommy see from his mother. It's not weird that he won't be able to make the connection."

"Not everyone is as smart as you."

"You don't have to repeat that."

"Anyway, I just think that he needs a way to get his mother out of his mind. Since we're going to face against these people sooner or later, I'm sure that talking to Tommy about them is not wrong." Jason flicked his glance towards Kanae. "Besides, I'm pretty sure that it's already the time for him to know that he will never be able to reach her level."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Do you have to repeat them again?"

"You don't know how surprised I am when I see you on the brink of death in the fight and yet you get up again, do you? That's when I realize that you have awakened your talent before you meet with us," Jason shrugged.

Shiro nodded his head. "Those who awaken their talent can reach greater heights, but at the same time, you'll attract trouble to you, Kanae."

"Since you already know about that, are you going to abandon me?" Kanae asked.

"Never," Jason answered immediately.

"You have to chase me out if you want me to get out. But even after that, I'll still clash with the government. I have some matter that I need to deal with them," Shiro replied.

"Thank you, you two."


In the end, Tommy cremated his mother because he couldn't afford the coffin. The procedure was done by Jason, so all he knew was he got a pot of her ash after several days. He skipped school once again to take the pot to the nearby beach.

Sitting by the deck, he watched as the sun slowly setting down. Feeling the breeze, he slowly spread the ash to the sea.

"Mother, do you still remember when you used to stay by my side?" Tommy muttered slowly. His mind replayed the past he had with his mother and how his life changed so much.


Past Events

When Tommy was five years old, he still didn't know anything about the adults' world. They have been living a simple yet fulfilling life. His father worked every single day while his mother taking care of him. That day was supposed to be the same as always if only his father didn't suddenly ask for a divorce.

"Tom, what do you want for dinner?" his mother asked in tender voice as usual.

Tommy pointed to the nearby bread. "I want this!"

"That's not going to make you full, but alright," his mother smiled back. For Tommy, his mother's smiling face was always the best.

"Oh, your father is back."

Tommy's mother walked to the door and saw her man, Tommy's father walked in. The man looked towards his mother for a bit as he smiled awkwardly.

"Honey, there's something that I need to talk about."

"What is it, Sweetheart?"

"Let's talk privately."

They moved to their bedroom and Tommy stayed in the living room. The little boy hopped down from the counter where he sat down all these times. Climbing up the nearby chair, he used it to peer outside the window.

In the dirty street of the Black Street, there was rarely any good car. However, in front of the building where they stayed, a good car was parked there. A person dressed in all black was guarding the door. Some people tried to get close while most of them gave up easily.

Tommy was looking outside with interest when he suddenly heard loud voice from behind him.

"You b*stard, how dare you abandon me for a b*tch?" Tommy's mother cursed out loudly to her husband. Her hand was holding another item, ready to throw to the man.

"Baby, you should know better that I'm not suited for a poor life like this," the man raised his hand as he evaded the things his wife threw. "I'll compensate you for the divorce, so please go along."


"This is for your own good, Sweetie. If I can get married with her, I'll be a rich person, and I can take care of your life too."


The two of them yelled to each other for quite some time. The five year old boy crouched down on top of the chair with his hand blocked his ear. He couldn't stand these two yelling towards each other so heavily.


In the end, his father walked out of the room while his mother was crying. When her husband was not in front of her anymore, her feet weakened and she fell to the floor. Tears streamed out like there was no end.

"Idiot, I don't need your money. I don't want money...."

Tommy slowly climbed down from the chair. His little hand tugged his mother's clothes. "Mom?"

"Leave me.... alone, Tom. Mother... is not..... in the mood... to play," wiping her tears, she shifted her body position to hide her tears stained face from her son.

Tommy didn't want to leave his mother when she was crying so heavily like this. He sat down behind his mother, hoping that his presence can soothe her mind. However, the tears didn't seem to stop. He didn't even remember what happened after that.

Days passed

Weeks passed

Months passed

Tommy's father never returned again. His mother changed a lot. From the cheerful and kind woman, she became depressed the entire day. She started to sigh a lot and looked towards the photo of when they were still together.

Finally, she snapped.

"Mother, I'm home," Tommy said as he walked inside. He was merely a first year elementary school when he saw a woman talking to his mother. The woman was dressed in extravagant clothes. She pointed to his mother and a paper on her hand.

"Sign here. You're not his wife anymore," the woman said coldly.

Tommy's mother shook her head. "No! I don't want to!"

"You don't have any choice, you b*tch!"

The woman's bodyguard pulled Tommy's mother closer and took her hand, forcing her to sign it using her fingerprint. All the struggles she did were proved to be useless. The difference in strength between the two of them was simply too big. She was crying all the time because she couldn't do anything.

"Stop it!" Tommy couldn't bear to see his mother got hurt.

The woman saw Tommy and disgust appeared on her face. "For you to have son with him, you're truly unworthy."

The other guard kicked Tommy unconscious. The boy's eyes were looking towards his crying mother as his sight turned blurry.