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373 Fight Back

 Kanae Mansion

Kanae warmed up in her room. She had just made a call to Jason for a mission for her to do since it has been a long of time from the last time she did a mission. After training under Master Rudy and Brother Dean for quite some time, she wanted to put into practice what she had learned.


"Sis, are you going to go again?" Laura's voice could be heard from behind the door.

"Yes. Don't worry, I won't be going for a long time. You can focus on the company and the others," Kanae replied.

"I know."

"If there's anything bad, you can call me right away."

"Okay, Sis."

Laura walked from the door with complicated expression. She had just received a call from the company that there was a big problem. Upon hearing the word 'problem', her first reaction was looking for Kanae. After several seconds, she realized that she had been relying on Kanae for a lot of things, it was time for her to do things on her own.

This company did belong to Kanae, but she was the current leader. What was the use of a leader who couldn't do anything?

With that in mind, Laura made her way to the company. In that place, she saw her employees were looking like they were worried sick.

"Please tell me the sequence of events that occurred," Laura immediately called the head division to the meeting room. It would be better if they could finish the problem as soon as possible. She didn't want to prolong things longer.

They looked towards each other to decide who would talk. In the end, one of them stepped forward. "It's like this, President. There are some requests for the sweets towards the stores in the west area. Coincidentally, the estates are owned by the Aida Family. When our car is going to get inside, they refuse the give way for us."

When she heard that, Laura frowned. The Aida Family might not own a lot of land, but they were still numerous considering Aida Family's condition. Aside from the part that they have in the North, they owned several real estates in several areas.

If they blocked the way for their every car, it would be hard for them to finish their work. In other words, this was a huge setback for them.

"We should arrange different route for the traveling car," Laura immediately decided. "As for the delivery, we're going to use a different transportation."

"What are you going to use, President?"

Laura stood up and headed to the map not far from them. Her hand picked up the nearby marker as she started to draw. "The Aida Family has several real estates that they can block. The way to those places can only through ordinary cars or even public transportation. If it's hard for us to use the car that has our logo, we can use the one without our logo to complete the trade."

The head divisions nodded their head. It was not against any law to use transportation without their logo. Of course, they wouldn't do that for normal delivery as it would do them no good.

"As for the new route, we're going to make sure that we circle the estate. This will make the people inside to see more about us. They will be the one to open the way for us," Laura grinned wickedly.

"That's a great plan, President," one of them said excitedly. If they did it this way, it would make the Aida Family troubled because of the people who lived there. In a way, this was a perfect counterattack.

Laura smiled bright. "Good. Now, let's start moving!"

"Yes, President!" they quickly moved vigorously. The reaction of the Aida Family would surely be very hilarious.

On the back, Jason nodded approvingly. He thought that Laura would need his help, but this girl already grown so much. Slowly but surely, she has become a great leader.

'Congratulation, Laura. As my present, I'll help you a bit.'

Tampering with the cameras in the Aida Family Estate was going to be easy for him. Their defense was not too big, so it would be a piece of cake for him if he wanted to do that. His hand was already busy on his laptop when his phone suddenly rang. He quickly picked it up as his expression changed tremendously.

"Laura, I need to go. You can handle them by yourself, right?"

"It's fine, Brother Jason," Laura nodded her head full of determination. "I'll do my best."

With that confirmation, Jason rushed out of the building as fast as he could. Why did it have to happen today?


After receiving the content of the mission, Kanae made her way towards the designated location. The mission she had was extremely simple, it was to sabotage a certain house's water to make the owner finally take care of the problem.

This kind of mission was not worth mentioning for them, but Kanae used this to train her body. She had practiced about how to make herself disappear, so she did it. Even though it was daytime, the light in this area was quite low, so it was easy for Kanae to move unhindered.

Within minutes, she had finished sabotaging the place and got out again. The street was filled with people, but not even one of them noticed Kanae's presence. It was as if she was not there and if they didn't pay any attention, they wouldn't even know that she was there.

'This is part of the Nali Family,' Kanae's gaze landed on the nearby house. It belonged to one of the Nali Family's branch. She didn't know much about the branches, but it was quite easy to find them because of the insignia of the Nali Family engraved near their door.

"Thank you for your time today."

Kanae looked towards a certain woman who walked out of the door. She frowned to herself.

'What is Sheila doing here?'

Sheila, who often clashed with them in the past, was already part of the Nali Family due to her marriage with one of the branch family members. During the fire incident at Sakura's birthday party, this woman lost her husband and fight for the inheritance from the Nali Family. Kanae hadn't heard the news about this woman for quite a long time.

Was there some secret dealing between Sheila with the other Nali Branch Family? If it was true, things wouldn't be so good for either her or Sakura since it meant that Sheila was eyeing the large inheritance of the Nali Family.

'Should I investigate about Sheila further?'

If Sheila wanted to make use of them, she wouldn't let the other party has a good time. The woman that only appeared in the sidelines was slowly making her way to the grand stage.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As Kanae thought about it, her special phone suddenly vibrated.

"What is it? Eh? Tommy is...? I'll be there."

With that, Kanae dashed away from her place, putting the matter of Sheila on the back of her mind.