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369 Clash 2

 Vena's friend shot a glare towards Kanae. "Why are you spouting nonsense? There's no way our busy princess will come to a small company like yours out of the blue like that."

"Yeah, that's right! Your place is not worthy for a big figure like her," the other one chirped in.

Kanae smiled slightly. "Your princess has not even answered, but you already chirped in. Shouldn't you wait for her to confirm the truth first?"

Behind Kanae, Laura felt the sense that she would be safe. It has always been this way since the past. Staying near Kanae gave her the sense of comfort and the feeling that whatever was thrown to them, she could handle them all very well.

Vena controlled her expression very well. Even when her trick was on the brink of being revealed, she still exerted excellent control. "I'm just visiting you because we already know each other in the past. The matter of the company being bad doesn't have any relation with each other."

"Since we already know each other from the past, doesn't it mean that you can act on your own to make things difficult for us?" Kanae shrugged. "Say, it might because of past grudges."

The surrounding people were stunned to hear their conversation. At first, they thought that the Aida Princess would berate someone again for a short time. Never would they think that this princess would instead be cornered by a nobody that no one knew.

Besides, their conversation was interesting as well. If these two truly knew that princess from the past, wouldn't it mean that they were quite great? After all, to be remembered by a big figure like Vena was not a small feat. Even if it was a grudge, the fact remained that they knew each other.

Towards the questions Kanae imposed to her, Vena hated this girl very much. As she had thought when she first met Kanae, this girl would be very troublesome. It was always took the other party in or destroy them. Since Kanae didn't want to come with her, she would make sure that this company was destroyed without any chance to get up again.

"You're talking as if I'm a petty person, little girl. Should I remind you that as the princess of Aida Family, I don't have to think about those small grudges? I'm visiting as your acquaintances, but I'm putting you in black list because your company's product is simply poor."

In a few sentences, Vena had turned the situation against them again. Kanae smiled internally. This princess was sure to be very experienced. Clashing with the other party made it harder for her to step forward unlike Sakura. However, she wouldn't back down easily.

"You say that our company product is bad, have you tasted them?"


The others didn't know what company these two owned, but for Vena to say it was bad, could it be their product was totally unsafe?

"There's no need for me to taste them, they're using unqualified material to make," Vena said with a smirk.

"Is that so? I already test them in the lab, but I don't find any dangerous material."

The sudden voice caused them to turn their head towards the source. They saw Jason walking towards them calmly. From the way he acted, it was as if he treated Vena's words like dirt.

Vena's body tensed up immediately. The Aida and Wells Family didn't have good relation with each other. If Jason decided to help these two, there was simply no way for her to retaliate. Jason's position in the business worlds was far higher than her.

"Their sweets are one of the best that I have tasted so far, so I try conducting lab research. There's no weird material found in them. Are you sure you're testing them correctly?" Jason asked.

This guy....!

Vena glared towards Jason with a reddened face. "I...." there was no way she could say that she didn't conduct any test in them. What she said previously was merely because she wanted to give reason for her action. Who would have thought that things would reach this way?

Jason smiled. "You might have the Aida Family behind you, but you shouldn't spout nonsense, Princess Vena. Even if you're powerful, there will be more than enough people to prove that what I say is correct."

"You..." Vena wanted to lash out, but she held back. Clashing with Jason without any preparation like this was the same as searching for death. Since her companies have been in a constant clash with Souhon Clan, she didn't want to add Wells Family to the list.

"What is it, Princess Vena?"

"Since Young Master Jason says so, I must have made a mistake. I'm sorry," Vena quickly turned around to leave.

Jason chuckled. "Are you sure you don't give the wrong apology? You shouldn't apologize to me, but to these two."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Vena stopped in her tracks. She didn't mind apologize to Jason because Jason's standing was far higher than her, but to these two were out of the question. Sensing the other's gaze to her, she gritted her teeth.

"I'm sorry for causing trouble to you two."

After apologizing in hurry, Vena stormed away. The crowds were looking towards the show with interest. Now, that was something that the journalist loved so much. They hurriedly worked to finish their article. There would be something interesting in tomorrow newspaper.

Laura looked towards Jason with awe. All these times, she knew that Jason came from Wells Family, but she didn't know that his standing was that high. Maybe, she needed to treat him with more respect in the company next time.

"Many thanks for your help, Young Master Jason," Kanae greeted Jason formally.

"There's no need to thank me," Jason waved his hand. "If you want to give thanks to me, you should give me more of the sweets."

"It'll be my pleasure," Laura answered with sparkling eyes. She would surely work to perfect her recipe with double effort for him.

Uh, Jason felt like he was digging his grave with his request. Seeing the sparkle in Laura's eyes, he knew that his days will be filled with sweets all the time. Never mind. He was the one who asked for it too.

"I'll be going now."

"Yes, thank you," Kanae tried to control her laugh as she turned around. "Now should be your chance to meet with the people you want to ask about the company, isn't it?"

"Oh yes! I nearly forget," Laura smiled happily. With their current reputation, she should be able to make a deal or two.

The crowds slowly dispersed as these two also walked around. Among the crowd, Neo was looking towards these two with awe. He had been thinking who would be so daring to clash against the Aida Family when he found Laura's face to be rather familiar. That was how he knew that the other one should be Kanae.

'Her new appearance is simply too breathtaking.'

Neo has the feeling that if Kevin was the one who came here, the latter wouldn't be able to take his eyes away from Kanae. Unfortunately or fortunately, Kevin was too busy with the matter of the clan. In this party, he had to come alone to make more connection with some people.

As the crowd dispersed, he got a clearer view of these two. His eyes locked on Kanae's face. How weird. He got the feeling that he had seen that appearance somewhere before, but where was it?

'Never mind, it might be just her profile picture when she comes to school.'

As he dispersed the thought, he walked to finish his task in coming here.