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368 Clash 1

 Kanae sighed internally at Sakura's words. There was no stopping this annoying girl was it? She put an amiable smile as her hand was holding Laura's hand tightly.

"I see, for someone as high as Princess Sakura, it's indeed not my place to talk with you. If that's the case, I don't think that I should stand and impose myself on you anymore, Princess."

Although the tone that Kanae used was rather flat, the surrounding people were attracted by their talk. After all, Sakura was the princess of Nali Family, who didn't know about her? They were thinking about expanding their connection through this woman. However, upon hearing how Kanae talked, they have doubts.

Was it really worth it to talk through this woman? If she looked down upon them again, wouldn't it just make it hard for them? There were numerous members of Nali Family in this party. They might not be as big as Sakura, but each of them held quite a big company on their own.

Sakura frowned. This girl in front of her sure knew how to use her tongue very well. "Only you don't have the qualification as someone who betrays the Nali Family?"

"Betray the Nali Family?" Kanae arched her eyebrows. "Do you want me to recount everything that happen during my time in Nali Family or the exact reason why we're having a close session court?"

Close session court referred to the court that didn't open to the public. This way, other people wouldn't be able to know what happened inside the court and only knew the end result. Many people issued this kind of court because they didn't want what they talked about to leak out.

Sakura's expression darkened. As she was starting to take over the Nali Family from her father, she also learned about the charges they have been imposing to Kanae and her sister. So far, they have been at the losing end because the lawyer they faced was simply too good. In the end, they couldn't do anything to Kanae anymore.

Even if they wanted to do something to her, they could have just tried using Laura. However, as Kanae already considered as an adult, she became Laura's legal guardian. This made them unable to decide Laura's life as they had to consult to Kanae, which was clearly impossible.

By the time they started their move, Kanae already sealed everything to protect her family. This caused them to be in deadlock as the Nali Family couldn't do anything to them.

"Do you want me to charge you with spreading lies?" Sakura asked menacingly.

"I haven't even said anything and what I say is not a lie. I'm sure that people will know if they follow the news about the Nali Family," Kanae smiled back brightly.

Sakura gritted her teeth. Facing Kanae, she was never at the winning term anymore. Since there was nothing Kanae could lose anymore, she didn't hold back at all. There was no chance for Sakura to move or retreat at all.

Since the situation was extremely unfavorable to her, she decided to move back. There was no need for her to bother Kanae so much again. The Aida Princess was the one who will bother them a lot.

"Talking with you is not fun," Sakura said through gritted teeth. "You should remember better, your main enemy is not me."

"Many thanks to Princess Sakura for the reminder," Kanae answered with a bright smile.

Sakura snorted and walked away indignantly. She was not feeling that well after clashing with Kanae and Laura, but she didn't want to say that out loud. After all, she has the high status and her every movement is under monitor.

"Sis, you're as awesome as ever," Laura grinned happily. As she thought, the person she could rely on the most was still her sister. The sight of Kanae berating every single sentence from Sakura was simply awesome.

Kanae pinched Laura's cheek. "Don't be so cheeky, you brat."

"Sis, it hurts!"

As Laura rubbed her cheek, Kanae recalled the reminder that Sakura gave to her at the end of their conversation. It was clear that Sakura was referring to Vena Aida since the recent clash they had was with that woman. However, Kanae was not worried in the slightest. Facing that princess, she had her own means to deal with.

"That Sakura has grown up."

"What do you say, Sis?" Laura asked confusedly. Kanae was using lower tone, so she didn't quite hear what her sister said.

"It's nothing. Let's get inside and find the people you want to talk with."


Kanae walked as her mind was thinking about the Sakura that she saw just now. There was no trace of innocence and foolishness that she sensed in the past anymore. Only a slight bit of arrogance and idiocy that left. If the previous Sakura was a complete annoying pampered princess, the Sakura she met just now would be a real princess who has the power to back on what she said.

In the past, she was never bothered to clash with Sakura as she knew that it was not worth it. Towards the unreasonable little princess, it would be close to impossible for her to reason logically. The best way was to ignore the other party. After all, she was bound by the family's rules to not go against their little princess.

Right now, it was different as she decided to counter Sakura to the best of her ability. She no longer has much worry because she has gotten out of Nali Family and has her own means to protect herself and her sister. They wouldn't be able to use the rules to bind her anymore.

The feeling was not bad at all.

Sakura was already become a worthy opponent for her to counter, so Kanae wouldn't feel so bad to clash with that princess.

"Sis, is today our worst day?"

"Why are you asking that?"

Instead of answering, Laura pointed to the crowd of people in front of them. Vena Aida was talking with her friends not far from them. Considering how crowded it was, it would be close to impossible for them to move so fast.

Kanae pulled Laura to the back to avoid seeing each other. Unfortunately, her action was too late. Vena and her friends already saw the two of them.

"Oh, you two dare to come even though there's not a single company who want to make deal with you?" Vena asked with surprised tone. Her action was done in a smooth way that no one would be able to find faults in her.

"They're really brave, or should I say foolish?"

"Since their company is that bad, why are they even bother to come to this party? Isn't it will only make their name worsen?"

Laura's face was flushed red in anger. If not because of this princess, there was no way the other companies wouldn't want to sign with them. Right now, she really hoped that she could give this girl a good bashing to ease her mind.

"You're the one who ask them to not make a deal with us!" Laura answered angrily.

Vena raised her eyebrows. It was truly easy to make this girl spoke up. It seemed like; the rash temper she had was still there. "Isn't it just proving that I have a good eye? For a trash company like yours, there's no need for the others to try and experience the bad performance."

"You should be grateful that she stops them or the unsatisfied customer will surely flock your place."

"A little kid like you don't know what's good for you."

Facing the attack from numerous sides, Laura felt like crying. There was nothing wrong with their company; it was because of Vena that they couldn't move forward.

Kanae held her hand on her sister's shoulder. "Are you sure that you're doing it because the company product is bad? Isn't this just your revenge because we refuse your advertisement service?"

Vena's expression faltered a bit, but she still put on a smile on her face. "Please do not meddle in our business, Miss. It's not good to interrupt other people's conversation."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh? You're talking to my sister, so I think that I should help her out a bit since she's a bit inexperienced with the business world. After all, she's far younger than you, Princess Vena," Kanae replied with a bright smile on her face.



Vena looked at Kanae with a frown on her face. Kanae's current appearance was completely different than the last time she saw her, making her unable to recognize her immediately. After all, Kanae's previous appearance barely left any impression in her mind.

But now, Kanae looked like a true princess. She might not be the most beautiful person Vena had ever seen, but Kanae had an aura that made it hard to not look at her. It was disturbing for her.

"It should be the other way around, little girl. Don't twist someone's words. My advertising company only serves the best company," Vena tried to refute Kanae's claim from before.

Kanae chuckled. "Are you sure I'm the one twisting your word and not the other way around? For you to come personally to our company, is it not because we reject your advertisement offer?"

Towards the attack Kanae gave to her, Vena's eyes narrowed. This girl was not that easy to deal with.