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363 Not a Plant in a Greenhouse

 Aida Core Family Mansion

Vena was looking towards the report in front of her with a dark expression. It has been several days since she issued the order about the Kara Company. By now, she was facing a different problem. Numerous companies that previously belonged to her went bankrupt overnight.

Some of them reported that they didn't pay the necessary tax to the clan.

Some of them reported that they paid but someone embezzled the money, making the clan furious.

The rest have some other problems that crop up suddenly.

"Miss, there's a new report about this company too," the assistant said while trembling. She didn't dare to speak loud in fear Vena lashed out.

In truth, Vena rarely lashed out to anyone because of her even temper. However, once she was pissed off, the others wouldn't be able to live in peace either. Her way of doing things would make them thought of her as a little devil more than anything else.

Vena nodded her head. "50% problems come from Souhon Clan asking for confirmation, 30% because companies didn't pay the fee for Souhon Clan, and the other 20% because of internal struggle. Tell me, who's responsible for this?"

The assistant was trembling as Vena shot a dagger towards her. "Is it the manager's fault?"

"Hah? The manager?" Vena laughed. Her slender finger tapped the table in front of her lightly. "If that useless man can make this kind of trouble, it'll be a miracle in itself."

"Miss?" The assistant didn't understand. If it was not the manager fault, whose fault would it be?

The woman in front of her leaned back on the chair. "How ridiculous, that Souhon Clan. After a long time staying silent, now you want to show your fangs through my companies?"

Even with limited hints there, she could guess the real reason for the recent attack easily. It was not hard for her to know that it was intended attack to her in Souhon Clan's territory.

Ruthless glint appeared within Vena's eyes. She could accept her competitor defeating her as she would surely make a comeback. However, when a clan tried to make trouble for her, she would not back down. Do they think she was merely a plant in the greenhouse?*

"Call the manager, I want to talk with him."

"Yes, Miss!"

As the assistant ran out, Vena's gaze turned sharper. Her mouth made an eerie grin as she thought about this incident. If they wanted her to back down with this small attempt, they should think twice.

She, Vena Aida, was not one to surrender so easily!

"Miss, the manager is here," her assistant returned back hurriedly. Her expression showed fear as his legs trembled, but her tone was calm.

Vena looked at the manager before her. "Which branch do you hold?"

This city's largest companies belonged to the four big families. Each of them have their percentage of how many companies in total that they owned and controlled. Aida Family was the second one, which showed just how large the influence they had.

It was impossible for Vena to completely control every single company every day. She had assigned several head managers and divided the companies to them. They were responsible to give report to her of everything that happened in the company under them.

The president of each company would also report to these managers and only reported directly to Vena when there was an emergency. Exception would only be made if it was Vena who moved to inspect first as she always paid attention to everything that occurred in the company. After all, she was not the successor of Aida Family for nothing.

The manager wiped his sweat. "Miss, I'm responsible for Company A, B, C..."

Vena listened to the manager's report solemnly. As their head, she had learned from young that it was not easy to take care of business. She has been tempered countless times in the past as this was not the first time trouble cropped up.

"...I believe that there must be some special reason why Souhon Clan target us. I think it's important to know why," the manager said carefully while paying close attention to Vena's expression.

Vena turned to her assistant. "Call the other managers."

"Miss, they're still on the way."

"On the way?"

The assistant could hear the cold tone that Vena used. She could feel chill running down her spine. It was apparent that Vena would not accept the answer that these people would be late.

"I'll call them right away."

The assistant ran out of the room and hurriedly made the call. She didn't care what these people did, but they had to arrive here in less than one minute to ease Vena's anger. When the demoness got angry, they would definitely face hell.

"Continue," Vena returned her gaze back to the manager.

The manager coughed and started to speak his idea to Vena. They were in a pinch, so he tried to make his idea as short and as reasonable as possible. If Vena lashed out, he wouldn't want to be here.

As she listened, Vena's brain was brewing with several schemes at once. At the same time, she was thinking of how she should retaliate against them.

The four big clans were powerful.

She admitted that, but she would not back down in front of them. Since they came knocking on her door, she should give appropriate answer. She would definitely show that arrogant clan that she could hold on her ground well.

Her eyes glinted with ruthlessness.

Picking her as the example was the biggest mistake they made!


Master Rudy's Place

"You should have some rest, Senior," Kanae handed the bottle water to the young man in front of her. Honestly, she really needed to think for a better way to address him. After she had known about his real age, the term 'young man' was no longer suited for him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The young man took the bottle from Kanae. "Don't you want some too, Rei?"

"I have my own bottle," Kanae answered calmly. Her eyes were following Master Rudy who was training in front of her. His movement seemed far smoother compared with her.

"I think there's something that you have to learn more, Rei," the young man suddenly remarked. "As a woman, your strength will never be able to be up to par with us, so it'll be hard if you try to fight against us head on forever."

"I know," Kanae had sensed it herself that her physical strength limit was closer than those guys. If men could reach 100, then she could only reach 70 or maybe 80 with hard work. It would be impossible for her to reach 100.

So far, she has trained her strength to its limit, making her far stronger than normal men. Even against many male experts, she could proudly say that she was stronger than them. Still, she couldn't advance much further. Even with the intense training she had, her growth in terms of strength slowed down considerably.

"There's something else that I think you should learn."

"What is it, Senior?" Kanae looked at the young man with inquiry as the young man stood up.