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361 First Strike: Influence Battle

 "Boss, you have finished?" Neo asked when he saw Kevin walked into the room again.

Kevin nodded his head. He glanced towards Kanae and James as he walked towards the two of them. "It's time for us to go back."

James looked towards Kevin and nodded his head. "Big Brother takes care. Let's play again in the future."

Kanae nodded her head and returned back to the group. Alice and Celine behaved well when they were facing Kevin. If they didn't behave well, there was no doubt that this man might not bring them along again. For Alice, that would be equivalent to an earful of scolding from her father. For Celine, that would be cutting off her chance to get close to Kevin entirely.

"Let's go back. Thank you for accompanying me."

"It's my duty," Alice smiled.

The group walked out under Kevin's lead. As they left the place, Albert walked out of his room and looked towards his own son. Seeing that this young boy was entirely fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Daddy, there's a kind big brother," James smiled brightly. He explained his meeting with Kanae excitedly.

Albert nodded his head with a smile. He turned his head to his servant. "Find every single pieces of news related to Rei from Fiore Group. I want them in my desk today."

"Yes, Master."

James pulled the hem of his father's clothes. "Dad, can I meet with him again?"

"Maybe in the future," Albert ruffled his son's hair. Considering Rei's line of job, there was a chance that the young man would die before they could meet again. To be able to live with betting on his life every single day was already a miracle in itself.

Inside the car, Neo was busy typing on his laptop while Mike was driving.

"Do you find anything?" Kevin asked.

This was Kevin's private car, so there were only the three of them presents. Both girls were inside a different car. Neo arranged that because he couldn't bear listening to the two girls clashed with one another all the time.

It was too painful to hear.

"The security in Doha Family is pretty good," Neo replied in relaxed manner. "From the camera, it's also obvious that the servants are following after Albert's instruction. There's also no sign of spies."

Even though he didn't follow after Kevin to meet with that man, he was watching their every movement by hacking the camera. It was easy for him to do so because of his capabilities. Right now, he just concluded his observation of the house to his Boss.

"Any movement from Megara?" when Kevin said that, his tone turned cold and the temperature in the car dropped several degrees. It was apparent that he had an extremely bad impression of the one he said.

Neo shook his head. "I doubt he's going to make any move soon after the one in the island. Besides, we're not hiding Rei's appearance today. I'm sure that his subordinates already reported that there's a particular guest with us."

Rei's involvement in the battle on the island was not a secret for the clan. Many of them knew that this particular fighter managed to help during the crucial moment. It allowed them to have better impression of the street legend and understood why their leader paid more attention to the said person.

Kevin didn't say anything anymore. He knew that calling Rei to accompany him only served as the front. If his enemies dared to attack him on this particular day, he would be ready to fight them.

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Kevin got out indifferently. He walked unhurriedly back to his study while Neo followed behind him.

"Mike, you deal with the rest," Kevin instructed.

Mike was stunned. He looked at the incoming cars as he rubbed his forehead. Great. Now he had to deal with the legend of the street and two annoying girls. With resignation, Mike approached them and gave Tommy the mission's reward before separating the two girls.


Days passed as Kanae spent her time by practicing with Master Rudy or spending time with her sister. She still let the recording continued, so the one who tried to get important information from her could only gritted his teeth in anger. There was nothing but gossips he heard every single day. Even Kanae wondered how this person could survive with listening to them.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Yes, Laura, is there anything wrong?" Kanae took her phone.

*sniff* "Sis, help me!"

"What happened?" Kanae's body immediately tensed up. She was wondering what could possibly happen to Laura to make this girl cried on the phone. Without thinking much, she stood up and prepared herself.

"The deal with the stores suddenly changes. They don't want to have our company's sweet in their stores."

"Is it a big problem?"

*sniff* "If it's just one it'll be fine, but now all of the stores refuse to have our sweets!" Laura explained while still crying.

"I'll go there."

Kanae cut off the phone with dark expression. Even an idiot would know that it was an intended attack towards their company. As for the one who did it, who else if it was not Vena Aida? There was no way Sakura or Sheila could have this big of influence in business world, so the only person who possible would be Vena.

Dressing up quickly, Kanae made her way to the company. The location of their small company was not that far from their home, so she reached the place in mere minutes. Sensing the dark atmosphere surrounding the place, she knew that the employees have known about it.

Walking hurriedly, she saw her sister crying in her room. Jason was standing there awkwardly as he didn't know what he should do to a crying woman.

"Brother Jason, can you report me how severe this is?" Kanae immediately asked the question when she walked into the room.

"This is an intended attack. The stores are given threat that if they accept our sweets, the Aida Family won't send their goods to them anymore. This makes our company suffered quite a loss as the stock return back to us. Still, if we can somehow make a way to sell them, this will be fine," Jason answered.

"What type of sweets we are selling?"

Jason looked towards Kanae with blank look. This is your company and you don't know?

Even though the management was handled by Laura, the company owner was Kanae. Right now, he really wondered what Kanae was doing for the past few days. Since Nolen School C closed down due to the attack, Kanae should have a lot of free time.

What did she do during these times?

"It's a mix of sweet and sugary candy," Laura answered as she looked towards her sister with teary eyes. "There are mostly candies, but I mix several others to try too."

"Do you have to sell them in stores?" Kanae asked again.

Laura frowned at her sister's question. It was a normal thing to sell them in stores, especially famous stores, so she never thought about any other option. When her sister mentioned it, she did recall something.

"We can sell them using van!" Laura said excitedly. "If we sell them through a van and have it run in the neighborhood, it can reach more children. You're amazing, Sis!"

"You're the one who think about it."

"I'll arrange them to make the van and so on. I'll be back later!" with that, Laura stormed out of the room excitedly.

Kanae smiled as she saw her sister got excited like that. Although if they made it using van and traveled by themselves, they could get profit, it was not too much. It would still be better if they could sell the sweets in proper shops. But to do that, they needed to make sure that they could convince the shop owner and stopped Aida Family's advance.

"You're great at making your sister change mood," Jason shook his head.

"It's just a temporary solution," Kanae answered. "Having travelling shops has its advantages and disadvantageous. I'm sure that she won't be satisfied once she sees the profits."

"I guess so." Jason had to admit that Laura has quite a big appetite.

Kanae sat down on the sofa. "Can you explain to me about Aida Family? I'm sure you're pretty knowledgeable about them given that you come from the core family."

"Are you sure you want to fight head on against them?"

"Tell me about them first."

"The Aida Family is famous for their business. Their main power is in advertising and arts related business. Although it was like that, their influence has grown to many different fields, so it's easy for them to blacklist someone like they have just did to us.

With their influence, they can get away with things very easily. Also, their income is pretty big, nearly rival us, Wells Family, if not because we're bigger," Jason explained slowly as he recounted many other things for Kanae. There were a lot of details that could be missed, but he had quite a good memory.

After a while, Kanae shook her head. "There's no way I can face them head on unprepared like this."

"Should I use my influence?" Jason asked. It was easy for him to do that since he can appear in countless media. Those people would be glad if he accepted any of the offer because his image alone would boost their reputation. In this city, he was pretty well known despite not being a celebrity.

"No, I don't want them to know that you're in this company yet," Kanae stood up and stretched her body. "Let's destroy their company using our power."

"What?" Jason was confused. Didn't she just say that they couldn't contend against this family? Why did she say the opposite? Wait... did she mean that she wanted to....

"Kanae, you must be kidding me."

"No, I'm not. Be prepared to open up your business company for new employees, Brother Jason."

Jason smiled bitterly. That princess sure looked for trouble by offending this little devil.