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360 The Most Friendly

 As Kanae and the others were staying in the living room, the servant brought Kevin to meet with the master. As they walked, the servant thought about what Kevin said to his subordinate.

"If you can make him get close to you willingly, I'll grant you higher position."

Right now, he truly wanted to know if Kevin was saying them because he knew that the child was rather special or because of whim. From the news he got, Kevin was not one to act in whim, so he became even more curious.

"We have arrived."

The servant opened a door and Kevin walked inside. The room was quite spacious with several bookshelves on the side. There was one big table in the middle with one man sitting behind it. His laptop was partially blocking the view to his face, but it was easy for Kevin to recognize him.

How could he not? As the head of Doha Family, one of the four big families, he has appeared in numerous shows. He couldn't even count them anymore as it was too often. Besides, his presence alone would represent the entire Doha Family.

"It's nice to meet with you, Sir Albert," Kevin greeted the man in front of him.

The man, Albert, glanced up to look towards Kevin. His dark eyes were inspecting the man in front of him through fully for a few seconds before a smile broke out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You're quite amazing, Clan Head Kevin."

"Many thanks for your compliment, Sir Albert."

Albert pointed to the chair. "Please have a seat. I hope that this humble place won't disappoint you."

"It's me who ask for this meeting. How can I be disappointed?"

"It's true."

Albert looked towards Kevin for a few seconds. He turned his laptop to Kevin and pointed to the screen. The screen was showing the scene in the living room where his son and Kevin's subordinate was there. It was clear that the two girls were currently trying to coax the boy.

"How do you know about my son?"

"From his eyes," Kevin answered. "He's a special kid, right?"

Albert sighed. "You're really sharp as they said."

"There's no way you would want to leave your son with strangers if I should say, so I assume that you're pretty confident with him, so I assume that there should be something special about him. If I'm not wrong, he should be a talented person who recently awakens his talent."

"You're correct," Albert smiled. He didn't have any intention of hiding things with this young man. "I'm pretty sure that you already meet with several talented people so far that you can recognize them easily."

Kevin didn't answer the question. His mind thought about the meeting with the powerful people who wanted his life. There was no doubt about it. They were all talented people because their ability in fighting would make people ask the question about their humanity.

"Most of the talented people who have normal power in terms of physical abilities or brain abilities can easily blend in the society. However, people who have weird abilities to the point that it can't be accepted won't be able to live amongst us.

Some of them are categorized as crazy while the others are deployed as special soldiers," Albert stopped for a moment as he inspected Kevin's response."Which I believe, you already know."

"It's not a secret that the government makes use of those who have more power," Kevin said calmly. "Since you already know this much, I believe you know my reason for coming here."

"I know," Albert answered calmly. "But I can't answer your demand."

"Is it because of the boy?"

"He's one of the reasons," Albert sighed. "You're a good friend of my little brother, Taro, so you should know that the entire fate of the Doha Family rest on my shoulder. I can't put my family in danger."

The two men stared at each other for a while. Kevin opened his mouth again. "Even if they start to chase after you because of James, you won't do anything against them?"

"If it comes to that, I'll retaliate. There's no way I can let them take my only son, but I doubt they'll search for my son," Albert smiled wryly. "My family safety is always number one, Clan Head Kevin. Please understand that I can't do anything that put them in danger."

"I understand," Kevin immediately answered. Even he knew the feeling of losing someone he loved as he had experienced it in the past. He wouldn't try to make someone else experience it too. There were too many things on the stake for this man.

"I want to confirm one thing, will you go against me?"

Albert's eyes shook for a moment. He slowly shook his head. He didn't want to go against Kevin at all cost. Even though they were not really close, he had known Kevin for a long time because of his little brother. This man was not one to be trifled with.

"I don't want to go against you, Clan Head Kevin. If.... If I someday go against you, I can only hope for you to spare my son."

"I understand."

"Maybe, you can spare Taro and my second brother too. I'll make a way for them to not get involved in the family matter anymore. They always want freedom too," Albert smiled.

Kevin nodded his head. His eyes landed on the screen as he saw James pulled Kanae to him. As the one who arranged them, he knew each of his subordinate's face very well. This person that James dragged should be Rei from Fiore Group.

"Sir Albert, may I ask what the ability your son has is?"

Albert also looked towards the screen as his eyes widened in shook. Ever since James awakened his ability, it would be a miracle if someone could get close to him. Now this young boy was the one who pulled someone else to play with him. Who was this young person?

"James ability is to see a person's heart. He can guess what their intention towards him and how they'll treat him. It's rather hard for me to explain, but he only wants to get close to people he knows won't mistreat him or in his word, 'friendly'."

"Friendly?" Kevin looked towards Kanae in the screen. "Do you know who the one James pulled is?"

"It's one of your subordinates, right?"

"No, he's an employee that I ask to come for this rare occasion. I'm sure you know his name, Rei from Fiore Group."

Albert's eyes widened greatly. He looked to the screen with disbelief all over his face. There was simply no way he could believe that the person he saw could be Rei. From the news he got, he knew how cold hearted this person could be.

Annihilating a clan, annihilating an entire gang, mercilessly killing people on the street, every pieces of news he got about Rei was always about how his prowess and coldness was. Towards this kind of person, he never thought that this person could be warm towards a child.

In the screen, the one he saw was the young man ruffling his son's hair tenderly. The action of this person was similar to that of an older brother to his own little brother or family member.

Was the news he got wrong?

No, maybe it was not wrong, but it was not a complete picture about Rei. There must be things that drove this person to move so ruthlessly.

"He's very interesting," Albert muttered.

Kevin nodded his head slightly. His lips were forming a slight smile without him knowing. "He's indeed very interesting."