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358 Rei Weakness is Children? 1

 During the journey, Alice couldn't keep her calm internally. She thought that Tommy would never know about this matter because she knew that Tommy wanted to be an athlete. If it was the case, why did he involve himself with the matter of the underworld?

People who have passed in the underworld were not accepted well in other fields, especially those like athletes.

"Miss Alice, are you not feeling alright?" the subordinates felt worried now. This little princess has the record of being sick for a long time, so he knew that her condition was not the best. If something happened to her, he might be the one to take the blame.

"I'm fine," Alice put a smile.

Celine looked towards Alice with a sneer. "If you're sick, you shouldn't force yourself. There are more chances in the future."

"Many thanks for Sister Celine's concern, but Alice is fine," Alice answered back amiably.

Celine snorted and paid no heed to the girl beside her anymore. If one should say, she hated this girl very much. All these times, she wanted to kick this girl the foremost. Without this girl in the way, she would be able to chase after the position of Kevin's fiancée.

Alice calmed herself down as she gazed outside the window. It should be fine. It was only for a few months. She could explain it to him later.

Her hand was clenched tightly. Only now did she feel that five months could feel so long. She wanted to tell him so badly about her real condition. She hoped that he would be able to understand her circumstances because she wished for no one but him to be by her side.

As they arrived in the place, Alice stepped out slowly. She tried to made her movement was as natural as possible as she followed after Kevin and the others. Her eyes were secretly scanning the crowds to find Tommy. It took her less than a second to find him among the few men who guarded the area.

"Boss, this is Doha Family head's residence," Neo said calmly.

Kevin nodded his head. His eyes were scanning the area. The house could be categorized as rather big, but compared to most young master, this was rather small. The courtyard was filled with numerous plants with the additional of a small pond nearby.

There were several children's toys such as swing around, but it only filled a small area of the courtyard. The others were mostly grass or tress, which was still filled with snow at this time, painting a white landscape.

"Let's get in."

The group walked closer and the door was opened by a servant. The servant smiled politely when he saw the group. "Master is waiting in his study, please follow after me."

The group followed after the servant. Even against the numerous people behind him, the servant was walking calmly. After several seconds, they arrived in a large room where a young boy around the age of 12 was sitting with a book on his hand. The boy moved his gaze from the book the moment he saw the group coming.

"Young Master, this is people from Ryukalin Clan, they're your father guests."

The boy nodded his head. He looked towards them with his large eyes while the servant turned around to face the others.

"Master told me that only Ryukalin Clan Head is allowed to meet with him. The rest have to wait here."

Celine frowned. "What kind of rule is that?"

"This is the rule of this house, Miss. If you don't like it, you can get out," the servant answered with a smile.

Hearing his tone, Celine was rather furious. As the princess in her clan, she was always respected by other people. This treatment made her hated this family so much.

Before she could retort again, she felt murderous aura directed towards her. This aura restrained her movement, which made her unable to talk.

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Kevin nodded towards the servant. "I'll follow you."

"Boss," Neo called worriedly.

"It's fine," Kevin glanced to the boy by the side. "While I'm going, you can play with him instead."

The others were looking towards Kevin with black face. What did their leader said? He wanted them to play with this young kid? Was there something wrong with him today?

"If you can make him get close to you willingly, I'll grant you higher position."

The others immediately tensed up when they heard it. They wanted to ask the reason from Kevin, but the latter was already walking behind the servant. Immediately, they turned their attention to the young boy. If they could play with the young master, they would get higher position. Who wouldn't want it?

However, the moment one of them stepped forward, the young boy frowned. It was clear that he was getting displeased. There was no way they could get close to him without the young boy having a reaction about it.

"Young boy, do you want to play with us?"

Celine was also looking towards the young boy with heated gaze. If she could get higher position, it meant that she has higher chance to replace Alice. All she had to do was doing better than this girl beside her.

Feeling the competitive gaze, Alice frowned. She was not interested with higher position, but she couldn't let Celine got a better result. If people start comparing, it would be bad for her.

"Young boy, what's your name?" Celine tried to ask in her cutest voice as possible.

The young boy merely swept a glance towards Celine before ignoring the girl again. It took Celine everything she could to not get angry at the young boy in front of her.

Alice crouched down. She smiled gently. "Hello there, what's your name?"

"James," the young boy answered.

"It's a good name," Alice complimented.

James didn't respond much. On the side, Celine's face darkened because Alice managed to induce a response from James while she couldn't. It was a mere name, but it was enough to make her felt rather jealous.

"What are you reading, James?" Celine tried again.

James ignored her once again. His gaze was directed towards the group of men not far from them. It was the other members of the clan. They wanted to try stepping forward too, but seeing how these two were already at it, they didn't dare.

'Why is he looking here?'

'Could it be, it's our chance?'

As they hoped for it, they saw James stood up and walked towards them. The young boy stretched his hand and grabbed the hem of clothes of Kanae, making the young girl surprised.

"Big brother, play with me!"

Seeing how James immediately asked an ordinary member to play with him, Celine nearly fainted. Was she less attractive than a young man? She felt that her pride was crushed down heavily by the hammer that this young boy threw.