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357 He Knows

 "Why are they here?" Tommy finally found his voice again.

"Their parents insist to have them get more involved with the matter of the clan. Since Alice is Boss's fiancée, Boss didn't have any other choice but to accept. As for Celine, you better not ask."

Neo's face turned sour when he recalled how Celine tried her best to get into their clan. It was quite a taxing time as he was the one who had to take care of the matter. As for Kevin, he was busy handling other matter, so they didn't even bother to tell him.

Even if he didn't want Celine to come, it was simply impossible. That annoying girl was too stubborn to listen to their explanation.

Tommy nodded his head slightly. His gaze followed after Alice for a few seconds before he shifted it to somewhere else. He had to forget about it. There was no need for him to pursue this feeling anymore.

Neo felt that the atmosphere around Tommy changed considerably. He looked towards the young man for a few seconds before he realized something. It has slipped his mind that the two of them possessed special relationship.

Well, he was simply too busy lately that he forgot.

"Tom, you should have worn a face mask."

Tommy frowned. "I already put make up on my face. Is that not enough?"

Neo smiled bitterly. Tommy's current appearance made him rather different than his daily appearance as student. His face's skin looked darker and with the addition of the scar, it made him looked rather scary. This kind of appearance was also rather normal in the Black Street.

Ordinary people wouldn't be able to relate his current face with the one that he has, but it was different from Alice. That girl would surely recognize Tommy pretty soon.

Oh boy, this was going to be a mess.

Neo rubbed his forehead at the thought of that girl found out about this farce. He should have thought of another countermeasure to make sure that Alice didn't know.

Should he hide this man somewhere?

"Tom, you should join the other and blend in," Neo pointed to the group by the side. It consisted of several of their members who would follow after Kevin to the meeting. Alice was unfamiliar with them, so she shouldn't be able to find Tommy there.

Tommy nodded. "Sure."

"Rei," Neo called carefully.

Glancing at the young man, Kanae didn't show any expression in her face. It was hard to guess what was inside her mind.

Neo gulped and pointed to Tommy's direction. "It'll be better for you to join the group as well."

Kanae nodded her head as she walked nonchalantly. Her eyes were watching the surrounding carefully. Without them knowing, she was paying attention to the subtle movement of the members around her. What she saw made her astonished greatly for she understood that many of them were experts.

Their movement might seem common, but it she could see the subtle hint that they were hiding their prowess. Even here, there were a lot of people whom she could categorize as experts. If their group offended Ryukalin Clan, it was the same as searching for an instant ticket to hell.

'I should have expected this before.'

Even though she didn't have any intention to offend Ryukalin Clan, Kanae knew better than anyone that it would not be that easy. She didn't know their goal and all, so for her own future, she should stay on guard when dealing with them.

One wrong move, and they might be enemies.

When Kanae passed the two ladies, she looked towards them from the corner of her eyes. How she wished she could be like them, staying by his side openly with their real identity.

Unfortunately, it was impossible.

"Miss Alice, do you think this trip is going to be dangerous?" Celine asked in coquettish tone.

Alice smiled gracefully. "I think no. If it's dangerous, Kevin wouldn't ask us to follow after him."

"Yeah, right," Celine answered half-heartedly when she heard Alice uttered out Kevin's name directly. At this point, she hated this girl in front of her even more. Having the chance to call Kevin's name freely was something she longed. Unfortunately, if she did that, she was only asking trouble by disrespecting him.

The two of them walked down the steps towards the car Kevin had prepared for them. Ryukalin Clan's members around them were giving them way while protecting them at the same time.

"Be careful on the road," Mike reminded with a smile on his face.

Alice nodded her head calmly. "I will, thank you very much, Mike."

Mike smiled even brighter before moving his legs to Kevin's side again. His role never changed as he had to protect this young man.

As she walked, Alice noticed that Neo stood stiffly by the side. She was about to call the man when her gaze caught a familiar person behind Neo among the group of people. In the next moment, she nearly slipped even without anything in front of her.

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Her eyes followed after that man carefully. There was no doubt that it was Tommy, but why he was here? Besides, that appearance he had, could it be he was Tom from Fiore Group?

Fiore Group?

Alice's face paled immediately. If that was true, it meant that Tommy already knew about her engagement with Kevin. Right now, she wished for nothing than rushing to him to tell the truth that this was only a fake engagement.


No, this can't be...

The person she wished to never know has come to know about this fact. The school was closed for the time being, so she wouldn't be able to explain this matter to him.

"Miss Alice, are you alright?" one of the subordinates noticed that Alice's face seemed rather pale. Was the princess got sick again?

"I...I'm fine," Alice put on an amiable smile as she pushed her real feeling down. No matter what, she had to pose as the perfect princess or she wouldn't be able to keep this seat. For five and half more months, she had to stay in this position as Kevin's fiancée no matter what.